Sunday, July 30, 2006

Initially, I planned to study Marketing yesterday when my dear friend, Jen gave me a call & said that she'll be dropping my house to study Finance together. And she came...determined to clarify her doubts regarding the topics. About an hour later or so, we got bored & got distracted at the sight of my monitor. Haha, we were both tempted to surf the net XD.

My itchy hands got the better of, I continued downloading the remaining banjun dramas & managed to get Jen to watch as well XD. She seemed to like Dangerous Love & Unforgettable Girl. That's the two episodes that I love the's too hilarious *rofl*. And she said one of the guys looked really cute. Haha, they're cute. No doubt about it.

I took this TVXQ quiz for fun cuz I was bored of studying Marketing. The results showed that I'm the most compatible with...

Which TVXQ member fits you the best??

Max ChangMin is a quiet, shy, and the youngest member of TVXQ.
You best fit Max ChangMin!

Interested to take this quiz? Click here...

Of course, he's cute but not exactly my favourite member in TVXQ. I would be esctatic if I get Yoochun or Yunho *giggles*.

To Jen: The guy you said he's adorable & cute is Max/Shim Changmin. Btw, he's the youngest in the group & apparently he's the tallest in the group. About 6 feet 1 i think...

I was watching the pre-banjun drama a couple of times without fail. The show is too hilarious...the first time I see the guys act so adorkable XD. And I influenced my sis to start fangirling over TVXQ. Gosh, I was the one who made her got addicted to w-inds. & this time, the same thing happened. Didn't know I'm so influential~ *prouds* :D. Anyways, I finally got to chat with my friend from IT forum on MSN. We exchanged cellphone numbers & hoping to make plans to meet up one day. She asked me to attend KPop Kingdom's fanclub event so that we can meet each other. Oh well, I only read her message late in the evening & missed the opportunity to see her. In fact, she was at TVXQ's concert too! What a coincidence huh? Hmm, probably my mistake for not informing her that I'm going to the concert. *sighs* Silly me...I'm sure there's plenty of chance in the future. *grins*