Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I've finally got my SOA & Works vol. 3 dvds!! *jumps gleefully* Ain't this great? One package comes after another. Tested the 2 dvds. It's a little disappointing cuz the quality is nothing compared to Japan version. *sighs* I can't afford all the Japan version dvds neway. Yay, more scans to complete my dvd collection. Perhaps I should buy the Japan version when Works vol. 5 comes out. Time to save up more cash ne~

Me & my partner showed the English lecturer our drafts & resources for the assignment. She was pretty impressed. Alrite, I'm not trying to boast here. I know there are lots of things follow up because it's not easy to do academic writing. Especially that crap Harvard referencing. Have to be extra careful & not plagiarise. Geez, this is dangerous. Supposed to quote phrases if they're taken from journals or academic articles. How troublesome! -_-" Anyways, I hope to do well for the first time.

This British lady from my partner university had programme briefing with all the Business students today. Her English is perfect but half the time, my brain didn't register whatever she delivered. Not that I don't understand her accent but her speech became dull & draggy. It's no wonder some students fell asleep. Lol. Oh well, I better get on with studying. I might come back to crap later. *off to read Economics notes*