Monday, December 31, 2007

Malaysian crowds are really sad, as usual. Why don't they even cheer as a symbol of support to the person performing on stage?? They're just so...unsupportive -_-. That was what exactly happened at Leo Ku's concert. The concert was pretty okay. Wasn't as bad as I thought it would be cuz Leo Ku can really sing live. It's just that his songs are not to my liking but that's besides the point. Being a non-fan, I could at least present a more objective perspective in this concert report. Btw, the verdict had been revealed. It was decided that me & my sis attend the event.

Dad wanted to make sure that we wait at the police station opposite the stadium after the concert. I was silly enough to not recall that it was there all this while. Haha. To even dare say that I was at Stadium Merdeka last month XD. So, Dad drove me there so that I dun get lost later. There was nobody there at the stadium at 2pm; not surprising though. It was a far cry from Dong Bang's pre-concert happenings. Lets just say no other fandoms are as passionate as Dong Bang's. Hands down for that~

Since our tickets were free seatings, we knew that we had to be there quite early to reserve a good spot. Me & sis arrived at about 6pm (the concert is scheduled to start at 7.30pm). There was a long queue at the entrance to the arena as expected. Fifteen mins later, everyone entered the stadium & (surprisingly) didn't rush to grab good seats. Again, that's incomparable to Dong Bang's. Both of us walked briskly to find the perfect spot for the best viewing experience. Not that it made much difference cuz the arena is pretty far from the stage.

Before the concert...

I shall start by describing the stage set-up. It's a pretty decent one - not too extravagant to the point of being labelled "overly done". What more can the staffs do since this is an outdoor stadium. Apart from the good thing about open space, a lot of stage effects & pyrotechnics are compromised when holding a concert outdoors.

I waited for about an hour or so & still there were no signs of other ppl coming to sit at the more expensive areas. It felt so awkward to see that Leo Ku's fans ain't enthusiastic at all. Or perhaps I was too used to passionate Dong Bang fans who're always punctual for any Dong Bang events. And the latecomers did reflect how un-punctual Malaysians are -_-". At approx 7.40pm, ppl start pouring into the stadium & slowly filling up the empty seats on the field.

At 7.40pm.

By 7.50pm, all the seats were filled up. The concert officially started at 8.05pm with stage lights flashing at intervals.

During the concert...

Two drummers emerged from the stage; hitting the drums with style & force. Without further delay, Leo Ku appeared on stage while suspended mid-air; singing his first hit song of the night. (Don't question me the song title cuz I fail at Chinese...XD)

Seen here is Leo Ku MC-ing after the first song. To my surprise, his jokes turned out to be witty & hilarious. Thumbs up!

Basically, he continued crooning numerous slow ballads after all the MC-ing. There're not much pics to upload here since 80%-90% turned out really blur. The rest are fancams which would take hours for me to upload thanks to stupid Streamyx. The video sizes are just too big! Nevertheless, the few pics below imho are the few best scenes throughout the night. Love those captivating stage lights.

Underwater scene with jellyfishes floating about.

Prince Charming meets Lady Princess.

When guest artiste for the night appeared, we were screaming hysterically XD. Yes, it was indeed Justin. Seems like the girls who sat behind us came cuz of Justin. So do I. Gosh! I sounded so evil :P. Anyways, I dun have any pics of him as it was really difficult to get a clear shot of him. Don't forget that I was sitting really far away from the stage. Speaking of costumes, the pic below showed Leo Ku with a pair of humongous wings strapped to his back. The wing looked ugly; like a devil's wing -_-. What was the wings for anyway?

If I'm not mistaken, after taking off the wings; he sang one song before thanking the crowd & walking off the stage like it was the finale. It was only 9.40pm that time!! Everyone thought that the concert ended. Like WTH?! How can it just end like that?? Although our tickets were free, we didn't come to be serenaded for merely 1 hour or so. That was a total rip-off~ So we stood still & waited a little longer. The stage lights dimmed & the atmosphere was quiet for about 3 mins. We were convinced that the show ended for some reason. Suddenly...HE APPEARED! Leo Ku came up the stage again & started singing the next song. He jokingly said, "Why on earth are you guys thinking that the concert ended already? I believe concerts in Malaysia usually lasts till 12am or so..." Awww~ At least he knew that the crowd was utterly shocked with disbelief when he left the stage like that earlier on. The concert went on...

Later, Justin & the other 2 guest artistes who also co-performed that night were dancing away on the stage together with the dancers. They were even jiggling away to Christmas songs. Obviously the show was coming to an end very soon. Giant balls were tossed to the crowd as part of the Christmas celebration too.


After the concert...

Large crowd leaving the stadium.

-Random pics-

A proof of our existence at the concert~ Look at my dishevelled hair & blouse -_-"

The road to the stadium can be so Christmas-ey at night ^^

The hustle & bustle of night life in the heart of KL.

Overall, the concert wasn't so bad. It's just that when you're not a fan, you're naturally not as enthusiastic as you should be. Same goes for me. It's the type of concert in which I would go if the tickets were free. I won't go the extend of paying so much to watch it. Leo Ku is just not my cup of tea. I'm more of a Justin fan if I need to make a choice. Phew! Boy, the report was real long...o_O

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

HAPPY BOXING DAY! So, how was everyone's Christmas day? Bet it was fun, right? Well, I didn't get to watch much videos during daytime cuz I had to do some spring cleaning. Books were cleared up from one the cupboards in my cuzzie bro's room. Yup, I do have lots of things kept in his cupboard. Let's just say that we share cupboards. In fact, I own more stuffs compared to him. He, on the other hand doesn't really buy books to read. All he had were a few complete sets of comics in his bookshelves. That's all.

Anyways, I'm sure everyone of us is still in a Christmas mood. Here are some pics of beautiful Christmas decors taken at Mid Valley Megamall on Dec 20 add on to the Christmas feel XD. I reckon our decorations are not as great as countries such as Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, US or UK. Nevertheless, the shopping malls' management did put great effort to usher the Christmas season. At least there's something to look forward to each year ^^.

Here's Mario brothers' fav food for Christmas XD

It's a white, white Christmas!

Two "walking" Christmas trees enjoying the white Christmas atmosphere :P

Sisters wearing the Christmas colour theme.

It's the Christmas "trees" sisters again.

Oh, so lovely!

Peace~ ^^

Front view of Centre Court, Mid Valley Megamall

Aerial view of Centre Court, Mid Valley Megamall

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Presents for me, anyone?? XD Nah, just joking. If there is, gimme the Bonjour Paris photobook. Hehe. I know some of you guys have plans on Christmas day. Unfortunately, I don't have any. Even I had to work on Eve's day. Okay, that was a voluntary decision cuz I didn't wanna lose RM72. At least I'm one step closer to getting a new cellphone. Any good phones to recommend? My budget is RM400-RM750. I was thinking of getting the Nokia 6300. Oh boy, another item to add to my wishlist -_-.

How am I gonna spend my Christmas? Let's see...I'm most likely staying at home & celebrate with my lappie. I might glue my eyes in front of the TV the whole day to watch Dong Bang DVDs. Or continue my drama marathon session; I still have loads to watch - Air City, 世界の中心で、愛をさけぶ, Galileo. Not to mention another disc left to watch from All About 東方神起 Season 2. And I bet I won't be able to finish all of the videos before uni starts. Ack!

So, Christmas ain't Christmas if it's celebrated without the usual traditions. My tradition is to wear a Santa hat & snap a pic of myself. This kind of arrangement started when I first bought my Santa hat in 2002. I think I missed last year's cuz I didn't have a camera at that time. Oh wait, I did take it but only showing my head with the red hat. Anyways, since this year is the turning point of my life - officially an adult & eligible to vote - I intend to post up pics (in chronological order) of my own pics wearing a Santa hat. Just to show how much I have grown over the years. Bet that I didn't change much but who cares. Not now, of course as I have to dig up my older pics. They're not in my lappie. Meanwhile, enjoy this pic of me with the Santa hat for 2007!

Taken on 24/12/2007, 10.46pm.

Something extra...

It's December! The time for joy & the end of another chapter in life.

I'll be receiving this photobook calendar in a week or two but I still wanna share the pic. Paris is lovely, no doubt. The place is even more lovely when the boys are around XD. Okay, I shall stop my biased statements ^^. Have a good day & in a few days later, it's farewell to 2007. Cherish the moments while it lasts.

Month of December 2007 scanned image
(東方神起 2008 Photobook Calendar)

Upload credits: llin
Credits: tvxqschool, tvfxqforever

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Can you believe this?? I got myself 2 tickets to watch Leo Ku's concert. The cheapest ones, of course. But who cares? It's still free. And it'll be held at Stadium Merdeka this Sunday. Omg, I was there for Dong Bang's concert. I'm starting to tear up cuz I miss them so much T.T Okay, that was random.

You see, me & Mum was sorta debating on who should go. I intended to bring my sis while Mum wants one ticket for herself. Or it could go like this - Mum & sis go instead. But...but...*starts tearing again* I love concerts!! This is my first time watching Leo Ku in action~ (though I'm not a fan of his XD). I want to see the guest artiste with my own eyes. Tsk, tsk. Justin will be there. He's my fav, how can I miss him singing a song or two?!

The verdict:

We'll see. If I update my blog with a concert report, you'll know who went. Stay tune!

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KPop Kingdom 30th Gathering

Saturday, December 15, 2007

I don't usually attend gatherings organised by KPop Kingdom nor the official TVXQ FC. The last time I went was the first FC gathering held at McDonald's Sec 14. That one turned out to be a chaotic one as the venue wasn't spacious enough to accommodate so many members. Music was too loud & the FC admin was literally yelling at the top of her lungs just to get everyone's attention. It was quite disorganised but it was the first meetup so I can forgive that. I think I did blog about this months back. Go refer the March archives yourselves. :P

Out of the blue, I decided to attend KPop Kingdom's last gathering for the year. The main reason was to sell off the remaining Five in the Black concert merchandise that was left unsold for the past few months. The items were hogging space in my room & I got frequent naggings from Mum to clear them off. Now is the time to get rid of them once & for all. Also, the gathering was an excuse to stay out of the house & hang out with one of my online friend in the FC. Lol.

I felt so awkward when I arrive at Burger King, Avenue K cuz this was my first time at a Kingdom gathering. Everyone seemed to be unfamiliar with me & never dared spoke to me. I sat with my friend & looked around nervously. Finally, I got to speak with Yuri (Kingdom founder) as she was questioning whether I'm a forum member. So I told her that I was the one who asked her permission to sell stuff during the gathering. Then only I found out that the proceeds that I've earned through the sales, 10% will go to Kingdom. I thought the commission would turn out to be a lot (thanks to my poor math -_-) but it was less than expected. More on that later ^^.

We played games...and more games. All Yuri did was to supply prizes for game winners as she was trying to clear out her old idol collections as well. Me & 2 other girls won the first game so we received spankin' cool cardboard folder which was made for the 2nd Asia Tour Concert in KL. Those folders were only meant to be distributed to FC members but there were a few copies with off-colour printing. Yuri wanted to give away the defects as prizes instead of distributing to the members. Nevertheless, the off-colour gave a brown & yellowish hue reminiscent of a sepia photo. Still cool~

Soon it was time for Marche session (Marche is a Kingdom term for merchandise). Since I was the only one there who brought Japanese items to sell, everyone was curious to see how the posters & the t-shirt looked like. The minute I removed the plastic wrapper & showed the poster to the crowd, everyone gasped & squealed so loudly. They were rushing to reserve a copy as I only have 3 copies left. One of the Kingdom staff bought the t-shirt cuz only she could fit into the M size. Within mins, all the items were sold out! Wow~ I didn't expect to receive such an overwhelming response from the members. o_O

The atmosphere became less awkward & tensed as ppl started to approach me & enquire about the Japan concert merchandise. Obviously they were curious about how I got the stuff. A few of them showed interest in buying Japan concert merchandise from me in the future though I couldn't promise that I could get them what they want. As you know, I might not have much time to do surveys again in my final year. We still exchanged numbers anyway, just in case. We at least made friends so that's better than nothing. In the end, I only paid commission RM19 out of the RM190 I received from selling the items. It was definitely lesser than expected. I thought I was gonna lose a lot by selling through Kingdom. Phew!

Camwhore session began soon after when everyone wasn't doing anything. Of course, I didn't wanna miss the chance to snap pics with my new camera. The pics turned out really good just like what I've expected. Some were a little blur but that's due to excessive shaky hands. Even the optical stabiliser won't be able to help. Btw, there was a guy who's a FC member too. I knew that there're guy members but this is the first time I saw a member who looks pretty cute XD. Apparently, he was one of those extra soldiers needed for Dong Bang's concert last month. Isn't it great? I actually met someone who was inches close Dong Bang, perhaps twice during rehearsals. Anyways, I shall stop blabbering & get on over to the pics.

The Malay gang who sat together with me during the gathering

Me & Aki aka okhor

L-R: meimei, me & Grace

L-R: meimei, me & Zhi Ying (I think, sorry about forgetting her name -_-)

L-R: The Malay Gang, the dude, me & Aki (doing a little Yoomin or Yoosu pose, if she's into Changmin or Junsu XD)

See that guy in the pic above? He looks pretty cute, don't you think? I didn't know that he's a Bruneian Chinese. I assumed he's living in Malaysia now as I overheard him saying that he hasn't received his IC yet. I wasn't courageous enough to ask for his name cuz I dun wanna make myself sound like a bimbo or something. But I was dying to know his name T.T So now I know that there're good looking guys in Brunei XD. Wu Zun from Fahrenheit is one of them. Speaking of Wu Zun, he can't sing nor act to save his life. Modelling would suit him most. No offence to Fahrenheit fans *runs away to hide*. Overall, the gathering cum year-end party turned out to be pretty fun too despite the small group. It felt more personal & close-knitted, imho. Definitely looking forward to attending future gatherings if time permits. Purpose: To spazz with other equally enthusiastic fans. It's a fangirling thing, you won't understand.

Monday, December 10, 2007

As promised earlier, I'll give you an insight on my new camera. I bought it at RM1093 which I thought was a pretty good deal. There weren't many colours to choose from - black & silver. Somehow that shop managed to import a white one from Japan, a special colour rarely available in the local market. The white model was even more beautiful thanks to its glossy finish. Knowing how easy white colour attracts stains, Mum said to choose the conventional colour - metallic silver. The items listed below are the ones we received at the time of purchase.

  1. Camera in a standard package (camera, battery, charger, cables, hand strap)
  2. 2GB Panasonic SDHC memory card
  3. Original Panasonic camera pouch
  4. Original Panasonic/Beijing Olympic Games 2008 hand towel
Initially, the original set priced at RM1299 was supposed to be like this...

  1. Camera in a standard package (same as above)
  2. 2GB Toshiba HCSD memory card
  3. Original Panasonic camera pouch
  4. Mini tripod
  5. Original Panasonic/Beijing Olympic Games 2008 hand towel
The salesguy decided to change the Toshiba memory card to a Panasonic when we were interested but not convinced to make purchase at RM1100. Then, we requested that the mini tripod should be replaced with another item. Perhaps a screen protector but unfortunately the tripod costs so much lesser than the screen protector. I'd probably have to add on a few more dollars just for that plastic sheet. Nevertheless, we still insist that tripod should be taken out cuz we already have a bigger one at home neways. In the end, the salesguy agreed to deduct the price of the camera (sans the tripod). So that was how the RM1093 came about. I should've asked for free digital prints but I totally forgotten about it -_-. And then I thought, it's not like I always print out my photos neway so the free prints are useless.

Different views of the Panasonic FX33 when switched on

Here are some test photos for you guys to see. The results are pretty good but to be honest, the noise level can be quite high for this camera during low lights. Nevertheless, this one is so much better than my stolen Olympus. Btw, Panasonic uses Leica lens so no doubt it's good. Take note that all pics below were resized to save bandwidth. No other editings were done.

Night scene taken from the 6th floor, Assunta Hospital

Taken at the PJ Police HQ. This is a poorly taken pic but somehow I like how the effect turns out ^^

The best shot taken so far. This is the MCIS building nearby PJ Hilton Hotel.

Me doodling in front of the camera while my sis tries to capture a good shot. Lighting is good but the only prob is the way I pose XD

That's all for now. I'm going to bed.

P.S. I'm loving this camera soooooooo much~

PC Fair (III) 2007

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Today was the last day of PC Fair at the KL Convention Centre & I told myself that I had to go no matter what or else regret later for not missing the opportunity visit the Panasonic booth. For the first time, Panasonic decided to set up a booth to exhibit its products at PC Fair. Since I was dying to see the brand new Panasonic Lumix FX33, this was a chance not to be missed. Mum & sis came along as they both had something to grab anyway.

As usual, the crowd size was crazy as everyone squeezed through the hallway to get to the next booth. I was looking forward to enter the ballroom cuz Panasonic's booth is there & also this hall is where all the big shot companies such as Sony, Samsung, Lenovo etc were having exhibition. Without further delay, I approached the Panasonic booth & grab one copy of the VIERA TV catalogue while enjoying the captivating sights of the huge plasma TVs nearby. I found the Lumix cameras on display nearby & didn't hesitate to test the FX33. Omg, the camera is such a beauty *dreamy eyes*. The smooth & sexy curves, the thinnest of the camera width, the sleekness of the metallic finish on the camera body...the FX33 just oozes charm & glamour. At that moment, I half imagined that a stack of cash would fall down from the ceiling so I could purchase this sexy gadget right away. *sighs* It's not like I really have the money anyway. I walked off instead.

On the other hand, my sis visited the Sony booth just for the sake of snapping of the Vaio laptops decorated on the wall. It was indeed a creative idea as it succeeded in grabbing everyone's attention to stop by for a few mins at the booth. Way to go, Sony! Too bad I've already got a lappie for myself so I'm no longer interested to scout for a new one. Here are the pics that my sis managed to take. Lighting is bad cuz it's too blue. The hall was set up in soft lights hence making it difficult for my sis to get a good shot. What's more, she's only using my crappy Motorola Razr V3 camera in which I forgot to switch back the light settings from indoors to normal. Oh well, the switch wouldn't help much anyways. Have a look at these poorly taken pics.

Okay, the pics weren't that bad either. Still, it's too blue~ -_- Anyways, to keep it short - I ended up buying things that I didn't plan to get in the first place. For instance, the Logitech mouse which costs me RM30 just cuz it's a...Logitech. My old Logitech optical mouse is starting to show some malfunctions but nevertheless, it still works fine. That's why I had no intention to get a new mouse anytime soon. For once, I feel so rational when it comes to purchasing non-Dong Bang stuffs XD. But Mum pestered me to buy one for standby. There goes my RM30 T.T

And another RM12 for blank DVD-Rs which costs RM24 (the other half paid by my sis). The DVD-Rs were a planned purchase so I shouldn't be categorising it as a waste of money. We needed those discs to store our ever-growing collections of mangas, dramas yadi yada which are clogging up my HDD. After meeting up my friend working at the DiGi booth - got tricked to sign up for 2 postpaid numbers - we left for lunch, savouring the freshness of sushis bought from Isetan supermarket. Of course, we didn't leave the exhibition without bringing home something great. I mean it. It was totally unexpected & so do you guys. Can you believe that we bought this in the end?? *look below*

Details of the camera will be featured in the next post. So stay tune! ^^ *grins*

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

After both of my dogs passed away, my family had no intention to take in a new one so soon cuz the virus might infect it with the same disease. And so our house was left unguard for about a month. We took extra caution to reduce the risk of burglary - making sure the doors & gates are locked at all times, shutting my room's glass window each time I leave the house, stay extra alert when there's an unusual sound yadi yada. So far so good as there was no sign of intruders, except for cats belonging to the neighbourhoods taking advantage of the dogs' absence & trespassing our compound.

When the news about Mum's friend giving away her pup broked, I was more than delighted that Mum intended to take him in. I was told that it's a half-breed male Rottweiler, barely 2-3 months old. The idea of having a pup at home running around felt so wonderful, I thought. I pestered Mum to bring him back & promised that me & my sis would take good care of him & training him well at the same time. When I caught a glimpse of him that morning after the concert last month, my mood instantly lightened up from my post-concert depression. He's such a cute lil' pup with droopy ears & always cheerful. Aww!

We named him Bobby, btw. Lame, I know. Not that I can help it cuz it was Mum's idea. Bobby, it is. Good to know that he's a lively pup but he tends to be hyperactive. Too lively for my liking -_-. To the extend of pouncing on someone & grabbing his/her legs; humping away. Yes, you read it right. Humping the legs....can you imagine that?? He's only 3 months old!!! Not even an adult yet. And oddly enough, he usually does that to women in the house. He stuffs his head into the butt & starts sniffing it. Ewww!!! Gross~ Anyways, I guess I'll have to tolerate Bobby for another few months or so & enjoy his growing process while it lasts. I believe he would grow up to be a really humongous dog. And a good guard too ^^. Here're some pics of my lil' pup.

Isn't he cute? ^^