Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Whoo-hoo! Lots of love to ya, cuzzie bro~ ^^ He was being sweet & agreed to collect the TVfXQ's concert tickets today when I requested. Gosh, I'm getting over-excited now. This is my first time going to a full length concert. Whats more, it's a boyband from Korea. Sweet! Didn't expect the tickets turned out to be a free standing. I got the ones in the arena. Sad...I was hoping to at least get the free seatings just in case my legs get sore during the concert. Hmm, I supposed nobody will sit down since it's gonna be a mind-blowing concert. Here's the sneak peek of the tickets I got.

Whee~ Concert tickets!! :D

Lets see...maybe I should get myself a pair of binoculars to oggle at those cute Korean singers XD. *sighs* If only Mum redeemed the binoculars previously & not the dumb bells. I mean, I hardly work out so the dumb bells are pretty useless now.

We had an English test at 2pm today. I found it relatively easy compared to the first test. Hmm maybe it's because we didn't have summary writing. This time was constructing passive sentences & essay writing. As usual, there was grammar questions. I think I'll lose marks in that section again. My grammar is never at its best. Seriously need some grammar drilling. Talking about bad grammar, it reminded me about one of classmates who has a poor command of English. She was the one who sent hate mails to my friend & always tried really hard to portray oh-I'm-so-cool-cuz-I-swear image in her blog "shrine". *rolls eyes* Lame!

Alrite, that's all for today. More work needs to be done tonight. Ppl, pray for me that my partner will turn up on time at 8am tomorrow with the 2nd half of the Marketing assignment. I'll be in serious trouble if she doesn't. *crosses fingers*