Arrival of my new baby

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The long wait is finally over. After almost 3 weeks to a month of not having one, I sighed with relief that I no longer need to go through an excruciatingly painful torture wait another few donkey years for it; feeling deprived. =P

The thing that has kept me excited for the past few days is nothing other than my brand new lappie!

Dell Studio 1450!

I just don't know how to express how delighted I am to be able to afford a lappie for myself. If it wasn't due to my old Compaq in the brink of death, I wouldn't have bothered getting a new one. So it was out of desperate measures that I've decided to place order on Dell's website. And thankfully, my patience paid off as I obtained a pretty good deal over the PC Fair weekend - minus the queues & hassles.

With the bright LED screen measuring at 14" & weighing only 2.4kg, my baby is has everything that I needed or perhaps a little bit more. It is running on the Windows 7 platform & has been showing good signs of stability after 3 weeks of usage.

I supposed the only thing that made me the happiest that I purchased my baby at a really attractve price. Not too pricey, not too cheap that the performance is compromised - at least I'm satisfied. And *tsk tsk*...I no longer need to fight with my sis for the computer. =)

Walking the aisle at Kluang

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas is one of the best time for get-togethers, reunions & lots of partying as the year end draws close. December is also probably the best time for couples to tie the knot as it is an auspicious month in the lunar calendar. I was invited, together with WL to our colleague to attend his holy matrimony. And guess what, his wedding will be held all the way in Kluang!

The best thing about attending this wedding is that I'm travelling with WL to a small town for the first time. As soon as we arrived, we checked in at a hotel - apparently the one & only luxurious hotel you can find in that humble town. Well, what more can you expect? We happened to get a room overlooking the river that flows across the town.

Being the only five-star hotel in Kluang, we were shocked to come across with poorly maintained fixtures & furnitures. Not to forget the odd smell upon entering our rooms. I had to remind myself many times this is a small town, remember that. At least we still have proper shelter to sleep through the night.

In case you didn't know, wedding receptions in small towns are commonly held in the day - or rather noon to be more precise. This is to avoid having friends & relatives to travel back late at night should they choose not to pay for accommodation. With little time to prepare, WL took quick showers while I started working on my makeup. And off we go to the ballroom where the wedding reception will be held.

The food served was the usual Chinese eight course dinner. Of course, we can never forget the camwhoring activity that keeps us from feeling bored while waiting for the next dish to be served.

There you have it, the bride & groom cutting the cake.

More camwhoring...

Last but not least, a picture of us with the newly weds. =)

Later in the evening, we went to the bride's house for BBQ session. As usual, food was pretty okay but we were served with lots & lots of Justea drinks. -.-" I supposed the BBQ food wasn't hygiene enough that WL ended up with a stomach upset. I was dehydrated & lacked sleep, hence with the bad headache. We had no choice but to stay on in the hotel instead of waking up early to join the rest of them for kopitiam breakfast at the famous Kluang station.

Then, what did we have for breakfast? Eventually we settle for buffet breakfast at the hotel cafetaria. With my hunger pang hitting in, I couldn't resist feasting on different kinds of dishes despite the lack of appetizing meals.

We left Kluang later in the morning; me dozing off in the car most of the time while WL drove quietly. He was driving relatively faster than the day before, hoping to reach home faster. Overall, it was an interesting & fun experience to be able to attend weddings like this with WL. Even though this wasn't exactly our own holiday trip, it made us felt like we're a couple. A "newly wedded couople". XD

The un-heroic storm warriors

Monday, December 14, 2009

The poster was cool & the trailer was effing cool that everyone expected the movie to be a kick-ass. Like awesomely good. They were wrong. I was wrong too. How could this happen?? It was so incredibly disastrous that I simply couldn't believe myself & WL sitting through 2 hours just to digest the plot.

What went wrong? Sadly speaking, the production team focused too much on bringing the comic to life with loads of CGIs that it neglected on the feelings & stories behind the characters. Furthermore, there was a serious lack of interaction between characters; dialogues were mostly one-sentence while the entire action sequences were overtly exaggerated.

When you watch the movie, you'll notice that the CGI sequences resembled one Hollywood movie a lot. That's right! It looked exactly like the Spartan themed 300, unfortunately. With loads of slow motion scenes squeezed into the 2 hour movie, one can imagine how dull & boring it can get. Having weirdly translated Malay subtitles (ie Penjejak Awan equivalent to Striding Cloud) flashing across the screen was already annoying, there you have Charlene Choi as Second Dream (oh what a name! -_-") always calling out to Wind & nothing else. What the heck~

Please, please...don't go wasting your precious time & money to catch this in the cinemas. In fact, it's not even worth your time spent watching a pirated DVD at home. It's THAT bad...

People of the media industry

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Being part of the marketing industry can actually provide an individual a life full of excitement & bizarre events. You meet people from all walks of life - not only of different backgrounds but personalities too. For instance, this media guy who is affiliated to our agency was at our place for a quick presentation by representatives from the radio station.

He was transferring a presentation deck to my thumb drive so that my manager & I could look through it just in case our CEO might start questioning for our opinions. Coincidentally, he saw a movie clip of Underworld 3: Rise of the Lycans (I think...can't remember -_-") & casually asked..."can I have that, please?"

I was taken by surprise as it was such a hilarious moment. I was like..."Sure, go ahead. Since you've asked..." Haha! It's no biggie, really. But just so funny =P. Never thought that I would encounter such random moments with someone I'm not personally close to. Perhaps that made he & I close up the gap as working partners. Interesting...*chuckles*