Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Things just get better & better everyday. To be able to own an mp3 player (finally, *grins*)...not just any mp3 player but the one in my wishlist made me proud & overjoyed. Furthermore, I got lucky again cuz I won a pair of tickets to watch TVfXQ's concert this Friday. Ain't this great? This is enough to compensate my daily assignment blues. It's really frustrating to have such an unreliable partner to work with. Imagine yourself struggling to complete assignments without the help of your teammate when deadline is less than 2 days to go. This is exactly the same situation I'm facing right now. *sighs*

Since I won the tickets, I might as well not allow my "sad case" partner to demotivate me. I'll just have to work twice as hard these 2 nights & let loose on Friday night. TVfXQ, here I come! Oh gosh, I nearly forgot that I have an English test tomorrow. Shucks...there'll be an essay *dies*. And my English project team will be the 7th group to present next Monday. Can you believe we haven't started typing the report? There's also the prototype of the product to be made. Yeah, all of us are being lazy asses. This is bad~ -_-"

Well, I should be continuing my Marketing assignment. I'll just stop blogging for now so as not to get distracted. Till then!