Thursday, July 31, 2008

I stayed back at campus till 5.30pm the other day to have a discussion with my fellow members for one of our assignments which will be due soon. The discussion ended early but I had to hang around an hour more as I had no one to fetch me home. And so I walked out of the Student Affairs Office (my usual hangout place) to look at the exam timetable. There were booths still left arranged as it was at the concourse even after the Engineering fair had ended. As I was walking across the concourse, little did I expect to see...

...a couple kissing behind one of the booths. They were so engrossed that they didn't realise that someone passed by. Feeling a little embarrassed & not wanting to disrupt their precious moments, I quickly walked away but unfortunately stepped on a loose manhole cover that led out a sound. I pretended that I didn't see them as I didn't wanna make them feel embarrassed & awkward either. In the next few mins, I could hear the girl gasping "OMG!" loudly maybe cuz she found out that someone noticed them sneaking such act on campus. Oh well... *shrugs*

Basically, the whole idea is that I'm still not used to the public display of intimacy especially in college. Ain't there places more romantic for a smooch? Park, no? Still, this is Malaysia. It's not a norm in our country to perform a kissing act in public. Respect that & deal with it. If you can't, go somewhere private. Believe me, I'd had had enough of witnessing couples caught in the act -_-. They even dared to think that their secret spot is safe from prying eyes at neighbouring colleges. Guh.

It's not that I despise these ppl; it's about when & where they do it irritates me. I won't deny that I kissed someone before. In fact, several times at somewhere quiet without anyone spying on us. Besides, we didn't wanna get ourselves into trouble cuz lip-locking in public is illegal. Honestly, I wouldn't hesitate locking lips with my other half if I'm living anywhere but Malaysia that legalises public kissing. Back to the couple. Can't blame that they were a little...desperate. To me, there's no harm kissing someone just to show how much you love him/her. Like I said, the concourse wasn't the right place. What if they got caught by the management? They're doomed, that's for sure. *sighs* Seeing them makes me feel like loving someone new again. But, I don't think I'm ready yet...

Contour glass

Sunday, July 27, 2008

I'm a fan of the Olympics, in case you didn't know. As far as I can remember, I've been following the sports since Atlanta 1996. Back then, there wasn't many live coverage of all the sports & Astro was still at its infant stage which makes it too expensive for the general public to afford. Everything is so different now. Just switch on to Astro & you have...what, 11 channels featuring live matches? I'm proud to say that I've been watching the sports event a lot for the previous 2 Olympics, all thanks to Astro. Can't imagine how my life would be without this good 'ol satellite TV.

Even marketing has taken a different step nowadays. I'm sure y'all are aware that McDonald's has collaborated with Coca-Cola to release a limited edition contour-shaped glass in conjunction with the upcoming Beijing 2008 Olympics. For every Gold Medal meal, you'll get a free glass with 5 different sport emblems to choose from. I was greedy enough to actually think of getting 2 designs - swimming & archery. Sadly, I have to settle for one only cuz the meal set is pricey. =( Luckily I told Mum to use my McD vouchers so she only need to add another RM4 or RM5. Yet, she still complained about the price -_-.

Since the meal is that expensive, there're a myriad of food included. Here's what McD offers:-

  1. Spicy Chicken McDeluxe
  2. Onion rings (7 pcs) or french fries (L)
  3. Carbonated drink (M)
  4. Sundae (Chocolate/Strawberry)
If price is not the main concern, then go for it. The contour glass is a novelty item that you can't miss. Just like the Hello Kitty plushies. XD


From top: Coca-Cola logo & archery emblem

*stares at the curveness of the contour glass* =D

Hot, steamy soup

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My friends & I were having lunch nearby Taylor's Business School yesterday & decided to check out the Vono soup bar out of curiosity. It was a mini truck stationed at certain locations promoting Vono instant soup. Each box is priced at RM3 & there're 8 variants to choose from to cater to all those picky taste buds out there. Samples of the 8 different flavours were distributed to entice students buy at least one box. Buy 2 boxes, get 1 wooden soup spoon free. Buy 4 boxes, get 1 soup bowl/cup free. Buy 6 boxes, those 2 gifts are all yours. That was what the promoters told us.

Initially, I wasn't planning to buy anything as I was only tagging along. When I saw the complimentary gifts, I became tempted to purchase 6 boxes. But getting all 6 at once seems too expensive for me. So I settled for 2 boxes instead as I was keen to get the wooden spoon. It looks so cute! My guy friend wanted the mushroom flavour so badly that we decided each of us paid half for 2 boxes. I get to keep the spoon cuz he was more enthusiastic about the mushroom soup -_-.

I realised that the spoon seemed incomplete without the bowl & felt determined to get another 4 boxes. Yes, just for the sake of the bowl XD. This is not the first day you know me. I'll go all out to get it if I really want something. Off I went during lunch hour today, keeping my hopes high that the truck is still there. It's there! At the very same spot. Then I immediately selected 4 flavours, paid the cash & asked for the bowl. I was really disappointed when it was out of stock. But the girl assured that stocks will be replenished within 2 hrs & she gave me 2 spoons first.

At 4pm, I went there again & the gals were smilling gleefully at me. They must be thinking I'm the only one who's crazy enough to return just for the bowl. Who wouldn't? I already have a spoon, I don't need another 2. So yeah, they even took a shot of me with my best smile while holding the bowl & spoon. Just for contest purpose. Sighs. I'd probably looked...weird.

Mum was telling me that I'll most likely get sick of instant soup in no time. -_-

Soups, spoon & bowl.

Pink does not stink!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

As much as I hate some ppl who're overly obsessed with pink stuff i.e. cellphones, bag, shoes, skirts etc., I can't help being one of the Barbies at times. Especially owning a pink J-phone specifically designed for girls. You hear me right ^^. I was captivated when I came across NTT DoCoMo's new model under the 706i series. It's the N706i Francfranc limited edition by NEC. Sooo pink, yet simple & stylish. The best part of it is the slimness, an essence in every female-inspired phone. Not to forget that the original box includes a travel set in conjunction with the travel theme, N meets Francfranc. Now if the price ain't too expensive & can be unlocked with HyperSim, I wouldn't mind asking my friend in Japan to purchase one unit for me XD. Gah, why can't we own gorgeous J-phones like this? T.T

To find out more about this phone, click the pic below. (special site in Japanese only)

Pics courtesy of Just Another Mobile Phone Blog & NEC Corporation.

Fan made of silk

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Recently, I bought a sensu (silk fan) directly from Japan together with a chirimen sensu holder. What for? For no particular reason, to be honest. I always have this crazy behaviour of buying something that is usually of no use. If I see something that really caught my eye, I have a strong desire to own it. Most of the time, the price tag is not an important factor. It's the matter of whether the item is beautiful, pretty, shiny, name it. Lets just say this behaviour started ever since I had more allowance, owning my very own credit card & having my friend in Japan who's ever willing to do big favours for me. Of course, my childhood love for anything Japanese played the biggest role to encourage such behaviour. Not that it's a good thing XD.

Nevertheless, I still do have my senses. I wouldn't spend much on items that are incredibly expensive...something that I seriously can't afford. There were times that I felt like telling my friend to get a J-phone handset & delivered it to my house, knowing that the phone doesn't function in my country at all. So the only thing I could do was salivate over countless pics of those elongated, geometrically-designed phones over the Internet. Later when I found out that there're ppl who managed to unlock these exotic phones, I was thrilled. But I still couldn't afford one yet cuz they're sold at exorbitant prices. The phones are in high demand & once proven usable overseas, ppl will flock to J-phone importers to grab one. Obviously the importers would take advantage of the high demand to earn big bucks.

Anyways, enough of those incessant ramblings. This item I bought is made of silk, Japanese paper & bamboo which makes it really delicate & fragile. The silk material is semi-transparent & gives out a sheer tint. It looks very thin, easy to tear & fall off anytime if you add any extra ounce of energy holding or opening the fan. On the contrary, the holder is made of chirimen fabric in which the colour is matched according to the colour & design of the fan I've selected. No doubt I chose red & pink for the holder but the exact colour motifs were not decided by me. And I'm pretty impressed that the website matched the colour combinations so perfectly that it feels so exquisite to slot in my fan (not just for the sake of protecting it) & carry it around. All I can say's simply beautiful. Love it to bits~ *grins*

Sensu holder. The part shown by red arrow is grey in colour. Stupid camera made it blue... -_-"

Sensu design inspired by lotus flowers.


Monday, July 14, 2008

Okay, the ball was finally over last Saturday night. My very last ball before I leave university. Honestly, the event was way below my expectation but at the very least; it was a memorable night for me cuz I felt that I looked more beautiful than ever. This is the first time I put so much effort to achieve the best look for prom. And I did it! ^^ With a considerable amount incurred, of course. It was worth every cent spent, anyways.

The food was not bad. In fact, the mutton curry tasted pretty good. However, the feel of the event was lacklustre; leaving much to be desired. It was supposed to be magical. That's what it ought to be. I supposed the only thing that is fuelling the fun & excitement are friends or dates for the night. Cameras were flashing endlessly & I can assure you that I was "blinded" aplentiful times. Especially no thanks to my camera that flashes twice each time a shot is taken. The pics came out fabulous so I shouldn't be complaining XD.

Performance was mediocre but there was one performance that I was looking forward to see. Though it wasn't superbly outstanding till it made me tear, I was watching in awe at the cute guy working on his rendition of Chopin's I-forgot-the-song-title piece. He is an excellent pianist, I must say. *salutes* There were too many bands doing performances & my lack of interest in rock bands is not doing any justice. Therefore, I shall refrain from providing comments about them.

I think what's noteworthy is that my cousin bagged the award for Best Dress. Obviously none of the guys could outmatch his outfit for that night. Just like me, he planned his outfit months before the event & even sourced certain pieces from overseas. Crazy, isn't it? XD If I had more funds, I wouldn't hesitate to order my dress online. There're so many dresses in US sites that I've been eyeing for months but couldn't bring myself to order as they're insanely expensive. The most I can do is achieve an elegant look just like the one below. For more pics, click here.

While my bunch of friends went for an after-event party at Scarlet, I went home instead & camwhored a lil bit with my cousin bro. Surely you guys will be asking why I didn't join them. I wasn't in the mood to go & home is only 2km away. And I didn't wanna dirty my beautiful long dress walking around the mall & street. I'm...not a clubbing person, you see. *shrugs* Here are the snapshots of the programme book. The concept & design is pretty interesting but if only the pages weren't stapled together (shown in 2nd pic). The staples somehow made the book look sloppy. Oh well, this post basically sums up the whole event. I shall go to bed now.

Just a quickie

Saturday, July 12, 2008

I'll be going to the ball tomorrow later tonight. I'm pretty excited about it reason being this would be my last one before I graduate. And to top it off, I actually planned for this event a few months ago i.e. getting a dress way back in April & imagining the look that I intend to achieve. It was tough getting all the accessories & finally everything is complete now. Here's a sneak preview of how I would look like for the ball sans the makeup & proper hairdo. Oh boy, it's so late now. Gotta run. Ciao!

Britain's Got Talent!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I decided to look up on this new reality TV series, Britain's Got Talent after hearing my friend mentioned about the 6 year old girl who sang Somewhere Over The Rainbow. If this sounds unfamiliar, it's actually a talent search TV show reminiscent of American Idol with 3 judges commenting & scrutinising the participants. Seems like there's no age limit in this competition so practically anyone from all walks of life who thinks that he/she's got what it takes to win can sign up. You can sign up as a group or solo, which is different from the typical idol search shows that we see today.

This talent show doesn't refer to singing alone; it comprises other talents such as dancing, miming, throwing name it. As long as it's a special skill that other ppl don't. Do I even need to elaborate further? To sum it all, the show started in 2006 & attracted lots of Brits to attend the auditions. The participants would have to demonstrate their talent in front of the judges & audiences in a hall. Three judges (2 men, 1 woman) in which one of them is Simon Cowell, you can expect lots of nasty remarks from his mouth. Audition process is pretty much similar to American Idol therefore I shall not go over the details.

In the first season, both finalists Connie Talbot & Paul Potts battled it out with the latter emerging as the winner. Connie was the first youngest participant to audition for the show & this has encouraged many kids try out in the following year. Paul, a mobile phone seller; wowed the crowd with his opera singing prowess. Citizens voted for Paul maybe cuz they felt that Connie was still young & had plenty of opportunities to prosper. Her voice was still at the growth stage so there's still lots of time before she matures & develop better vocals. Nevertheless, she still sang really well ^^.

As for the second season in 2007, the two finalists were dancers. Interesting ppl, I would say. I won't reveal much for now as I strongly encourage you to watch them in action in YouTube. The winner was Paul Sampson, 14 year old cute teenage street dancer. His rival was the group, Signature which consists of 2 members. This group really amazed me & after watching the video link below, I couldn't stop replaying it. It's just so hilarious yet entertaining. I even downloaded the video clip to add on to my collection. Do watch it & lemme know what you guys think.

Japanese Handicraft for Dummies

Sunday, July 06, 2008

It was already 9.30am when we boarded the train at Asia Jaya. I kept on telling myself, "We're gonna be late, we're gonna be late!". It takes about 40 mins to arrive at Ampark Park where we'll head to Menara Citibank for our workshop. The fact that we'll be late can't be avoided as I woke up 50 mins later of my scheduled wake-up time. Sis was already awake but busy enjoying cornflakes in front of the TV while Mum was err...doing her chores, I think. By the time I was ready, I was waiting for the both of them instead -_-. Mum went for shower while sis only started washing her cereal bowl & packing her bag. Geez.

There's no way you can miss the tall building once you take the exit from Ampark Park leading to Nikko Hotel. The Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur (JFKL) is situated on the 30th floor. Yup, it's THAT high up. Your ears will start cracking & hurt a little when you take the lift 30 floors up & down. I'm not surprised as it wasn't my first time here. Been here twice many years back & the 3rd time was last Fri to collect the tickets to the workshop.

Once we arrived, each participant is given a piece of cloth which looks like this.

We were supposed to do a back-stitch along the vertical & diagonal lines to secure the two different coloured fabrics. As you can see here, I'm struggling trying my very best to sew the two pieces together XD.

After the stitching was done, the piece of fabric is to be folded into half & pinned together like the pic below. We were told to sew along the lines on the upper & lower part of the fabric.

Next, the fabric is flipped over to reveal the top side. This is how the finished product should look like.

TA-DAA! Behold, the masterpiece of dodgy workmanship XD

As we left the buiding, we chanced upon this really nice sports car. We had to take a pic of it cuz it's super cool.

Porsche Cayman (not sure if it's the latest model *shrugs*)

Overall, I really enjoyed the workshop. It really kept my mind busy & made me forget lots of things that I dun wish to recall. You guys are right, getting myself busy is the only way to recover quick. ^^

Learning handicraft the Japanese way

Thursday, July 03, 2008

I'll be attending this handicraft workshop this Saturday at KL. Mum & sis would be tagging along too, especially Mum being overly-eager to learn how to sew a chirimen pocket tissue case. On the contrary, I had mixed feelings cuz though I'm deeply interested to know the process but my sewing skills is an embarrassment -_-. And to show my un-proud technique to the Japanese lady who's guiding us through the whole process is not making things better. *sighs* Oh well, let's see how things turn out. Will keep you guys posted.

Date: July 5, 2008 (Saturday)
Time: 10am - 12pm
Venue: JFKL, Menara Citibank
Admission fee: RM15 per pax
Things to bring: Sewing kit

Tale as old as time

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


I stole snapshot of the stage before the start of Act 2. Fyi, cameras aren't allowed during the show. So yeah, sorry no pics of the cast.

After the show. As you can see, the middle section below is the live orchestra. Pre-programmed software was used to generate the orchestra sound, I think.

This is the programme book that I mentioned earlier. Indeed, it costs RM30. *sighs*


The musical was really good, just as I expected. It wasn't superbly awesome which made me go "WOW!" but overall it was worth watching. Heard that there were mixed reviews; some saying that it was disappointing whereas many spoke highly of the show. Well...the costumes were beautiful, the casts' voices were as sweet as angels & dances were a little goofy but nevertheless it was pure jolly good fun. At least the casts kept me entertained throughout the 2 1/2 hours.

The show pretty much lived up to what I've expected so far. But I was quite disappointed that the production team decided to inject some humour to it by changing the characteristics of the Beast. I've known since childhood that the Beast is a fierce & ferocious one, unlike the one on stage trying hard to be funny to please the crowd. He acted childishly, not to my liking unfortunately. Perhaps the team attempted to entertain the young audience who were also present with their parents. Dialogues were cheesy but funny I never ever thought of that when I watched the cartoon. *shrugs*

Speaking of kids...geez. I think it's a waste of time for parents to bring their children along. They're total distraction! The cartoon was originally targeted at kids who love fairy tales, fantasies, dragons yadi yada. But musical is NOT for the young. I mean, how can you expect them to appreciate live action stage shows? They just don't know how. Wait till their older. Imagine how irritating it is to have a 5 year old girl pulling the back of your seat every few mins & then asking her Daddy, "Is that the Beast?". And parents letting their kids stray away from their seats, running around like a maniac. Gawd.

Alrite, enough about rants. There were merchandises sold at the venue but I chose not buy any of it cuz they're ridiculously expensive. Only got myself the programme book & that already costs me RM30 T.T Thank God I brought enough cash or else I wouldn't have anything to bring back home. I just wanna keep some evidence to show that I was there XD. Pics will be coming up soon. Need some time to upload them cuz my sis has been hogging the camera lately -_-.