Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Alas, I've handed in my assignment. Oh, the joy!! :D Imagine sleeping at around 4am just to get it done. The assignment wasn't hard but there's risk of making a blunder in certain sections & getting a bad grade in the end. So I met up with the lecturer & let him check through my work. Thank God I did! After the last inspection today, he nodded his head in approval. *phew*

And guess what, my thumb drive got infected with a malware. must've came from INTIMA's PC. Gosh~ Should I even elaborate on how slow the PC was? -_-" It was really slow. I bet the PC is badly corrupted. Boo-hoo! Inti seriously need to do something about this. *shakes head*

And this Sunday is Japan GT Race. Can you believe that my college was invited to watch for free? Hmm maybe there aren't enough ppl so they decide to give free invitations to fill up the empty space. Well, whatever it is; we get to sit at the main grandstand area. Awesome~ *squee* All I need to do is pay RM10 for the bus fee & off I go. I have to start thinking of what to wear... XD