Rock on, baby~!

Friday, October 07, 2005

Today was outrageously fun! The R.AGE team was on campus to promote their 8 pages pullout. The celebrities who came was Jay from as well as Malaysian Idol finalists, Vick and Rydee. Douglas Lim was the host for the day. There were freebies sponsored by Clinique but I didn't bother to get them as I was busy waiting for the event to start. What's more seeing the Idol finalists with my very own eyes is a whole lot of fun. I was pretty hyped up when I heard that Jac, Adam & Marion is going to appear as well. It turned out to be false so...yeah, it was a little disappointing.

The event kickstarted with Douglas walking up on stage with the mic, looking as if he had just got up from bed. I seriously have to admit that he is a fantastic host! He is a great joker...and I found myself laughing non-stop throughout the event. And there he goes, talking about the R.AGE pullout and the upcoming activities for next week. My classmate, Lee Jian who recently got 2nd runner up for Wrigley's College Icon was invited to perform. Although he didn't sing so well, he shone brightly when presenting a sketch and also displaying his nunchaku skills. It was awesome! Great job man! Lee Jian, YOU ROCK!

Don't you think he has potential to be a star?

Finally the moment I'd been waiting for arrived. Vick, Rydee and Jay was invited to the stage. The crowd roared...yes, I was screaming too. I couldn't imagine myself being drawn to Vick. Haha! Little did I expect that he looked pretty adorable. He ain't the greatest looking guy but he looked pretty cool. I'm not a big fan of him, really. I thought he looked more cool with his blonde hair. Rydee was the first to perform and handled her songs flawlessly, unlike any karaoke singers. I was impressed because she had vocal pyrotechnics. And to have Vick harmonising with her during Purple Rain was indeed wonderful. When Vick belted out his tunes, I was very thrilled! He is a great singer, honestly. Too bad he only sang one song and it got a little boring towards the end. I expected he would sing two songs like what Rydee did. Anyhow, his performance was satisfactory and he deserves another round of applause. Kudos! Jay didn't do much on stage but she looked so gorgeous even without makeup. I'm so jealous! Lol.

Pretty cool dude, huh? :P

This whole week was fun though nothing unusual happened. I'm in a better mood to blog today. Was it because of the R.AGE thingy? Perhaps, but not entirely. I was so overjoyed that I did tremendously well in Statistics. What more can you ask when the score 96%? Yeah, too bad it was the only paper I scored. Math was horrible and so is Business Studies. That is what I get as punishment for not studying enough. Last week's wedding dinner was a disaster. Getting stuck in the traffic jam for exactly 2 hours was the last thing I want to experience in future. Plus, food was bad. Thank God it wasn't as bad as my prom's menu. Anyway, that's all for this week. Gosh, I'm still so excited because I saw Vick today. Getting obsessed already!

Vick reaching the high note!