Dream kitchen

Monday, June 20, 2011

I was a little bored over the weekend & did a random visit to a renowned kitchen appliances brand, KitchenAid. I found out about this brand when I did some research while scouting for a stand mixer (though I ended up buying a Philips cuz I couldn't afford KitchenAid).

In case you have no idea how the stand mixer looks like, here it is...the ever gorgeous Kitchen Aid tilt-head stand mixer in a wide array of hues.

In the website, there's a page that showcases several kitchen design concepts equipped with KitchenAid appliances. Boy, I was captivated by all the designs but I was definitely attracted to 2 designs.

My first favourite - Modern American.

My next favourite design - Contemporary.

Such beautiful kitchens...who wouldn't dream of owning one in their homes one day? If only achieving it is a not-too-distant reality. For now, I can only dream.

Korean noodles no more

Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm devastated! Even my favourite Korean instant noodles is banned due to suspicions of contamination by excessive amounts of plasticisers. I still have 2 more packets of Shin Ramyun in the kitchen, still unconsumed. T.T

If you're a fan of the noodles, check out this article in The Star on the product recall.

Click here to view.

Pic courtesy www.rameniac.com

First class men in first class movie

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The first time I saw this poster...

...I had mixed feelings. I felt elated that James McAvoy, the Scottish actor (with his sexy Scottish accent) will be the young Charles Xavier. However, one look at the other casts with unfamiliar names & faces had me deliberating whether to watch it in the cinema. I couldn't deny the uneasy feeling tugging on me that it may turn out to be a boring movie. Then again, I may be wrong. Who said that movies with A-list actors/actresses are guaranteed not a flop?

With that in mind, WL & I bought tickets for last night's session. The verdict? It turned out pretty awesome! It's like the rejuvenation of the X-Men franchise, brought to life by these promising stars. The plot mainly focuses on the Cuban missile crisis in 1962 & the developing friendship between Charles Xavier & Erik Lensherr before they became the unformidable Professor X & Magneto respectively; parting ways due to conflicts in beliefs & ideology.

No doubt McAvoy looks convincing as the intellectual professor but the real star power here is Michael Fassbender's portrayal of Erik. The angst, revenge & spiteful demeanour mixed with his softer side is overwhelming. Much credits to other stars in the film who performed very well to bring out their characters. I wouldn't reveal any further cuz you really should go see it for yourself. I'd give thumbs up for this movie, if I were you. =D

Batch 85 Graduation

Monday, June 06, 2011

Last Saturday was a memorable day for my dear little sister. After two years of sheer hard work & struggles, she is finally graduating from her diploma course in advertising design. Though not a degree yet, it's still worth celebrating cuz she's eligible to work. Yay!

Here's my little sis in a robe & mortar board before the ceremony commences.

The graduation ceremony was held at the Grand Ballroom, Sunway Resort - a pretty grand event when compared to my graduation which was only held in a multi-purpose hall in INTI's Nilai campus. While my sis & other graduates waited outside the ballroom, the guests were ushered to be seated at their assigned tables.

The ceremony started almost 2 hours later & without further adieu, the procession began with graduates marching into the ballroom. One by one, names of graduates were being called up to receive the dummy scroll. As a symbol of respect, guests were advised against applauding during the ceremony. We were also not allowed to stand near the stage to take pics so I had to resort to snapping my sis on stage from the large projector screen.

Two hours later, the ceremony finally ended. Whee! Here's a pic of me & my sis after officially graduated.

And not forget family pics... =D

Dinner was served right after the ceremony ended - a rather interesting feat as most graduation ceremonies do not provide meals, perhaps only refreshments. Anyways, guests had to pay about RM100+ per pax for ceremony tickets therefore it's not surprising that dinner is expected.

The food wasn't too bad despite it being halal. In fact, I personally enjoyed most of the dishes. To keep everyone entertained, there were some pretty good performances specially arranged by the students themselves. Overall, we had an enjoyable time laughing & chatting away. Sure bet this pic shows it all... =P

Well, congratulations to my dear sis & here's wishing her all the best in her future endeavours. =)

Bone & Pot, Uptown Damansara

Saturday, June 04, 2011

WL promised to take me to this steamboat restaurant to try out & the day had finally came. After work, we drove straight to Uptown Damansara before the heavy traffic started to build up just before the toll to NKVE. When we arrived, it was drizzling...a plus point since we're eating steaming hot food today to balance off the heat. Judging from the bright neon lights outside the restaurant, it looks pretty eye-catching from the highway.

We were handed this menu to take our pick...

We ordered two different soups - signature pork bone broth & black pepper pork broth - plus other ingredients as our main dishes. Since this steamboat is ala carte style, we were quite selective on the ingredients as the price tend to be rather pricey. These were some of the ingredients that arrived at our table.

The unique aspect of this restaurant is that it provides 5 different sauces to suit your varying taste buds - from spicy to sour. Though I quite fancy the dried chilli flakes similar to those used in dried pan mee, it was a pity that I couldn't consume much due to its spiciness.

While waiting for the rest of the ingredients to be served, we poured some of them into the broth & brought it to a boil. Seeing the boiling pot each time makes me go hungry. Yum!

What I really liked about dining here was the comfort of eating boiling hot food without sweating it all out. The heat source comes from an induction hob installed on each table to keep the broth at boiling point without releasing heat to the surrounding. Not only we felt less heat, eating steamboat becomes less messy & most importantly safer than ever before.

Our only complain (like what I've mentioned earlier), the price was rather steep with their choices left much to be desired. Maybe cuz we were too used to eating buffet style steamboat which offers variety at an affordable price. Overall, Bone & Pot is alright but it wouldn't attract us...or at least me for another visit. It wasn't that worth it, if you ask me.

Bone & Pot
No. 88, Jalan SS21/61
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya

03-7724 2623

Opening Hours:
5:00pm - 1:00am daily