Saturday, February 16, 2008

I've got a new phone! I've got a new phone! *dances around* XD. Omg, I'm overjoyed. Finally, this phone belongs to me...the model that I was hoping to buy since I laid eyes on it. Bought it for over RM600 (AP lah, of course) with my own pocket money. Try imagining the feeling of using your hard-earned moolah to shop for the item that has been in your wishlist since ages. No doubt it's heartbreaking to see your dollar bills flying away but the self-satisfaction is beyond explanation.

I reckon this phone is pretty popular among students in my college as I came across a few who're using it. I mean, who wouldn't consider this phone? It's slim & feature packed. Of course, it's still not comparable to a 3G phone. Bah, nvm. I don't really need one since not many ppl I know actually owns or uses 3G. I'm happy with what I have now cuz I'm proud of the fact that I bought it with my money. Anyways, here's how the phone looks like ^^.

Ahhhh....seeing the box already makes me feel excited~

Totally love how this 16 million colour screen brings out the vibrant colours of Chunnie's pic XD

The slimness of the phone... o.O

I love mah phone~ :D I highly recommend this phone. It's pretty good, honestly.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Peeps, I'm back! ^^ There was nothing much about the trip just like the previous years. In fact, this year was more dull cuz we didn't get to visit as many places as before hence the lesser ang paus received. Not that amount of ang paus really matter but I felt the joy & fun when meeting relatives that I never meet for the whole year (or worse, never in my life). There's bound to be something interesting to talk & hear stories from them ^^.

It's good to be in Ipoh once in a while to indulge in a gastronomic feat. This time, I didn't have the opportunity to do so since I was there for purely visitation purpose only. Hopefully I can bring along my grandparents in the next trip. Imagine drinking a cup of freshly brewed white coffee while enjoying the peaceful morning, eating smooth steamed white chicken with bean sprouts combined with hor fun & savouring the goodness of wantan noodles. Ahhh~ Heaven!

Back to reality. Classes starts tomorrow again -_-". How I wished the holiday break was much longer. I'll be having early class tomorrow, gonna run. Adios~

P.S. Oh boy, assignments are piling up...

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Today is the 1st day of CNY. My family didn't stay up late last night to welcome the God of Prosperity as they had planned to do it this morning before breakfast. Apparently, the night before wasn't auspicious as the one of the ghost god ascended appeared from...hell? Prayers need to be done to welcome the Prosperity God & this means setting up a table with food, candles yadi yada to provide offerings to the God. Technically I helped to do the prayers by laying the food & candles but those chanting was assigned to my Dad. Again, me being born in the Year of the Tiger - was not allowed to welcome the kamisama. Not auspicious, I think. *shrugs*

We ate, got changed & waited for the rest of our relatives to come over. That's when the camwhore session began. XD (Pics below are not the full collection. Too lazy to upload all of them hehe).

Just a few of our family members.

The "pimp" & his "wives" XD


The one in yellow is one of my aunts living in Australia now.

After a few hrs, I got bored...

Here's me pondering the meaning of life.

Eventually, my house became so noisy & overcrowded that I ended up locking myself in the room & enter into a deep slumber. The rest of the day was nothing more than just surfing the net for more Dong Bang stuff & texting my buddies. Dinner at the restaurant was pretty much similar to the one last night. I guess there's nothing to be hoo-ha about it.
Btw, I'll be out of town tomorrow for 3 days. Don't miss me too much. XD Meanwhile, have fun & make sure ya collect lots of ang pau. ^^

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

In a few hrs time, it'll be Chinese New Year. Time for ang pau collection!! $$ XD. This year, our family decided to make a change. Instead of spending hrs cooking at home for reunion dinner, we chose to eat out. Bangsar Seafood Restaurant was our only option since the restaurant that we frequent a lot was fully booked. For the first time in our history of reunion dinners, we dine in halal Chinese cuisine.

Here's a shot of the restaurant entrance in case you have no idea how it looks like. It's pretty at night, imho. I bet on the night of Christmas; the lights are more beautiful.

The ambient in the restaurant is simple yet serene. Though there were many families having their reunion dinners as well, the atmosphere is merry but not noisy nor rowdy. And I really like that a lot. A LOT. I mean it cuz I had bad past experience at another seafood restaurant nearby my house. It was a nightmare, I tell ya -_-".

While waiting for food to be served, I camwhored! XD

Happy me & sis!

Happy me & cousin bros~

In a few mins, food was served. Half way through our meals, the RTM2 crew came to film some footage for the Chinese New Year celebration. Many families shy away from the camera & in the end...our family gave it a go! It was embarrassing~ As far as I can recall, I talked gibberish when I was told to give comments. I can't imagIne that this footage of me is gonna appear in the news. OMG! After years of not speaking proper Malay, seems like my grasp of the language has gone down the drain. Pretend that you don't know me nor see me if you happened to be watching RTM2. Please, please... *swts*

Two cousin bros being interviewed by the RTM2 reporter

After dinner...we took pics again! *dances*

*yawns* I have to wake up early tomorrow -_-". Before I forget, Happy Chinese New Year! Take care, peeps.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

I know, I know. I've been such an lazy ass lately that I almost abandoned my blog. Ah well, I was too engrossed with MSN-ing with my classmate recently cuz we had so much to yak about. Anything under the sun. You name it. It was whole lot of fun talking crap for hrs. Ok well, ditch that.

My college is close for the week in conjunction with the upcoming Chinese New Year this Thursday. And the holiday officially started today. So what did I do? Nothing much in particular except being occupied with cleaning & MORE cleaning. I'm a sucker at doing household chores especially tidying up. Ya know, I can't seem to...keep my room tidy & squeaky clean. I just never bother arranging my books nor throwing pieces of scrap paper off my desk. I'm sloppy person, enough said. Don't try this at home.

For all I know, Mum had been bugging me to clear up those chocolate boxes from my Dong Bang labelled rack compartment. You got it right. They're the empty boxes sprawled all over with my darlings' pretty faces. To be frank, those chocolate snacks sucks but indeed it was good marketing to have the boys' posing prettily with a box of Lotte. Before Mum decides to rampage over that sacred compartment & send all my precious collections for dumping, I have chosen to part with my dearly beloved. And I say this with a heavy heart XD.

Nevertheless, I spared the ones with Jaejoong's cuz I'll NEVER ever get his one again. Do you know hard it is to find his? I shall not go over the details. To show that I once was the proud owner of the boxes, I took a pic for my own safekeeping.

Darn, where did my white box Junsu & yellow box Changmin go??

-Picture of the month-

February 2008 feat. Micky Yoochun