Fan made of silk

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Recently, I bought a sensu (silk fan) directly from Japan together with a chirimen sensu holder. What for? For no particular reason, to be honest. I always have this crazy behaviour of buying something that is usually of no use. If I see something that really caught my eye, I have a strong desire to own it. Most of the time, the price tag is not an important factor. It's the matter of whether the item is beautiful, pretty, shiny, name it. Lets just say this behaviour started ever since I had more allowance, owning my very own credit card & having my friend in Japan who's ever willing to do big favours for me. Of course, my childhood love for anything Japanese played the biggest role to encourage such behaviour. Not that it's a good thing XD.

Nevertheless, I still do have my senses. I wouldn't spend much on items that are incredibly expensive...something that I seriously can't afford. There were times that I felt like telling my friend to get a J-phone handset & delivered it to my house, knowing that the phone doesn't function in my country at all. So the only thing I could do was salivate over countless pics of those elongated, geometrically-designed phones over the Internet. Later when I found out that there're ppl who managed to unlock these exotic phones, I was thrilled. But I still couldn't afford one yet cuz they're sold at exorbitant prices. The phones are in high demand & once proven usable overseas, ppl will flock to J-phone importers to grab one. Obviously the importers would take advantage of the high demand to earn big bucks.

Anyways, enough of those incessant ramblings. This item I bought is made of silk, Japanese paper & bamboo which makes it really delicate & fragile. The silk material is semi-transparent & gives out a sheer tint. It looks very thin, easy to tear & fall off anytime if you add any extra ounce of energy holding or opening the fan. On the contrary, the holder is made of chirimen fabric in which the colour is matched according to the colour & design of the fan I've selected. No doubt I chose red & pink for the holder but the exact colour motifs were not decided by me. And I'm pretty impressed that the website matched the colour combinations so perfectly that it feels so exquisite to slot in my fan (not just for the sake of protecting it) & carry it around. All I can say's simply beautiful. Love it to bits~ *grins*

Sensu holder. The part shown by red arrow is grey in colour. Stupid camera made it blue... -_-"

Sensu design inspired by lotus flowers.