The Secretary

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's interesting & even more frustrating to know that the secretary cum personal assistant of the GM is bossier than you can ever imagine. And what's worse than being the receiving end of her confrontation over a small matter just because I mentioned that the attendance list for a press conference was approved by the GM. She conveniently marched over to my desk & gave a nasty lecture (equivalent to scolding) for lying about what I said earlier, then warned me against using the GM's name to show authority.

Which part of the story that proved my lies? All I genuinely did was sending out email invitations to the respective HODs,  hoping for their presence to support the event. The secretary doesn't seem to understand the basic idea of invitation - that it doesn't expect a compulsory attendance from the intended party being invited. It's certainly not wrong to send invitations to anyone without prior knowledge that each individual has other appointments.

I was fuming mad that this lady is here to stay; being a bitch & making a huge deal on almost anything under the sun. The ugly truth is the GM is siding & will always side her, unreasonably. The world is so unfair. *sighs*


Monday, October 29, 2012

The moment WL saw the movie trailer of Ted, he had immediately tagged it as the must-watch movie in 2012. I was eager to watch too because it does look like a hilarious show.

The movie premiered much later in Malaysia & it must be going through serious censorship for its explicit scenes & profanities. We bought a copy of the DVD at a dirt cheap price while vacationing in Bali during mid July but the quality turned out to be appalling. Shouldn't have expected any better than that because the movie only premiered not long in the US.

When Ted finally came to our cinemas, we bought the tickets without hesitation. The movie was hilarious as expected but it kinda left much to be desired. Part of the reason could be due to our strict censorship rules leading to an entire scene laden with sexual jokes to be snipped off. Sometimes I wonder if such move is even necessary. I mean, why bother rating 18SX when the explicit scenes will be censored anyway?

For a start, strict rules should be enforced to prevent underage viewers to purchase the 18SX rated movies, what more allowing them entry to the cinema halls. Whatever the Censorship Board is practising is definitely not doing us a favour, instead ruining an entertainment & still not solving the root cause of social problems nowadays. Back to the movie, the movie was entertaining & do not raise hopes on the plot being fantastic. It stayed simple without trying too hard. Also, the teddy bear is indeed adorable & huggable but honestly, I wouldn't wish for a talking bear for Christmas because it sure is freaky.

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Missing flight (almost)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

I've been travelling frequently for the past 2 weeks for business purpose & for the first time in my travelling experience, I'd nearly missed 2 of my return flights home. The first time happened when I was in JB last Friday for a day trip. I didn't managed to check in my return flight so I thought I could go to the airport earlier to get it done. Little did I expect that I had to go for market visit, then having to rush to the airport during the evening rush hour. I arrived just in the nick of time for check-in & rushed off to the departure hall. 

About 10 mins before boarding time, I only realised that the boarding pass didn't belong to my name. Feeling panicked, I walked to the boarding gate counter & told them about my issue. Thankfully, they willingly re-printed my boarding pass. You must be thinking what a klutz I was for not verifying my boarding pass. Let me ask you - if you're already running late for check-in & almost had a heart attack due to risk of missing a flight, would you have realised that the boarding pass wasn't yours? Perhaps it was my mistake for not checking & it was a lesson well learnt.

On my 2nd trip to KT yesterday, I nearly missed the return flight again because the colleague who was supposed to drive us to the airport arrived late. So much for being more prepare this time by checking in online & ended up having someone else to almost spoil my travel plans. To sum it up, I've definitely learnt to arrange travel plans earlier & give myself extra time to travel to the airport just in case unforeseen circumstances arise. And most importantly, checking in online to save the trouble of not holding a boarding pass if I happened to miss the check-in time.

Hooting of a car horn

Sunday, October 07, 2012

I was out attending a shoot yesterday at a paintball field nearby my house when something really peculiar happened to my car. As I was turning my keys to ignite the engine, the horn gave out a short, loud hoot. I was puzzled because I didn't press the car horn at all. Turning around to check if any curious onlookers were giving me the annoyed look for disturbing peace in the morning, I quickly turned my steering wheel to drive away quickly before things got worse.

Shockingly, each turn of the steering gave a long, honking sound of the car. Puzzlement became more like embarrassment as other drivers are walking close to check out who the lunatic is pressing the horn while driving. A Malay guy came by to ask out of concern & the only thing I could mutter is, "Saya tak tahu lah...". He finally deduced that the wires in the car horn might have short-circuited & the steering cover needs to be removed in order to temporarily pull out the wire.

It wasn't an easy task opening the steering cover, especially there was not tool at hand. Along came an elderly Chinese man who was as curious as the Malay; asking what was going on. He suggested to open up the car bonnet & remove the car horn plug so that it won't sound anymore. Both the Malay guy & Chinese elderly man helped opened up the bonnet & pulled off the plug. Yay, the sound went off! The latter advised me to send to the mechanic for a check on the steering wheel or the plug. Meanwhile, I'd have to put up with driving without a car horn which means driving more cautiously than before.

I thanked them & was glad that these strangers are genuinely offering their help. I couldn't imagine what it would be like to receive help from fakes who would take the advantage to rob me on the spot. On a sad note, I only realised that I lost my favourite cap during this panicky situation. Sighs...

Up & about

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

It's my 2nd day of work at my new place. Although there are ongoing projects, I wasn't able to start working on the task assigned due to the absence of laptop. Nevertheless, my schedule has been pretty tight these 2 days as I was having back-to-back meetings for almost the whole day. I'll be attending two shoots tomorrow, thankfully at the same venue so there's no need to drive elsewhere.

No doubt exhausting but I'm not too stressed out yet. It's a huge change from the last company I joined whereby I was expected to handle several projects alone within the 1st week. My superiors are pretty friendly & seems to me are willing to guide me in every way possible. It's not like I have a choice who I wish to work with. At the moment I'm not complaining.  =) I'm not expecting it to be an easy journey taking a higher position but here's hoping for a smoother journey ahead.