Friday, June 29, 2007

Okay, the test wasn't so bad except that Question 2 (c) turned out to be a little mind-bogging. All I did was wrote a paragraph & proceed to the next question. I'm expecting to get a pretty low grade for this test. hell with it!

I went to college rather early today at 10am. In fact, I don't have classes on Fridays but being a good buddy; I deliberately went to support their Talent Nite Promo Show. But that only started at 1pm. What did I do for the whole morning then? I went to settle my lost ATM card issue since I couldn't get it done at the Section 14 branch. Just because they ran out of stock for ATM cards -_-". Bummer! Too many customers, is it?

Then, off I went to Maybank to bank-in for my prom dress. Yes~ I've decided at the very last minute to attend Intiball. In addition to that, I was requested by Jonathan (Intiball Organising Chairperson) to be his partner so that I can sit with him at the VIP table. Wow! Back to the dress. I thought of getting a new one since I've worn my old black chiffon dress for 2 yrs. Yeah I know...the fashion police should've arrest me earlier for wearing the same dress to proms.

I told Mum about this green halter dress that I'm planning to get from eBay. There she goes again making comments just like the last time in Rest & Relax boutique. I mean, she should know better that I can't fit well in dresses with sizes so a free size, stretchable one would be appropriate. And this dress is free size at the price of RM59.90. Can you imagine that? I can afford to keep aside & not wear it anymore if it doesn't look nice. It's only RM59.90 for God's sake & it's imported from Korea. What more can you ask for such a cheap dress? See it for yourself.

Mum said I could buy it if I really want it. Ah, I'm paying for it neways ^^. After that, I headed to the library to read some books & waste time. Found this really interesting book to read & decided to borrow it back home. I bet most of you heard of this book called Confessions of a Shopaholic. I realised that I'm kinda act like a shopaholic at times considering the way I spent on things not necessary. Especially on Dong Bang stuffs. Hmm, no...that's more like obsession. Oh whatever~ *shrugs* That female progtagonist is just insane. She still shops though her credit card was overdrawn by 6000 quids. Gosh...doesn't she wanna think about how to settle her bills before buying something else? Scary~ o_O

Well, the promo show turned out to be okay sans the unresponsive audiences. Though okay but not great. Perhaps the lack of coordination & cooperation between the organising committee members led to this problem. I wish them luck for the actual event on July 14. I'll be going again to support. See how much I love my friends? XD

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

As I've promised, I'm here to bring the pics of the Japan GT Race 2007. Nope I'm not gonna upload them as it would be awfully troublesome. To save time, click here to read my friend's blog about the whole event. I find it hard to not read her blog cuz the way she described our road trip was fantastic.

Her blog is heavily overdosed with pics, mind you. Definitely not dial-up friendly. Don't say I didn't warn you. And those pics in her blog are not the complete ones. Imagine uploading all of them...o_O. I bet my friend's bandwidth would explode in no time.

Guys, drool all you want cuz there're lots of shots on those sexy GT queens imported all the way from The Land of The Rising Sun. Tsk, tsk...(Rising Sun reminds me so much about Dong Bang XD). After reading that post, leave some comments. Will ya? ^^

P.S. Boo-hoo! Retail Marketing test is tomorrow & I lost my ATM card -_-".

Monday, June 25, 2007

I forgot to tell you guys. Got myself a wifi router from Digital Mall at RM99. It's the Belkin model that I intend to buy. Retail price is RM159. Ain't that great news? XD *dances*


Ahh...what an enlightening experience~

The heat, the adrenaline rush, awesome mod-cars, hot sexy GT queens (no hot guys though -_-"), the crowd...

All these happenings still seemed overwhelming to me. Yes, I went to the Japan GT Race 2007 at Sepang F1 Circuit in case you're still wondering. Though it won't do good to get my butt there again next year, I'm glad I was part of the audiences cheering for God-know-who Japanese drivers & their superb driving skills. The feeling was undescribable. You just have to be there to experience it.

Aftermath of the event ---> a sun-burned face, temporary hearing loss & a BAD headache + bloodshot eyes.

The sacrifice I had to make just to watch the drivers zooming their cars round & round endlessly on the circuit (it seemed like eternity to me XD). There'll be pics upped soon. My cousin bro's old, busted Panasonic camera phone failed but I still had friends' cameras to rely on ^^. So hang in there while I grab pics from my generous buddies.

Things to note at the GT race:

  1. Surprisingly local drivers can drift pretty well. There's room for improvement, of course.
  2. The pitstop where all the GT cars were parked was opened for visitors with an admission of RM100 for 1 hour only.
  3. Everyone had pretty bad sunburn while Ms. Chang, our SAO officer had minimal ones. Jealous-nya~

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Alas, I've handed in my assignment. Oh, the joy!! :D Imagine sleeping at around 4am just to get it done. The assignment wasn't hard but there's risk of making a blunder in certain sections & getting a bad grade in the end. So I met up with the lecturer & let him check through my work. Thank God I did! After the last inspection today, he nodded his head in approval. *phew*

And guess what, my thumb drive got infected with a malware. must've came from INTIMA's PC. Gosh~ Should I even elaborate on how slow the PC was? -_-" It was really slow. I bet the PC is badly corrupted. Boo-hoo! Inti seriously need to do something about this. *shakes head*

And this Sunday is Japan GT Race. Can you believe that my college was invited to watch for free? Hmm maybe there aren't enough ppl so they decide to give free invitations to fill up the empty space. Well, whatever it is; we get to sit at the main grandstand area. Awesome~ *squee* All I need to do is pay RM10 for the bus fee & off I go. I have to start thinking of what to wear... XD

Saturday, June 16, 2007

I decided to take a break after sitting in front of my lappie for hours yesterday to work on my Direct Marketing assignment. Went to Mum's room - grabbed the Astro control - then plopped on the bed & started channel surfing. Then I came upon this movie called The Mistress of Spices starring Aishwarya Rai (did I spell it correctly? o_O) & Dylan McDermott. It looked pretty interesting in certain ways; a Bollywood star collaborating with an American celebrity, the logic behind spices worshipping & "talking" to spices.

It soon got rather a pain to watch cuz the idea of spice worshipping sounds pretty stupid. No offence but Tilo (Aishwarya Rai) had to promise herself that she won't leave the spices just so that she can date the white guy architect (Dylan McDermott). In the process of starting a relationship, she realised that her actions were causing troubles to her loyal spices customers who rely on her spices for certain purposes (not cooking, of course). I would say, a voodoo spell. She's not evil but she's some sort of a guardian of spices who manipulates these ingredients to help people. Apparently the spices' souls began to retaliate when Tilo starts to have feelings for that architect. Yeah, yeah... *rolls eyes*

The ending was definitely predictable. As usual, she vowed that she'll never break her promise to her spice & finally passed the test. She's free to date the guy as long as she never leaves the shop. -_-" Alrite, I have to admit that it was kinda waste of time to watch. I could've spend more time on my bad. Well, well. Time for assignments. Till then~

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I'm procrastinating when I shouldn't be XD. My mind is so disrupted & clouded for so long that I've just realised recently that my assignments are piling up again. It's high time that I should make a checklist for assignment deadlines to remind this old rusty brain of mine.

Assignment deadlines

1. Direct Marketing (individual) - June 20
2. Direct Marketing (group) - July 18
3. Service Marketing - July 25
4. Marketing Planning - July 27

Gosh...T.T So many work to do. And I need to study for tests & prepare for exams too -_-".

Monday, June 11, 2007

Oh the joy~ :D I was so exhilarated when I saw this article in the Sinchew papers. I'm praying hard that this news is for real. They're actually coming in December!! Pls let this be true...*prays hard*

Source: Sin Chew Jit Poh, 8/06/07

Friday, June 08, 2007

I posted pics of the concert goods, necklace & phone strap on the Dong Bang LJ comm yesterday. Just for the sake of sharing with the members on how the goods really looked like. I believe that not many members have the opportunity to buy those concert goods. The least I could do is to allow them to take a closer look at the stuffs through pics.

Apparently my intentions were not appreciated & even misconstrued. Some idiot accused that what I've done was a sign of bragging. "It's like an attempt to make others envious & jealous of her", according to the aforementioned fella. Yeah, yeah. I wanna tell everyone "look at what I bought OMG"... *rolls eyes*

The fact that I do have things to show off. So?? Does she have a problem with that? I couldn't be bothered if she really reads this post. She gave me my very first flame on the net, btw. And it was rather interesting to know that ppl can be jealous & so childish in the cyberworld as well. Perhaps she has a horrible or tragic childhood, just like what my netpal said XD. We should be more considerate...*injects sarcasm*

Call herself a Dong Bang fan? Ugh. I'm disgusted. Dong Bang fans never flame each other. She's better off getting a mirror for self-reflection. Some Dong Bang fan, huh? *snorts*

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Jeng, jeng! My huge package just arrived yesterday. *squee* Since the box was enormous...

...I couldn't find a perfect spot to hide it from my Mum's prying eyes. And so, she made me opened up the box cuz she was curious about the items inside since the total amount listed on the EMS slip was about ¥10000 or more.

Here's are the content of the box. Mind you, these are my friend's orders.

Meanwhile, I only bought these stuff.

The tour pamphlet was quite worth it as it was printed on high quality paper. What's more, the photoshoots were awesome. If only the pamphlet was thicker, then it would be even more worth the money spent. As for the T-shirt, the ladies cut was great but it's kinda disappointing that the fabric quality was compromised. After seeing pics of the Dong Bang members wearing similar shirts (the words on their shirts had shiny sequins sewn on), I was half hoping that mine wouldn't turn out like that. I'm glad it wasn't shiny...*phew* as I didn't wanna end up like a disco ball at the chest part. Okay, the sequins wasn't so bad either but I like it simple. Simple means more ^^.

Ah, yes. The necklace. The pendant was smaller than I expected but I guess it would look great when I put it on. It is indeed beautiful & it was a mistake for not buying it earlier this year. Now, I have to pay a whopping high price for it -_-".

See the bling-bling? XD

It comes with a gift paper bag.

Of course, the jewellery was meant for Valentine's Day. This is a chocolate magnet, btw.

Alas, the last item on my shopping list which flew directly from Japan.

Look at what the Dong Bangs had done to me. Somebody pls kill me now...XD

P.S. My mum was complaining why I'm obsessed with cross-shaped pendant, earrings, yadi be frank, she dislikes anything that has a religious symbol. That's why she's making a fuss over it. I take any cross accessories as a fashion statement & I don't feel offended or don't mean to offend anyone about crosses. I'm supposed to be Buddhist but in reality; my practice is more atheistic.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

It's 12.00am, Monday here. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DEAR YOOCHUN!! 생일 축하함니다 믹키유천! 誕生日おめでとう、ユチョン!


Ugh. The movie I was anticipating to watch in this post turned out to be quite a disappointment. The English dubbing was surprisingly good despite running out-of-sync when the characters moved their lips. It's understandable; since the movie is originally in Japanese.

The disappointing part of the movie is because lots of scenes were cut off. I mean, A LOT -_-". Why?? T.T Animax is such a meanie. The next irritating part is the commercials but that's still tolerable. Why cut short the movie? Guess what, the movie was so short that it was only 1 hour 40 mins.

*sighs* Oh well...nothing beats watching the movie on a TV screen rather than the my laptop screen. Don't y'all think so? But it could've been better...

Friday, June 01, 2007

You know...those discount or cash vouchers always never fail to attract us to buy stuffs that we WANT (not NEED, mind you XD). Most of the time, the vouchers have certain terms & conditions which make the so-called promotional benefits less favourable to customers. I don't mean all vouchers; but only some. Can't really blame the parties who issue the vouchers cuz all they wanna do is business. Who doesn't wanna cheat a little (in a legal way...) & earn extra profit?

Why am I telling y'all this? Cuz never in my life I've seen such a deceiving cash voucher. In fact, it's a really big cheat. This RM50 cash voucher was issued by this Chinese restaurant we went to previously. Not wanting to put it to waste, we decided to go there again for lunch. The incident happened last week but I forgot to share with you guys. We all know that cash vouchers work pretty much like cash & it's redeemable with any amount spent unless a minimum amount is stated clearly as part of the terms. The balance from the cash voucher will be forfeited if the amount spent is less than the cash voucher. Fair & square? Okay.

Our cash voucher turned out to be ambiguous. While large printed words of "RM50 Cash Voucher" were on the front, there's a clause which goes like this...

Redeemable up to 50% of the total bill

WTH?! Which means even if we only spent RM50 in total, the voucher will only cover RM25 & the remaining RM25 will have to be borne by us. Unfair~ Lets say, we spent RM100; at the end of the day we only pay RM50 cuz it's half the the total bill & the cash voucher is RM50. That's uh...fair. Take another example - we spend RM200 but we need to pay about RM150. Why? Cuz the cash voucher is only RM50. There's no way the voucher will deduct RM100. See the trick?

For God's sake... if the restaurant is dying to earn so much profit, just put the damned minimum amount spent as the part of the terms & conditions. Geez... *rolls eyes*

Scans are upped. See it for yourselves.