Wednesday, May 31, 2006

How can I be so dumb?? To actually estimate the English report is approx. 1000 or more words in length when in fact, the report only has 540 words (after checking the word count). And I was so silly to boast out loud that there were 3000 words...-_-" *gets slapped in the face* My poor friend/partner fell sick at the wrong time. As usual, she missed classes today & poor me cuz I had to work on the assignment on my own again. Not that I did much since I had no breaks dear partner was supposed to do write about the future plans. Meanwhile, I had to add on more stuff to the report but I was so drained out after returning from uni. Just too lazy to crack my brain again XD

I finally got my paycheck! *grins* I waited for a month again just for the miserable RM105. Yes, more money for the photobook. For those of you still puzzled about the item I kept on mentioning in recent posts, take a look at this. The image is not the official cover so umm, I really have no idea how the photoshoots will be. Do glance at the price's pretty hefty, isn't it? Btw, back to the paycheck. My Chinese guy friend complained that he didn't get his pay after working for 2 weeks last year. It's a pity he didn't know student helpers were supposed to fill up the claim form on the last day of work. He must've submitted quite late & our "beloved" college probably lost his working records.

Went to grandpa's birthday dinner at a restaurant earlier in the evening. Just a simple meal & a bottle of red wine from Australia to celebrate the ocassion. We were served with weird tasting "kok poh" tea & ended up requesting for "heong pin" tea instead. I only had few sips of wine cuz I didn't wanna feel drowsy. Even now, I'm already feeling drowsy. It's already getting late. I shall stop here. English test is scheduled at 2pm tomorrow -_-".

Monday, May 29, 2006

Ahhh it's so good to be home. Was summarising the draft with my partner today. Boy, we had a tough time doing it. Imaging writing a report about Apple & Sony with only 1500 words. -_-" So restricted...felt like I was stripped off my freedom of expression. We're still working on it, hopefully things will turn out well.

I didn't know another 2 of my gang of friends are into anime too. I was kinda taken aback when they mentioned about reading Naruto mangas or watching animes. Though I'm not a big fan of Naruto. At least there is a similar interest among us XD.

All of a sudden, I wanted to attend Intiball. Everyone in my gang decided to go. *sighs* That means less money saved for the Walkman. Tsk, tsk...Mom, can you sponsor the tickets? Or that pink dress?? Alrite, it's not like I really need a new dress. I think my old black dress will do.

And my ex-schoolmate is planning to buy this Ken Hirai's limited edition dvd which costs RM200 over. o_O I think she's as crazy as me, or perhaps worse. Even my w-inds. dvds are not that expensive. I wonder whether she has decided or not. Talking about online shopping, I'm still considering the photobook. Imagine Ryohei, Keita & Ryuichi topless at the beach in those photoshoots. *drools*...such eye candy~

Sunday, May 28, 2006

*laughs hysterically* The power of networking!! o_O

*quickly regains composure* Can't blame me for being over ecstatic. I've finally got my Internet connection~ Yay! That means more privacy *cheers*. Anyways, I'm sure you guys noticed a sudden change in my blog. That's right. I've changed the skin. I know it's too pink but bear with it ok *winks*. Just a little introduction on how to view my posts. My posts will appear in the "tales" section while the archives will be in "angel" section. Each time you view my old posts, it'll lead you back to the introduction page that means you need to click the "tales" button again. *sighs* I know it's kinda troublesome but I'll try to sort it out. Besides, I took this skin from blogskins.

Mum said there was no news about the Samsung mp3 player. Did I sense that she might consider buying that Walkman for me?? Oww..ok, I'm desperate for one but I really couldn't resist this little thing~ I'm saving up for it...wait a min, that means less cash for w-inds. new photobook??? *sobs* I want that book too. And concert dvds...*wails*

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Ah yes! I'm finally able to blog again. Life has been busy lately *looks at the pile of assignment on the table* -_-". I'm still in the midst of doing English assignment but erm, seems like there wasn't much progress. Delays happened quite often when you have to work with a partner. And mutual agreement plays an important role as well. I'm working fine with my current partner. The only thing I wasn't happy about is the rate of progress in our work was a little too slow. I was hoping to complete asap so that I can work on other assignments. Oh well, I'll have to see how things work out by tomorrow as I wait for my partner's essay. Meanwhile, I'm working on it too.

Having the need to write a project proposal for first IT assignment came as a surprise to me. Alrite, never mind about that. We're supposed to choose 1 out of 3 suggested topics. When my proposal got rejected the 1st time, I was kinda disgruntled. I seriously doubted the lecturer's command of English because he commented about my project scope not relating to development in IT with computer viruses. Okay, I was wrong since my Aussie buddy pointed my error. I switched topic and submitted another proposal the following day. I got REJECTED AGAIN! Could you imagine that?! This time, he commented that my proposal was not suitable. WTF! In his brain, all he thinks that development of a nation relates to GDP growth. Ohmigod! -_-" Anyway, I made a statement to him that there are other aspects which are part of development ie standard of living, infrastructure, education. It did shut his mouth...and I was so satisfied. ^^

Was so silly to get so worried about the proposal...I could've joined the Yahoo! Japan Live Talk last night. *sobs* I was so close to seeing w-inds. and chatting with them live. Glad that someone posted up the video. I'm off to watch the clips now *continues with fangirling*.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

We all know that most movies adapted from sources ie books, videogames always turn out to be flops. Sadly, Da Vinci Code might be one of them. Having read the book 2 yrs ago is enough to spoil the fun of watching the movie. Ok, that's beside the point. I felt that movie was lifeless, not appealing & the essence seems to be missing...unlike the book. Tom Hanks' character failed to shine this time around (he shouldn't have taken the role). Sir Ian McKellen played his role well. And seeing Paul Bettany as Silas really surprised me. He did pretty well...much better than that lame Wimbledon romantic flick. Besides having to struggle to stay awake, I had to put with annoying ppl. One of them is a big headed dude (with a cap!) who was constantly obstructing my view. And the worst part was having an irritating girl next to me who started narrating the story at the beginning. She even clapped after the movie ended -_-". This is definitely my last time watching at TGV Sunway Pyramid.

For the first time, I went for a shopping spree (not really one cuz I didn't buy anything) with the girls. And to actually pick dresses to fit on. Saw this pink dress that I kinda like. It did sorta flatter my body figure. Was glad it didn't make me look stick-thin. Not too expensive...that's why I'm considering it. I didn't buy it right away not only due to insufficient cash in hand. The dress was pretty dirty & I wonder whether the shop has a new one. I guess I'll check around shops at 1 Utama first. Uh...I'm not even sure about going to Intiball yet. Why should I get a dress anyway? *shrugs*

I'm supposed to go for IT replacement class at 10am today. I skipped it and got nagged by Mum. I don't care...that's for sure. As long as I produce the results, that's all that matters. I wonder whether my gang of friends attended the class or not. I knew 3 of them confirmed about missing class. Including me, that would be 4. Anyways, I'm using my aunt's notebook to blog now. Pretty cool, eh? Hmm maybe in the future I should get one for myself. Meanwhile, I don't need one. An mp3 player is more important now. *grins*

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Like I said, I will return with some craps. I forgot to post up this pic that my friend sent to me last night. It's a photoshopped version of the shot taken while I was eating noodles. The noodles sucked but I didn't wanna waste food. So, I forced myself to finish it. See, I'm such a good gal~ But the caps are hilarious. Here it is...enjoy!

Note: Click image for larger view.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I've finally got my SOA & Works vol. 3 dvds!! *jumps gleefully* Ain't this great? One package comes after another. Tested the 2 dvds. It's a little disappointing cuz the quality is nothing compared to Japan version. *sighs* I can't afford all the Japan version dvds neway. Yay, more scans to complete my dvd collection. Perhaps I should buy the Japan version when Works vol. 5 comes out. Time to save up more cash ne~

Me & my partner showed the English lecturer our drafts & resources for the assignment. She was pretty impressed. Alrite, I'm not trying to boast here. I know there are lots of things follow up because it's not easy to do academic writing. Especially that crap Harvard referencing. Have to be extra careful & not plagiarise. Geez, this is dangerous. Supposed to quote phrases if they're taken from journals or academic articles. How troublesome! -_-" Anyways, I hope to do well for the first time.

This British lady from my partner university had programme briefing with all the Business students today. Her English is perfect but half the time, my brain didn't register whatever she delivered. Not that I don't understand her accent but her speech became dull & draggy. It's no wonder some students fell asleep. Lol. Oh well, I better get on with studying. I might come back to crap later. *off to read Economics notes*

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

My Works Vol. 1 dvd has arrived!! *squeals* CDJapan is so efficient ne~ SOA & Works Vol. 3 hasn't arrive yet though. Much slower than I thought. And CDJapan was much faster than I expected. I was watching Works Vol. 1 immediately after I unwrapped the package. Honestly, the package looked miserable. But the dvd was tightly wrapped in this plastic wrapper filled with air bubbles. It's supposed to protect the dvd from damage. Btw, I don't think the package will be damaged cuz EMS ensures that every mail/package is handled with care. This dvd has a lot of stuff to offer. The PVs included weren't my personal favourite but looking back at those adorable faces when w-inds. debuted makes me wanna pinch their cheeks. Lol.

IT was boring as usual. Had free lab session after the lecturer completed his boring lectures. In fact, I was already using the PC to do my personal stuff even before he allowed. Everyone was undeniably bored. Who wouldn't? Imagine sitting in the lab trying hard to concentrate on the lecture about how to use Microsoft Word to produce good report. -_-" See what I mean? I felt pity for the lecturer...he's forced to teach such a boring topic. And the worst part is trying to get students' attention to listen. I guess he truly understood how we felt at that time.

Ice Latte came to my college to promote their drinks with two smart cars!! *flails* Should've seen me squealing away when I caught a glimpse of it. Too bad the body panel is black in colour. Absolutely prefer the red & blue panels more. Hehehe...anyways, The Da Vinci Code is gonna feature a white smart car ^^. Wait a min, I remembered reading the book & it didn't mention anything about white. Hmm...I thought it was red or something. *confused* Ah well...that white smart car is gonna be crashed in the movie somehow. *sobs* What a waste...I've managed to book tickets!! Yippee~ Movie time for everyone! Tee hee...*dances away*. Gonna spread the good news tomorrow. :D

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

*yawns* Was to tired when I came home from uni today. Slept for 2 hours, I think. Btw, w-inds. TRIAL PV is finally out! Love the song! But the choreography is weird. -_-" Still trying to get used to it. Seems like some of the screenshots are missing. What I saw in the preview is different from the one I downloaded. Hmm...I wonder why. Are they making two different versions of the PV??

I was so surprised when I received an e-mail from CDJapan. They received my money order on Monday. Yeah, it was that fast. Less than 2 weeks. *grins* My order is already processed but I'm not sure when they're gonna ship it out. Maybe in 1-2 weeks because that DVD is pretty old. Might need to dig up the old stock. Lol. I hope my package from Hong Kong would arrive soon. I can't wait.

Remember the French guy I mentioned in my previous post? Sad to say, he's a smoker. Ugh...I really hate smokers. But I don't hate him. He's a nice guy & a charmer at times. Sometimes, he's lame too ^^. I have one assignment coming up. The topic is about comparing 2 different firms operating in the same industry. My partner & I decided to compare Apple & Sony. As a backup, we chose BMW & DaimlerChrysler. Better get my research done soon. That's all for now. Gotta get ready for dinner ^^.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Today is Thursday! One more day & it's weekend~ Tee hee... ^^ Yup, this week is the start of university. Met new friends & they're great. There's a cute French guy in my class though he's not taking Marketing. Too bad he's short. Lol. Just had Economics today. The lecturer was great. Very interesting lady. She made Economics sounded so easy. Out of all the lecturers, I disliked my IT for Business lecturer. Such a boring guy -_-" My mind kept on wandering elsewhere during his class.

Guess what? My cheque has finally been cleared. I'll be expecting my package to arrive next week, hopefully. And I didn't have to pay any shipment fee because they're having a promotion. Lucky, right? Hehe. Can't wait!! Now I'm hoping for money order to reach CDJapan soon. 2 weeks is long ne~ -_-" Ok I'm off to continue with my w-inds. project ^^ Jya!