Sunday, July 30, 2006

Initially, I planned to study Marketing yesterday when my dear friend, Jen gave me a call & said that she'll be dropping my house to study Finance together. And she came...determined to clarify her doubts regarding the topics. About an hour later or so, we got bored & got distracted at the sight of my monitor. Haha, we were both tempted to surf the net XD.

My itchy hands got the better of, I continued downloading the remaining banjun dramas & managed to get Jen to watch as well XD. She seemed to like Dangerous Love & Unforgettable Girl. That's the two episodes that I love the's too hilarious *rofl*. And she said one of the guys looked really cute. Haha, they're cute. No doubt about it.

I took this TVXQ quiz for fun cuz I was bored of studying Marketing. The results showed that I'm the most compatible with...

Which TVXQ member fits you the best??

Max ChangMin is a quiet, shy, and the youngest member of TVXQ.
You best fit Max ChangMin!

Interested to take this quiz? Click here...

Of course, he's cute but not exactly my favourite member in TVXQ. I would be esctatic if I get Yoochun or Yunho *giggles*.

To Jen: The guy you said he's adorable & cute is Max/Shim Changmin. Btw, he's the youngest in the group & apparently he's the tallest in the group. About 6 feet 1 i think...

I was watching the pre-banjun drama a couple of times without fail. The show is too hilarious...the first time I see the guys act so adorkable XD. And I influenced my sis to start fangirling over TVXQ. Gosh, I was the one who made her got addicted to w-inds. & this time, the same thing happened. Didn't know I'm so influential~ *prouds* :D. Anyways, I finally got to chat with my friend from IT forum on MSN. We exchanged cellphone numbers & hoping to make plans to meet up one day. She asked me to attend KPop Kingdom's fanclub event so that we can meet each other. Oh well, I only read her message late in the evening & missed the opportunity to see her. In fact, she was at TVXQ's concert too! What a coincidence huh? Hmm, probably my mistake for not informing her that I'm going to the concert. *sighs* Silly me...I'm sure there's plenty of chance in the future. *grins*

Friday, July 28, 2006

What a day it has been...just like what my friend said, we went to college for nothing. We had our usual IT classes today at 8am (of all timing...why must it be this early?? -_-") just like every other Friday. The minute I stepped into campus, my dear friend told me the class was moved to Block C. Already in our morning blues, we dragged our heavy feet all the way at the other end of Starbucks' row of shops. After the huffs & puffs of climbing errr...say, 3-4 flights of stairs to the highest floor...the first thing we saw was the lecturer's annoying I-deserve-a-punch-on-the-eye grin plastered to his face. *cracks knuckles*

Instead of resuming his lectures, he gave us a group report to do. I was hoping he would continue teaching on the software development topic cuz I missed that whole "chunk" on Wednesday. We had no choice but to get information from the library. But then again, library wasn't open & we spent about 10-15 mins trying to figure out what to do next. We finally decided to get some snack at the nearby mamak stall. That snack session took us 30 mins & there was only an hour left to complete & hand in the report. In the end, we handed in the report half an hour late & I just slotted it in the lecturer's pigeon hole.

Guess what, my tongue feels uncomfortably rough now. I supposed it got scorched while eating a bowl of hot porridge today. Glad that I got to eat my favourite chicken & century egg porridge cuz I hadn't had it for months. Hmm, when was the last time I ate at Summer Palace restaurant where I usually order my favourite porridge? Oh boy...I think it's already more than a month o_O. And it was my first time eating porridge from that stall. Lol, I felt a little stupid cuz I didn't try it during my 2 year study at Inti when my classmates already ate it countless times.

I think I can consider TVfXQ is my new found love XD. Been downloading loads of their videos earlier. More stuff to fangirl~ Of course w-inds. is still my precious, but no harm adding a new one to my precious list. Hehe. My two precious bands from Japan & Korea ^^. There's a guy in my college who has a hairstyle almost similar to Yoochun's hair in the TRI-ANGLE album. The only difference is that dude has red streaks of highlights on the hair ends. Obviously he looked awful with the hair...(cuz he's not as hot as sexy Yoochun XD). C'mon, he's a Korean hottie from America! How can anyone resist his uber hot-ness?! *drools*

Xiah Junsu, Micky Yoochun, Hero Jaejoong, Max Changmin, U-know Yunho

Enjoy drooling, peeps! Meanwhile, I'll tidy up my desk's eternal mess & dives into my waiting comfy bed. *yawns*

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Yahoo! My Internet is back to normal *grins*. I'm totally a net junkie. Can you even imagine that I was suffering from withdrawal symptoms cuz the Internet wasn't working for a night? Okay, a little too dramatic here. But I got too used to my daily regime such as forum-ing, blogging, downloading stuff, watching videos on YouTube & meaningless surfing. It's so odd to not get connected, right? Oh well...*shrugs*

Last Friday, R.AGE & Nokia team had a roadshow at my college & offered free photoshoots using the latest Nokia camera phone. Little did I expect our pic was published in the R.AGE section of The Star newspaper on Monday. So, we had a short moment of fame for the day :D. I even scanned the newspaper clipping. Here's the pic for y'all peeps to see~ ^^

Gosh...I looked lame -_-"

Assignments nightmare is finally over...phew! There's about less than a week to study for exam *sobs*. Anyways, I heard that we have about 3 weeks for college break. I wonder what I'm gonna do during those few weeks. Gah~ too early to think about it. Besides, I think I kinda screwed up the theory questions for my Finance test. Seriously need to buck up...hmmph *determined*.

Oh god, Vacation drama will be released tomorrow. *sighs* I'm just hoping they'll release the dramas on dvd. If not, I'll have to resort to downloading the videos with English subs. The 1st episode will start off with U-know in a touching love story, I think. That's what I saw in the trailer. The poster of the 1st episode looks like this...

Ep. 1: Cassiopeia

That's all for now. Sorry for the really boring post. I have no mood to write a good post today. Need to get some revision done. I've been slacking.... -_-".

Sunday, July 23, 2006

TWIST. LICK. DUNK. *grins* Oreo treats, anyone?? I think I'm slightly overdosed with Oreo's. I had them for breakfast cuz I woke up at 11am yesterday. And I indulged in Oreo's again for supper to fill up my empty stomach since I stayed up really late last night just to watch TVfXQ's banjun dramas on YouTube. Yup, I only slept at 3.30am. And here I am still wide awake :D. Peace! I had those yummy biscuits again this morning XD. Anyways, about the's a 4-episode short series featuring the guys. It was so hilarious that I couldn't stop laughing. It's a teen melodrama made for girls so it's expected to have a cheesy storyline. It was fun to watch though. Notice that those lovey dovey scenes where the guys almost kissed their girls but never did in the end. Conclusion is ---> they're idols for God's sake. Having scenes where U-know, Micky, Hero, Max & Xiah are kissing the actresses will drive fangirls berserk. Don't y'all agree? Imho, the most hilarious episode is Dangerous Love. A little bit of yaoi content between U-know & Hero. Just look at Hero's frightened face! *pfffttt*

U-know & Hero's love scenes NG *rofl*

There'll be another banjun drama featuring TVfXQ again. The release date will be on 27 Aug. I saw the trailer & it'll be a melodrama again. I guess the guys have a matured a I hope plot won't be as sappy like the one I'm currently watching. More dramas to look forward to *grins*. Anyways, the posters looked lovely XD. More hot-ness! Here's the poster for the 4-episode theatrical released drama, Vacation.

Do y'all remember in my previous post that my team were supposed to go to an advertising company to conduct a research? Oh well, we changed our mind. It seemed the boss didn't bother to reply my friend's e-mail. So, we as kings & queens of bullshitters storytellers wrote a bulk of crap for the company's history. Other information such as hardware & software used were pretty predictable. In fact, almost all the advertising firms are using similar software for designing. I wouldn't say our facts are entirely fake. There's a certain degree of truth in it XD. I was assigned to the website while the rest worked on the report. I guess I'm too smart~ Just took a free web template off the net. Saved so much time rather than building up the site from scratch. Btw, the lecturer allowed us to do so -_-". I wonder whether this is good or bad.

My stupid SonicStage is a pain in the ass real buggy software. When used for the 1st time, it worked perfectly fine. After a few days without using it, I couldn't transfer any songs to my Walkman when I opened that software. The error message said that the omgjbox.exe has encountered a problem -_-". I suspected that some spywares or maybe the the Trojan. Small must've tweaked the dll & exe files. Or perhaps the problem was caused by other not-so-harmful viruses that are still residing in my hard disk. I think part of the blame goes to Sony for developing such a pathetic software *sighs*. Do something, Sony! It's time that I use the BitDefender online scanner again. I'll end this post & leave my comp for some serious scanning. Jya, ne~

*counting the days to the Guam photobook release* XD

Thursday, July 20, 2006

This weekend will be a rather quiet one for me. Grandma was off to Singapore with my eldest aunt & cousin sis yesterday. She won't be back till the 28th. Meanwhile, my cuzzie sis will be studying there. Wishing her all the best~ I was supposed to have Oreo treats last night but I didn't. Anyways, I had it before dinner just now. I just came back from dinner about 15 mins ago feeling stuffed. Well, Dad had food poisoning 2 days ago & lost his appetite. Grandpa couldn't eat much considering his old age. Cuzzie bro...oh well, I dunno what happened to him. He ate quite little today & I was forced to finish most of the dishes -_-".

Seems like my Oreo temptation worked on my Aussie friend *giggles*. Chocolates never fail anyone. It's true! Hmm, perhaps I shall have another round of Oreo treats later while studying. Btw, I got my marks for Marketing assignment. It's a 3.0 out of 5%. Thought it was rather low but oh well...everyone knows our Marketing lecturer is a little sick in the brain. He was being strict over petty stuff. Makes me wonder how I would do for my 2nd assignment. I didn't include any journals cuz there were no relevant ones. I guess I might lose some marks again *sighs*.

I had another round of pool session again. Apparently, I aimed better with a long stick XD. I always find it very difficult to balance the pool stick between my thumb & index finger. I suck at it! Nevertheless, it was a short & fun game. And I ended up having tobacco-smelled hair. Yuck! It's all clean & smell-free now :D.

Everyone is having a tough time finding information from the company of their choice. Yeah, it's all for IT assignment. The boss who's supposed to reply my friend hasn't done anything yet. I just called him & bugged him. Muahahaha...I wonder whether he's getting fed up or not. And my group is planning to invade his office. We're gonna pretend like customers interested in getting some printing done. So, we're scouting for good quotations & happen to come across this company. I believe we can put up a good act XD. My classmates are planning to request for a postponement of the deadline. I might wanna join in the "campaign". We'll see what happens tomorrow~

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I was really bored last night. Was studying IT & surfing YouTube at the same time. I was randomly watching TVfXQ's videos. Guess what, I found some really cool ads. And off they go to my playlist ^^. Samsung hired these Korean cuties to film a set of commercials promoting the Yepp mp3 players. There was one which featured Micky & Hero which was pretty interesting. In fact, I saw a similar Samsung ad on MTV channel somewhere last year. But it wasn't the one with TVfXQ. If only the Korean version was shown, I would've gone fangirl crazy over them long ago. Here it is...TVfXQ's version of the Yepp ad.

Look out for the rainbow equalizer war between Micky & Hero!

Btw, Mum came back from dance class with a box of Oreos. Such randomness, don't ya think? Apparently Oreos are selling cheap at Giant hypermarkets now. So you ppl who are Oreo maniacs, don't miss out this promotion. I'll have to spam this post with pics again ^^. Yay, I guess I'll indulge myself with some Oreo treats tonight~

The Oreo temptation...

All the Yepp ads are pretty cool. I really fancy Xiah & U-know's solo ad. Uber cute & hot! *drools* Y'all have to watch these...

Xiah's head shaking ad (similar to a person overdose with esctasy *rofl*)

U-know's eye-popping dance ad *wipes drool off the keyboard*

Micky with goose ad *flails at guys in pink shirt* (the goose o_O)

Hip-hop cum urban Max (keep groovin' baby~)

The depressed Hero *prepares a box of tissue for Hero*

My friend just e-mailed a set of questions to the advertising company we chose for our research project. We're praying hard that the boss would reply asap as our deadline is next Wednesday. *sighs* If not, we're so in trouble. I told my friend that we'll bug him till he's fed up & obligated to reply the mail *grins evilly*. I'm so I'm off to study now. Till then~

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Yay! One more assignment to go. English presentation turned out really well yesterday. Our lecturer absolutely loved our product *grins*. She even suggested us to sell our product during English Day in the coming semester. I was listening to her in disbelief. The reason I suggested this product idea was for the sake of doing assignment. Anyhow, my team did the assignment with full of passion though there was a lot of last minute work. Maybe that's why the end product was fabulous. Hehe. I took some snapshots of my packaging cuz I thought the lecturer might wanna collect our prototype. So here it is...

Tadaa! The box... ^^

Inside the box

The back

And we had fantastic ads to advertise our product...

More like a horror movie poster -_-"

Quite childish, don't y'all think?

In the end, we got back all our prototype & the ads. Hooray! We get to keep our beautiful masterpieces without letting the faculty damage store them in their junk store room. I uploaded more songs to my mp3 player again XD. More TVfXQ's songs...gosh, I'm starting to fangirl about them. Hmm, one more week to go & it's August. *rubs hands impatiently* My Guam photobook~ Btw, I saw some of w-inds. photos lately. They got really must be from the photoshoot. Keita has been eating cuz he looks healthier. But he still looked kinda exhausted. If only he can regain his shape like in ageha concert. That would be the best~ *drools*

That's all for today. I'm off to study now...bye, peeps!

*bangs head on the wall* Omg, we're so in trouble. Just one week left to design a website. -_-"

Saturday, July 15, 2006

*squeals & dances* OMG!! What a blissful night~ Our travel plans to the concert had to be changed when my dad had to do several rounds of detour from the awful traffic jam. Me & cuzzie bro stucked back to our initial plan & commuted to the venue instead. Sadly, we encountered more problems while taking the Star LRT cuz the train routes were complicating. Thank god we asked those frequent commuters at the platform.

Further confusion arised when we arrived at Bukit Jalil. Signboards leading to the Putra Stadium was unclear & lights were not switched on. It was utterly dark & my cuzzie bro tripped on the stairs & almost fell on his chin. Despite all that, we finally found our way to the stadium & collected some free concert goodies.

Concert goodies~ ^^

Little did we expect that the complimentary tickets (supposedly the cheapest, free standing tickets available) was given imho, the best spot in the concert hall. Imagine standing right under the extended stage! The opening wasn't too bad but they started out with a slow number -_-". And more slow numbers...gosh! Then they left for clothes change.

Arena B was where I stood!
(sorry, I didn't manage to take a good shot of the stage with my useless camera phone)

They appeared with a fast tune & got the crowd screaming like fangirl crazy. As the usual me, I squealed really loud though I'm not a big fan of theirs. They performed more fast tunes that made me started groovin'. Sadly, the crowd only knew how to scream but wasn't sporting enough to start dancing as well. Typical Malaysian audiences~ -_-". The big moment arrived! The five Korean dudes walked up to the extended stage & stood there singing in front of my very eyes & being raised on platforms to a few metres high. OMFG!!

See what I mean by bad camera? *sighs* Btw, this is Xiah...

Yesss...Xiah looked amazingly hot & cute in person. He looked kinda chubby in one of those stickers. And U-Know!!!! *squeals* Uber hawtness!!!!! *drools* And the earrings~ was gettin' really hot. I have a fetish for guys with earrings. I was practically drooling & melting going fangirl crazy XD.

Hero, the pretty boy!

I think this is Max. o_O (He's so green... -_-")
This part is where they were raised on a platform

I gave up taking more pics & missed out on the other 2 members, U-know & Micky. Look at the awful quality of the pics. So, I decided to enjoy & concentrate on the concert. Super Junior appeared as the guest artiste for the night & sang a cover number of Energy's Tui Mo Lu. The live version was much better than their PV. Seriously! And Super Junior came right in front of my eyes again...

Super Junior in action ^^

More Super Junior love!

I shall wrap up this concert report. Things worth mentioning were one of TVfXQ's members was able to speak good English. At least he was able to deliver the his bandmates' message because throughout the show, they only spoke only-God-knows-what-they're-speaking Korean language. As for Super Junior (13 member group), one of them actually speaks Mandarin! Fantastic~ And he spoke like a Taiwanese...o_O One member is actually fatter than my cousin bro & he dances sooo well. *rofl*

Overall, TVfXQ's vocals & dance were superb. Acapella session was the best cuz it really showcased their vocal pyrotechnics. I bet Super Junior's live version of the Tui Mo Lu song was much better than Energy's. No doubt! I'm starting to fall for TVfXQ XD. I really can't believe they all look so good in person. Their dances may be better compared to w-inds. but I still prefer w-inds. more. I naturally prefer Japanese music more. A good concert, it was. I enjoyed it...that's the most important thing. If they ever come back to Malaysia, I wouldn't mind watching these cute Koreans again in action. Ratings: 10 out of 10.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Phew! What an exhausting day~ It was my first time yelling at someone in front of so many pairs of curious eyes during Economics class. Yes, I practically blew up at my partner for being such an idiot. I was pretty harsh on her but I couldn't help it. So much for being irresponsible and uncooperative. What exactly happened...I guess I don't wanna dwell on it anymore. It's frustrating to recap those incidents.

I feel incredibly sleepy now thanks to the all the stress and exhaustion. And boo boo to period. It's the "time of the month" happening at the wrong time. I have a concert to attend, for God's sake. Why now?! *sobs* I bet it's gonna spoil my day...

It's gonna be another busy but chocolatey weekend. Will be working on the product invention/innovation report, one of the final two assignments & off we go for exams. Gah~ Exams!! *squirms* I'll sign off for the day. Will update y'all with loads of news from the concert. Oyasumi~ ^^

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Whoo-hoo! Lots of love to ya, cuzzie bro~ ^^ He was being sweet & agreed to collect the TVfXQ's concert tickets today when I requested. Gosh, I'm getting over-excited now. This is my first time going to a full length concert. Whats more, it's a boyband from Korea. Sweet! Didn't expect the tickets turned out to be a free standing. I got the ones in the arena. Sad...I was hoping to at least get the free seatings just in case my legs get sore during the concert. Hmm, I supposed nobody will sit down since it's gonna be a mind-blowing concert. Here's the sneak peek of the tickets I got.

Whee~ Concert tickets!! :D

Lets see...maybe I should get myself a pair of binoculars to oggle at those cute Korean singers XD. *sighs* If only Mum redeemed the binoculars previously & not the dumb bells. I mean, I hardly work out so the dumb bells are pretty useless now.

We had an English test at 2pm today. I found it relatively easy compared to the first test. Hmm maybe it's because we didn't have summary writing. This time was constructing passive sentences & essay writing. As usual, there was grammar questions. I think I'll lose marks in that section again. My grammar is never at its best. Seriously need some grammar drilling. Talking about bad grammar, it reminded me about one of classmates who has a poor command of English. She was the one who sent hate mails to my friend & always tried really hard to portray oh-I'm-so-cool-cuz-I-swear image in her blog "shrine". *rolls eyes* Lame!

Alrite, that's all for today. More work needs to be done tonight. Ppl, pray for me that my partner will turn up on time at 8am tomorrow with the 2nd half of the Marketing assignment. I'll be in serious trouble if she doesn't. *crosses fingers*

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Things just get better & better everyday. To be able to own an mp3 player (finally, *grins*)...not just any mp3 player but the one in my wishlist made me proud & overjoyed. Furthermore, I got lucky again cuz I won a pair of tickets to watch TVfXQ's concert this Friday. Ain't this great? This is enough to compensate my daily assignment blues. It's really frustrating to have such an unreliable partner to work with. Imagine yourself struggling to complete assignments without the help of your teammate when deadline is less than 2 days to go. This is exactly the same situation I'm facing right now. *sighs*

Since I won the tickets, I might as well not allow my "sad case" partner to demotivate me. I'll just have to work twice as hard these 2 nights & let loose on Friday night. TVfXQ, here I come! Oh gosh, I nearly forgot that I have an English test tomorrow. Shucks...there'll be an essay *dies*. And my English project team will be the 7th group to present next Monday. Can you believe we haven't started typing the report? There's also the prototype of the product to be made. Yeah, all of us are being lazy asses. This is bad~ -_-"

Well, I should be continuing my Marketing assignment. I'll just stop blogging for now so as not to get distracted. Till then!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

I can't believe that my dream came true. I got a Walkman! *squeals* It's the Sony NW-003F~ :D Ohmigod, y'all should see how lovely this little thing is. Sound quality is superb. The player is lightweight & ergonomically designed. Of course, the menu interface is not comparable to the iPod. Besides, it's much cheaper than the iPod nano so don't expect much.

I decided to choose lime green instead of pink. Seems like the pink didn't turned out nice on the real thing. Anyways, I bought the 1GB for RM449. It's pretty affordable, imho. Here are some pics for y'all to enjoy. ^^

The sleek & simple package

Inside the box (the shiny-ness XD)

*looks at the tiny* o_O
Here I am feeling weary & slightly sweaty after a party. My cousin's party ended 1 1/2 hours ago. Apparently, she invited a large number of friends but only a quarter turned up. I met & chatted with a couple of old schoolmates whom I have not met in ages. Ever since I left high school, I think. Food was good but there wasn't much to do after eating. Only 2 games were played & there wasn't much hype compared to last year. Perhaps it's because of the missing water games we had previously.

One of my friend who went to Japan last month promised that she would give the souvenirs to me whenever we meet. So, here it is! A simple & nice gift from Okinawa. The original package had chocolates & Hello Kitty candies in it. Right now, they're in the fridge. This porcelain has beautifully printed sakuras on it. Check this out...

A sakura porcelain miniature cup/bowl

The label at the bottom of the cup/bowl

Don't bother asking what the kanji writings meant. And I'm too lazy to look up my kanji dictionary. So, what do y'all think? The gift looks nice, rite? Reminds me of another birthday present I got from a kindergarten friend when I was...errrr, 6 years old? Gosh, that was long ago. I couldn't even remember her name. As much as I can recall, she bought that present during her vacation in Japan. At that time, I had not caught the Japan obsession bug yet XD. I did fancy the present back then but I guess I appreciate it more now. Look at the doll, ppl~ ^^


Anyways, my senior who's currently studying at ICM was trying so hard to be a matchmaker & kept on pestering me about a guy friend she knew. She said he's got the bf material & looking for a potential gf. She's planning to introduce him to me. Gawd, I hope she's not for real -_-". And she even insisted to explore my room! My room is in a terrible mess especially the desk. You all wouldn't wanna look at it.

Basically, nothing unusual happened during the party. A decent party & probably the last one from my cousin before she leaves for Singapore in 2 weeks time. Towards the end of the party, I sat on the living room couch watching TV instead. Guess what, Wah Lai Toi repeated TVfXQ's Rising Sun PV twice! One of my least favourite song, though. I didn't expect Mom, Dad, aunt, & cousin bro would actually compare them to w-inds. -_-" Yeah, they dance better than w-inds. but I feel more connected to w-inds. My sis said nothing but I assumed she prefers w-inds. too ^^. Besides, she still fangirls...just like me. XD Oh I forgot, w-inds. "THANKS" Live Tour 2006 had started! *squeals*

Thursday, July 06, 2006

For the first time, Circle K Club organised an exotic animal exhibition yesterday at the concourse. I wasn't interested to visit the exhibition in the first place but our sweet classmate paid the tickets for the gals, so I willingly joined in the fun XD. Besides, the RM5 admission fee goes to RSCPA. Support RSPCA's pets cruelty prevention programme, ppl! :D

As soon as I entered the enclosed area, there were various kinds of tarantulas & snakes in glass box on display. And there was a chubby raccoon & a miniature monkey (I forgot its name XD) as well. What really amused me was the way that little monkey ate its food. It was nibbling the apple & regurgitate the skin. Smart, huh? Meanwhile, the raccoon was trying hard to escape from the cage & running from left to right repeatedly.

Somehow, I wished the exhibition had more exotic creatures on display cuz most of exhibits were snakes. Maybe some iguanas & chameleon would spice up the event. Other than the unusual alligator tortoise, there weren't much to see. Of course, I got to touch a python XD. But I passed out the chance to take a photo with that snake on my shoulders. No way! Nevertheless, I took a snapshot of an albino python secretly. Not too bad, rite? XD

This snake is making an attempt to escape.

I deliberately went to college early today to print my Marketing assignment cuz my printer ran out of ink. And I refused to buy a new ink cartridge since I'm planning to send it for repair. Guess how long the computer in the lab took to boot up? 5 minutes! Yup, it's true. And another couple of minutes to log in to the Xerox printing server -_-". The computers were so contaminated with spywares & malwares. Hmm, now I remember. Maybe that's how my comp got infected with Brontok through my thumb drive. *curses*

Marketing class was boring as usual. I ended up doing Economics exercises to stay awake. After class, I had lunch alone & continued with the exercises. I tell you, I thought I would get a heat stroke in the canteen. It was freaking hot! The sun was scorching & the heat was trapped in the canteen though it was an open space. I should've gone to the SAO. Silly me! *smacks book on the head* Almost fell asleep in Economics class cuz there wasn't much to do. I sorta became the lecturer's assistant tutor since I was the only one who finished the exercise. Had to help out the French guy & I swear...I almost died fainted inhaling his tobacco breath. No offence here...but I have a low tolerance level for smokers.

There goes another day...*sighs* All of a sudden, I felt tempted to get an iPod nano. You see, it all started when my sis requested Mum to get the Walkman I wanted as a birthday gift. When it comes to small gagdets like mp3 players or mobile phones, I'd rather have my own & not sharing with anyone. I have the freedom to do anything I want with my possession without feeling guilty about it. Due to this, I opt to buy another brand instead of having a similar one with my sis. I'm still contemplating...if I buy it, Mum would yell at me for sure. I'm in a dilemma now. I guess I'll have to wait...

The gorgeous iPod nano

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Time flies, ne~ This week is already the 10th week of university. That's why we had to this Student Evaluation whereby the students evaluate all the lecturers' performance. As a person who's kind at heart, I graded my lecturers exceptionally well. I gave fairly high grades for my Economics & English lecturers. Even the Finance lecturer as well. If you guys happened to peep into my OMR sheet, you'll surely notice that there's a string of similar letters running across the paper. That's partly because I'm being my usual self again! That's right. A lazy ass...hmm. I did this evaluation for the past 2 years during my A Levels period so I got tired of it. But this time, I took it seriously & read through the questions.

I would say our Marketing lecturer had the most negative feedbacks compared to the rest. Like I said, I'm a natural kind hearted person so I don't give awful comments just to keep any lecturers off the cliffs. Well, too bad for this lecturer cuz this time I was being harsh. Harsh doesn't mean I deliberately put him into trouble. Besides, I just wanna be honest & voice out my opinion. He is truly a lousy lecturer. You know what, his teaching was so appalling that I didn't know what to comment in the feedback forms. I refused to write, somehow. Did you know he cast a sleeping spell (actually, he does it every lesson... -_-") to the class today? Meanwhile, I was in the midst of a struggling war to stay awake. I survived by practising my Japanese writings & constantly passing written gossips to my friend. And when she fell asleep (sleeping in class is a habitual thingy for no difference la), I continued with my writings again. *sighs* What a day it has been!

For today, I wanna talk about something personal. I wasn't in a good mood later in the evening today. I guess it was after dinner when my family brought the topic about my cousin's birthday party this evening. I was kinda annoyed by the idea of her having a oh-so-big-deal 21st birthday party at my house. She's turning 20 but she wanna celebrate earlier as she's heading elsewhere to continue her studies. As usual, I was overpowered by jealousy & gave a sudden outburst (ok, not really) about how much I disliked the idea of her inviting 80 people. I was showing some disgruntleness, throwing small tantrums & feeling extremely stupid after that. My moodiness escalated when I found out my always-absent-never-ever-present-in-class assignment partner skipped class today because she had fever & throat infection since Sunday night. People kept on telling me to ditch her but hey, it's easier said than done. -_-"

Basically, jealousy is my personality flaw. It diminishes my morale & I can't seem to bring myself to make changes. Sad, rite? It's stressful & painful at the same time to be compared to my cousin since young. And whats more, having a grandma whom, in her eyes, view everyone else except me is supreme. This sucks! *sighs* Hoping that a deep slumber will swept away my sorrows for tonight...*sleeps*

Monday, July 03, 2006

*sniffs* AHHH CHOOO!! *wipes the monitor* XD How bad can it get? I came back from KLCC yesterday & caught a flu. @#$%!! I feel so sleepy now. Anyways, I was supposed to get a Meiji chocolate with my 2 other friends from Isetan. It's for our English project. After a long search, we didn't managed to find it. Seemed like the product was discontinued. And the last time I bought the chocolates was 2 years ago. It was during Valentine's Day from what I can recall. See? These chocolates had made such an impact on me that I just couldn't forget them. Pretty sad that it's no longer for sale. T.T

I went to KLCC so many times but yesterday was the first time I witnessed something bizarre. When I arrived at the mall, me & mom were hanging around the small booths selling accessories along the corridor near Isetan. Then I waited for my friend in front of Isetan. All of a sudden, all the shoppers & salesgirls at the booths started coughing simultaneously. As for me, I sneezed continuously. Weird, huh? Perhaps there was a puff of smoke & dusts released from the aircond duct. I quickly grabbed my friend the minute I caught glimpse of her & whisked her away from that "contaminated" section (ok, a little too dramatic here... XD).

As I promised, here are the pictures during Intiball. Boy, I looked incredibly white. I looked ghostly, didn't I? Some of my friends said I looked beautiful despite the white face...*blush* but erm, it's compliment~ Thanks, buddies! :D Enjoy, people while I resume my work now.

edit: Arrgghh!! Blogger failed on me again. -_-" Stupid server can't support my photos *curses*. I'll have to upload them to Imageshack.

edit2: Boo me for being such a lazy ass to upload all of them. I'll post up the good ones, though. XD And lots of thanks to Jen for her camera!

A moment of camwhoring in the car
(My dad, uncle & grandma were in there too...)

~Loo camwhores~ ^o^

Ok, he's photogenic! Our classmate, Geoff.

This is one hell of a hot dude/nominee! And he's my classmate~ *squeals*

Just being a little girly here... XD

Aren't we gorgeous?? *rofl*

Potential pimp! *points to the dude in the middle*

The organizing chairperson, Johnaton. Great friend cum bro.

P.S: For more prom pics, click here!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

*dances* I just came back from a ball an hr ago. I kinda enjoyed this year's ball cuz there were hot dudes sitting at the same table as me. Not to forget, my hair! Yup, I went to the salon to do up my hair & makeup this year. I totally love my hairdo & makeup~ *flails* I wore my old dress again so uh..kinda lame actually. Was busy camwhoring with my friends. It's a pity I didn't have my own camera. Could've took more pics, though. *sighs* must've been something I wore that brought me luck again this year. I won the lucky draw again! *squeals* This time it's a Lee Jeans voucher worth RM150. Last year, I won a hamper worth RM500 of hair care products. So yeah, it sorta downsized this time. At least I walked away with something. *grins* Food was much better than last year but it can be improved. The banquet hall was a tad too small...I was quite taken aback actually. Definitely prefer the Times Square's hotel ballroom.

Haha I really couldn't imagine myself dancing the night away with heels as high as 2 1/2 inches. It's not that high really but errrr it was hurting my feet -_-". On Friday, there was English Day in my college. I participated in a spelling competition with 2 of my classmates. Gosh, when was the last time I took part in a spelling competition? Perhaps 11 yrs ago? o_O Kinda enjoyed the competition cuz it felt so good to be competing again...the other reason was because there was a hot dude/team member sitting next to me XD (he was one of the prom king nominees but he didn't!). In the end, we won! The result was predictable. Pretty sad, ne~

*yawns* I'm so tired now. I better get some sleep. Will be going to KL again to get some stuff for English assignment. Sorry, peeps. Just too exhausted to post another set of my collection. Oyasumi ^^. *continues fondling my hairdo* XD