Monday, June 26, 2006

Woo~ High School Musical ROCKS! Yes, yes...I know the songs are pretty cheesy. The movie itself is meant for teenagers. Not for soon-to-be adults like me. But I never treat myself like an adult though cuz I'm still young at heart XD. The reason why I watched it with my sis cuz there are loads of eye candies. How can I resist watching Zac Efron? I still remember the first time I saw him in the Summerland series. His eyes are absolutely captivating *faints*. As usual, the story for High School Musical is pretty cliched but I kinda like the whole musical production. Boy, he can sing well! Apparently, the sequel will be released next year. Hmm, something to look forward to next year ^^.

I already typed the introduction for Economics assignment. Took the whole day to analyse all the information I had. I was being lazy ass, actually. In the end, I spent too much time on simple tasks. Naughty me... :P Besides, I've got loads of questions for my beloved lecturer. It's ok I delay my work again XD. *kicks Economics assignment aside*

As I promised, I'm gonna show y'all my collection. This time, it'll be the collar badges. I wouldn't say I have a large collection of badges cuz I don't go exchanging with other collectors. And 95% of these badges is paid by cash. Pretty expensive for each badge. Umm, the pic quality is bad cuz I had no choice but to use my camera phone. Bear with the blurness, ok. *sighs* If only my digicam is still here with, here it is. Stay tuned for the next post. More collections to come~

See? Told ya I have a nice box for the badges. Tee hee...

Lo & behold! My "ultimate" collection

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Gah!! Assignments, spywares, adwares etc...*bangs head on the wall* T.T I thought my pc is finally free from that damn Brontok.C malware. I was pc got infected with another difficult-to-remove spyware called Adware.Look2Me. It's really annoying. Why? Because ad popups kept on appearing while I'm typing this. Massive headache right now...-_-

Economics assignment is driving me nuts as well. Searching for information was a piece of cake since I found loads of info on the palm oil industry in Malaysia. Thanks to some useful government websites ^^. But when it came to calculating elasticities, I had to seek for real figures to derive the answer. That's where the problem lies. Based on my calculations, price elasticity of supply in 2005 turned out to be a negative number. It's sooo wrong! It's not conforming to the law of supply~ @#%&!! And the price elasticity of demand for 2004 became a positive...-_-" So, now you know why I'm having a bad, bad headache.

Okay, enough about Economics & assignments. I just remembered that TVfXQ will be coming to Malaysia for a concert after watching their PV on Wah Lai Toi. Wished I could go but I'll be so broke by then. I still haven't get the mp3 player yet. Not to forget the Guam photobook I ordered. Anyways, I honestly don't idolise TVfXQ. I have this bad perception about Korean singers singing in Japanese cuz they always fail to impress me. They're spoiling the beauty of Japanese language. Umm...having the thought of watching TVfXQ's concert is out-of-this-world, really. You all should know I'm indeed desperate to watch w-inds. concert instead. But errr...I was thinking of watching these Korean dudes just to please myself. Besides, how often do they come all the way here? Ahhh well, it's not like I'm going. Forget about what I said.

I'm not sure whether I've mentioned it before but erm, I'm sorta an avid collector. I collect all sorts of items (collar badges, ticket stubs, w-inds. cds, etc.). And also things that I will never throw away cuz they give me sweet memories. Yup, I'm still keeping the purikuras I took with my ex & all the gifts that he gave me. Dunno why I just couldn't bring myself to trash them all away. Btw, that's history...shouldn't dwell so much on it. Was thinking of sharing my collection with y'all (except the purikuras...those are classifieds XD). In the next post I'll probably scan some of my ticket stubs *laughs*. Get some snapshots of my w-inds. collection & yeah, the collar badges *grins*. I have a nice box to keep the badges, y'know. Lol...

Monday, June 19, 2006

It took me quite a while to realise that Bolero is commonly used by skaters in figure skating competitions. What's Bolero, you asked? Ah, it's a classical piece composed by Ravel. Remember the trip I was talking about? It was uber fun! It's a pity that those who took the bus didn't have much time to shop around. As for me, I had the privilege to hang around KLCC an hr before the bus arrived. All thanks to the wonders of LRT! XD I did enjoy the performance so at least, the RM20 was worthwhile. Since it was my first time watching a live orchestral performance, I found it truly amazing. No wonder my piano teacher kept on asking me to go. Some pieces were so not my type. Had to struggle to stay awake...*sighs* And to call myself an ex-classical piano student is indeed embarrassing. I guess I don't appreciate much classical music like I used to. Overall...the best pieces would be Selections from Carmen by Bizet. Love the Toledo song to bits~ Because I played it on the piano before... ^^

Honestly, I have not walked in the park before after so many trips to KLCC. Seriously never! It was my first time strolling at the park after the show. The not-so-fun part was getting my feet & high heels soaked because of the wet floors & grasses. Got some odd stares from other ppl because me & my other two companions were clad in formal suit. What the heck! Haha...not too bad after all because I felt we were showered with a momentary limelight. Perhaps a 60 seconds fame? *grins*

I was shocked when one of my cousin sisters was badly injured earlier this evening. Apparently the basin fell onto her body, crushed her chest bones & arms. To make it worse, she's only a toddler. Very horrifying! I really don't know what to say. She should be out of the surgery room by now. Though I'm not that close to her, I'm so hoping nothing bad will happen to her. Was planning to watch House today but changed my mind. That show will probably remind me of my little cousin. Might end up bursting into tears. Yup, I'm a pretty emotional person. I ended up crying last week...because of some incident. Plus the stress of meeting assignments deadlines. Damn all assignments!

Btw, here are some of the photos taken during the MPO trip. The indoor shots were initially dark & I edited it using Photoshop. It looked fine on my monitor now. Maybe on newer monitors, the edited ones are too bright. My junk monitor isn't caliberated & like I said, old monitors have poorer contrast colours. I may have put too much brightness on the pics because I could hardly see anything in my monitor. More editings, needed. *sighs* I could've taken more lovely pics with my own digicam if only it wasn't stolen back then T.T *travels back to memory lane*

Lunch time!

Random shot...peace out! :P

Cheese! :D

Adorkable! XD

More dorkiness...gosh, look at my big fat bun face. -_-"

A blurry pic of the three stooges. Masterpiece photo shot by "Shaky", the cameraman. *rofl*

P.S: Click thumbnail for larger view

Saturday, June 17, 2006

@#&%!! A malware has found an open door to my computer. Dang! I was trying all sorts of methods to remove it. The outcome? I failed...T.T *curses the sticky, parasite malware* Having Ad-aware & SpyHunter installed proved to be useless. Because of this, I was having another sleep hangover. *yawns* No wonder this stupid message keeps appearing in my C drive:-


Sedikit Jawaban u/ Membungkam Mulut Sesumbar 'MEREKA'.
Nobron = Satria Dungu = Nothing !!!

[ By JowoBot ]

It's so obvious this crap is written by an Indonesian. I'm not trying to be racist but if only you could see how that malware messed up my command prompt window & starts displaying political protests. *sobs* Why must my poor comp be the victim?! I'm keeping my fingers crossed...hoping that this nasty little crap doesn't steal my personal information cuz I do order stuffs online. Hmm, makes me wonder whether Transport Tycoon can still run properly. Lemme check it now....-intermission- Hallelujah! It's working perfectly fine~ *eyes filled with tears of joy*

Today is my college's 20th anniversary celebration. Nope, I was too lazy to get my ass to college. Some of my friends were there to join the fun. Just curious whether the attempt to break the world record of fitting more than 17 people in a Mini Cooper was a success. Since some of my lucky friends were chosen to break the record o_O. I'll have to find out tomorrow. Btw, tomorrow is the trip to MPO!! *flails* Can't wait, can't wait... XD

Alrite, this time I'm gonna give you all a chance to guess. Try to identify which one of these ladies is my mum. Hehe. This is gonna be fun *laughs cynically*. Here are the pics of me taken with my family members. Pick your choice & let me know in the cbox. ^^

Picture A
L-R: my sis, me & exhibit A

Picture B
L-R: exhibit B & me

Picture C
L-R: exhibit C & me

P.S: Click thumbnails for larger view just in case you can't see properly XD

Friday, June 16, 2006

KYAAAA!!! Gruesome week is finally over~ :D Some free time for blogging ^^. Three assignments were handed in today. I'm gonna take a rest. Hehe. I slept at 04:13 for the first time in my life just to complete IT assignment. Basically, I only had 2 hrs of sleep & off I go prepare for classes at 8am. I'm still suffering from a hangover till now though I've already took several hrs of nap. Screw IT assignment for making me suffer!! Btw, the 1st set of assignments were enough to kill me. The 2nd set is coming up...-_-". Thank god Economics has only ONE! Lots of love to you, Ms. Choong. XD

Oh boy, I can't wait for this Sunday. Guess what, I'm going to MPO to watch a matinee show. ^^ It's a trip organised by Music Club & the gang is going. Bet it's gonna be awesome. Dress code will be formal...ok, I would prefer to say smart casual. No jeans, sneakers, T-shirts, know it. Thinking of what to wear on Sunday will be a problem for me. *sighs*

My ex-collegemate just came back from Okinawa 2 weeks ago. There she was blabbering about how hot Japanese guys are. See? I knew it all along. Japanese guys are always hot XD. And yeah...just downloaded new episode of Windy Street yesterday. I watched it earlier & it was pretty interesting. And w-inds. mentioned about the photobook! *drools* It's gonna be out in a month *squeals*. The more I look at the Walkman players, the more I get obsessed. This player is extremely tempting...look at the curves. Why do all these players have to be soo expensive? T.T Gah~ I'll just get the Sony NW-E003F. No doubts about that. Here's the comic strip & the Japanese print ad promoting the new Walkman. Enjoy!

*starry-eyed* These are lovely, aren't they?

More Walkman love~ XD

[Images courtesy of SonyStyle Malaysia & Walkman JP site]

Monday, June 12, 2006

You wouldn't have imagine how excited I was after completing the Marketing assignment last night. I was pacing back & forth, practically doing nothing. And I continued with my w-inds. fangirling & even found some time to update my webpage. I was just too lazy to start my next assignment which is due on Fri. I found out that Japanese keitais uses QR codes instead of INTACTA codes to store music & video content online. No wonder INTACTA codes are so different from the codes I found in my stack of Japanese music magazines. I'm such a dumb, dumb!

My friend & her partner was supposed to do their presentation today and they seemed to be facing a series of unfortunate events. Her partner's thumb drive with all the necessary files in it wasn't working properly because it fell on the floor. She had to rushed home to get them because she transferred the wrong files to her mp3 player. How unlucky ne~ I was surprised that all of us weren't allowed to watch the presentation. So, me & the others who weren't presenting today just had to mark attendance & leave. Sighs...I wanted to show some moral support to my friends. Too bad!

Lets hope my presentation will turn out well on Wed. Keep your fingers crossed, people! Pray for me too... ^^. Alrite, time for IT assignment now. Till then, jya ne~

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Apparently, my uncle's immediate boss just crashed his Benz a couple of days ago. The wreck was horrible, from what I know. And my family was somewhat having a forum about why he shouldn't have drove incredibly fast. This accident brought me back to memory lane. Two years ago, I almost died in a car accident. I guessed luck was upon me. Or perhaps God was protecting me, cousin bro & his friend at that very moment. My cousin bro was the one driving & we were at this junction. He made a slight mistake with the clutch balancing & somehow, our car came out from the junction too late...the bus speeding behind us almost hit our car. Yup, that was what happened back then. Boy, it was scary.

My presentation is scheduled to be on next Wednesday. My partner & I will be the 2nd last group presenting on that day. Both of us was hoping to get the earlier slots cuz we were so eager to get over with it. Oh well, at least there's still more time to prepare. About the assignment, it was supposed to be 100% complete. I just realised that I had no idea about the cover format. And the content page is still not done yet. I think I should get it done by tomorrow. My Marketing is 50% complete, I think. Anyways, the assignment is not that lengthy compared to IT. Aiming to get it done by tonight & get on with IT.

I was pretty glad that I chose the 3rd topic to work on for IT. Gave me lots of freedom & the best part was doing a research on a selected country. You all should know very well that I chose Japan. I just dunno why...but I just love everything about Japan. You can say I'm dying to go there one day. C'mon, who wouldn't want to??? Oh yeah, PopJam was on today. I didn't like the way they present the show. Preferred the old PopJam. It was like the show was getting a little too draggy. And why some artistes perform in empty studios with no crowds?? Haha, of course I saw w-inds. for the...erm, I lost count how many times already. Cuz I had the downloaded version with me XD. Rain's performance was quite enjoyable except that I loathed the way he was making girls squealling at him -_-". Ok, that's all about me for today. Need to get some work done. Assignments are a pain in the #@&%!!!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Curse Blogger for failing on me yesterday. Was trying so hard to upload changes to the blog but the stupid page just couldn't load. I guess my Internet connection was slowing down as well. Glad that it's back to normal now. Though the connection is still kinda slow. And guess what? I'd finally made up my mind. I ordered the Guam photobook!! *squeals* My aunt was soo sweet for allowing me to use her credit card. ^^ So, now I have to sit & wait patiently until August. Meanwhile, I have to be a good girl & start working on my assignments. Also perhaps to find some time to revise the lecture notes for IT & Marketing.

What's up with the guys in my gang, neway? All of them went for a hair cut simultaneously. It's only the girls left. And I seriously need some trimmings, or that's what my Mum thinks so. I have to admit that the guys looked pretty good in short hair. Lol...seriously. Anyways, drop the hair issue aside. English report is 99.9% complete. Only the cover page, content page & loads of journals, reading materials to be printed out. I still have 2 more assignments to go. I started some drafts for Marketing but had no idea how to present it cuz our "beloved" lecturer didn't provide further details. And IT's project requires more attention. Deadline is next Friday, imagine that!

I'm currently downloading the latest episode of PopJam. Was thinking of downloading the mpg version of it from jpopsuki but torrent wouldn't start till the next 9 hrs. That would be 12am tomorrow. Just because I don't contribute anything in the forums. I guess that's the price I have to pay. Ahh, I'll just indulge myself through youtube. Besides, I get to watch it this Saturday. Now off I go...damn all assignments!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

*smiles gleefully* WHEEEEE!! I've finished the report~ Actually, I finished it earlier this evening. Now there's the reference list to do. I sooo love the FireFox Wheee! ad. So full of crackiness...*breaks into a fit of giggles*. So those of you who haven't watch it, here's the link and be prepared to laugh your head off.

My dog was so violent this morning. He almost shred that poor lizard into pieces & I thought he was planning to swallow it. Miraculously, the lizard survived & escaped! God bless the lizard! Kinda scary to see the broken tail still wriggling on the floor. My dog was pretty discontented though. Evil dog~ -_-" Remember the stupid cat that refused to climb down the tree in my house? Read this (March 14, 2006) if ya don't. I kept on forgeting to post the cat's pic so here it is. The naughty cat! *rofl*

Get down, you stupid cat! This ain't your tree!!

Just when I decided to order the photobook, I stumbled upon the ultimate sexy picture. Gosh, I really can't resist this...the R&R Newsmaker photoshoots are too awesome. *drools* I thought cherry Keita in Junon June issue was enough to trigger a heart attack. I don't think I can handle another dose...XD I seriously should re-consider *scratches head*. The Guam photobook will probably kill me the minute I flip open the first few pages. Dang...w-inds., why do you all have to be soooo...*speechless*

More Keita hot-ness! XD

[Credits to & LaCouleur Club]

Friday, June 02, 2006

Who in their right mind would go clubbing when assignments are almost as high as a mountain?? Apparently, the French dude invited our gang to one of the clubs tonight. Everyone declined his offer. Just like I said I need to repeat myself? *drops dead at the pile of mountain-high assignments*

My Thai friend was telling me about the pics of "ah kuas" he received through an e-mail. And how one of the "ladyboys" (ok, he even defined them!) resembled me...*shocked* Curious, I was. Got to see those lovely pics *rofl* today & oh boy, *gasps* those "ladies" are extremely gorgeous. As in drop-dead gorgeous~ *envious* I seriously disagreed with him that one of them bore a resemblance of me. She is sooo much more beautiful compared to me. It's eerie when you know she's actually a male -_-". Since he already mentioned that gorgeous lady looks like me, I'll take that as a compliment XD.

I showed the English report to my partner & she was pretty satisfied. Just some minor adjustments to be made. I guess I'll be able to finish everything by this weekend while she work on the presentation slides. More time for the next assignment. ^^ Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the photobook *knocks head on the desk*. Still contemplating to buy it or not. Ok, there's the YesAsia credit I can use & I get to enjoy free shipping. So...what am I waiting for? *sighs* I'm so confused right now...

Ahhhh, there's PopJam next week!! Hey y'all w-inds. fans, remember to watch it. It'll be on NHK World Premium channel next Sat at JST 16:10-17:38. *squeals* Yay, finally get to at least watch w-inds. live on TV & not downloading them. I'll still download this PopJam episode neway...*grins*