Back to loving the old flame

Friday, December 09, 2005


It seems that the lazy bug had strucked me ever since the holidays started. It's pretty obvious, by looking at how often i post new updates for my blog. Anyway, I got hooked again to w-inds. At one point, I almost lost interest to their songs because I thought their ageha album wasn't as good as I expected. Until recently, I downloaded their 2 latest single and I was pretty impressed. I realised the ageha album wasn't that bad after all. I guess I would most likely change my mind and would stock up on that butterfly cover album when opportunity arrives. Hopefully that album is still in stock. I found this video from youtube and it was so hilarious. Keita, Ryuichi and Ryohei were supposed to give their best wink to attract female audiences. Keita had the most flirtatious wink, serious. He ended with a cheeky smile and I fell head over heels in love with him. Ryohei's wink was less effective...he looked like a young boy trying hard to attract someone. It was rather adorable, nevertheless. Ryuichi was indeed funny. Why? Oh, he preferred to blow kisses instead to woo the female crowd. So, the winner is...? Definitely Keita! Or am I being biased since I'm a Keita fan? Watch the video and you be the judge. =P

Freedom at last~

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Hip, hip hooray~!

Current mood: Relaxed & a little sleepy..but excited at the same time.
Currently listening to: Jessy McCartney - Take Your Sweet Time

I'm finally free from gruelling one & the half years of my A-Level course!! Muahahaha...So many things happened lately but I just couldn't find time to blog about it. Here I am, typing on the keyboard as I try to recall what happened for the past few weeks. I was pretty glad that my last paper finally ended yesterday morning. I was getting a little impatient because having to wait for a week or so just to sit for the last paper which was only one hour. Now that all is ended, I didn't feel so excited as expected. It felt so different compared to the last day of SPM back then.

Anyway, my grandma decided to sell her old terrace house so grandpa assigned me to take up callers enquiring about the house. You wouldn't imagine how many weird people I spoke to. This lady caller was interested to buy the house so I told her that the price would be RM200,000. Guess what she said...she actually asked me whether it was necessary to renovate the house. Hello?? She hasn't even buy the house yet...duh! What a stupid question to ask! There is also another rude guy who was so arrogant that it made felt like slamming down the phone. He bluntly said, "This old house has not been renovated before & you're selling at 200k. That's too pricey." Idiot guy...and I couldn't imagine there were callers who asked if the RM1000 rent was negotiable. Ohmigod. -_-" Finally, my grandpa decided to sell the house to an Indian man. Well, he was another bugger...kept on calling to ask if the lawyer has been contacted to prepare the contract. Thank god today is THE day to sign the contract. Phew!

Just when my aunt decided to sell her Gen-2 car for a smart car, she got knocked by another driver. The bumper was badly dented and that fella agreed to pay for the damage & supply the parts. I couldn't stop laughing when my aunt went to his house to collect the bumper. It looked so some stupid plastic thing. It's worse than the body panel of the smart car. So, my aunt's car was repaired and it looked as good as new. I can't wait for the smart car to arrive man....sighs.

I don't know what went wrong with me but I recently got addicted to this blondie called Jesse McCartney. He's been in limelight for quite some time & it's not like I didn't know him. I wasn't into him that time. I thought he & Aaron Carter looked eeriely alike. It all started when I downloaded his album few days ago. There is no doubt he sings better than Aaron but can he dance? long as he sings well, writes his own songs & looks good which is all that matters. Yeah, call me a lame girl going after young boys lol. I didn't realise he sounded so good when he sings. At first, he was another pretty boy trying get a fair share of fame in the music industry or so it seems. I was very wrong after listening to his album & looking through his past success as a singer. I even found myself downloading his TV series, Summerland. Call this an obssessive behaviour, but I seriously think he is talented. I will most likely get bored of him in no time. Lol, it depends...

Personality Test

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Personality reading, hmm...

I took this personality test from this site as stated in my friend's blog. Here is my results... :P

I was surprised that the results do reflect me pretty accurately. Didn't know that animals can read personalities.

The Keys to Your Heart

You are attracted to those who have a split personality - cold as ice on the outside but hot as fire in the heart.

In love, you feel the most alive when things are straight-forward, and you're told that you're loved.

You'd like to your lover to think you are loyal and faithful... that you'll never change.

You would be forced to break up with someone who was ruthless, cold-blooded, and sarcastic.

Your ideal relationship is lasting. You want a relationship that looks to the future... one you can grow with.

Your risk of cheating is low. Even if you're tempted, you'd try hard not to do it.

You think of marriage something you've always wanted... though you haven't really thought about it.

In this moment, you think of love as something you can get or discard anytime. You're feeling self centered.

Rock on, baby~!

Friday, October 07, 2005

Today was outrageously fun! The R.AGE team was on campus to promote their 8 pages pullout. The celebrities who came was Jay from as well as Malaysian Idol finalists, Vick and Rydee. Douglas Lim was the host for the day. There were freebies sponsored by Clinique but I didn't bother to get them as I was busy waiting for the event to start. What's more seeing the Idol finalists with my very own eyes is a whole lot of fun. I was pretty hyped up when I heard that Jac, Adam & Marion is going to appear as well. It turned out to be false so...yeah, it was a little disappointing.

The event kickstarted with Douglas walking up on stage with the mic, looking as if he had just got up from bed. I seriously have to admit that he is a fantastic host! He is a great joker...and I found myself laughing non-stop throughout the event. And there he goes, talking about the R.AGE pullout and the upcoming activities for next week. My classmate, Lee Jian who recently got 2nd runner up for Wrigley's College Icon was invited to perform. Although he didn't sing so well, he shone brightly when presenting a sketch and also displaying his nunchaku skills. It was awesome! Great job man! Lee Jian, YOU ROCK!

Don't you think he has potential to be a star?

Finally the moment I'd been waiting for arrived. Vick, Rydee and Jay was invited to the stage. The crowd roared...yes, I was screaming too. I couldn't imagine myself being drawn to Vick. Haha! Little did I expect that he looked pretty adorable. He ain't the greatest looking guy but he looked pretty cool. I'm not a big fan of him, really. I thought he looked more cool with his blonde hair. Rydee was the first to perform and handled her songs flawlessly, unlike any karaoke singers. I was impressed because she had vocal pyrotechnics. And to have Vick harmonising with her during Purple Rain was indeed wonderful. When Vick belted out his tunes, I was very thrilled! He is a great singer, honestly. Too bad he only sang one song and it got a little boring towards the end. I expected he would sing two songs like what Rydee did. Anyhow, his performance was satisfactory and he deserves another round of applause. Kudos! Jay didn't do much on stage but she looked so gorgeous even without makeup. I'm so jealous! Lol.

Pretty cool dude, huh? :P

This whole week was fun though nothing unusual happened. I'm in a better mood to blog today. Was it because of the R.AGE thingy? Perhaps, but not entirely. I was so overjoyed that I did tremendously well in Statistics. What more can you ask when the score 96%? Yeah, too bad it was the only paper I scored. Math was horrible and so is Business Studies. That is what I get as punishment for not studying enough. Last week's wedding dinner was a disaster. Getting stuck in the traffic jam for exactly 2 hours was the last thing I want to experience in future. Plus, food was bad. Thank God it wasn't as bad as my prom's menu. Anyway, that's all for this week. Gosh, I'm still so excited because I saw Vick today. Getting obsessed already!

Vick reaching the high note!

One challenge is over...more to come!

Friday, September 30, 2005

Today marks the end of my one week trials exam. I was hoping the exam would end with a joyful note since I didn't do so well in Business Studies & Economics papers. Moreover, Math was the last paper. Boy, it turned out to be so difficult...I could barely answer all the questions. Say, about 60% of the question I couldn't answer. Sighs...I really had no mood to blog today. I got stuck in a traffic jam for no apparent reason & I was supposed to take nap but ended up having my eyes glued to a biography video of Mariah Carey on Channel [V]. I'm almost brain dead exhausted and the cool weather is making me feeling extra sleepy.

I'd been having weird dreams lately. No good night sleep again. First, I dreamt that I was struggling to hide from a wicked but deadly gorgeous witch, who wanted to cast an evil spell on me. No matter where I ran, she knew about my whereabouts and would be well ahead to where I am heading. That was freaky! The next dream was about receiving an e-mail from my ex. I didn't expect to get something from him. Come to think of it, that e-mail wasn't really a message from was more like a spam mail instead. That's wacky...

I'm still thinking of what to wear for my cousin sister's wedding. Should I wear that black dress I wore to the ball? Or just a casual blouse and skirt? I wished I had a fashion consultant during times like this. At least I didn't have to crack my head on wearing the best attire for the night. Any fashion stylist available??

I recently came upon this website on paranormal issues. It was reported that there were ghosts sightings by the army troops in New Orleans. Sounds like this city is not just a ghost city by its name. It's for REAL! Acheh also had similar sightings...weeks later after the tsunami hit on Dec 26, 2004. Reading this kind of stuff is intriguing when you are wondering whether to believe the witnesses or not. Well, I believe there are ghosts who loitering in the streets...those who died suddenly and have yet to achieve their goals in life. These ghost will rest in peace when all is done. I don't see why there are still hauntings if "they" had realised their dreams. And how would we know if they achieved what they wanted? Maybe there is no answer to this...

Another gruelling week!

Friday, September 23, 2005

Thank God is FRIDAY!'s the end of the week and soon the start of another week. And here I am typing this blog on my cuzzie bro's comp feeling physically exhausted but my good 'ol brain is still so energetic. Ya know, I'm so prone to this kind of thing especially at night when I'm trying so hard to fall asleep. Anyway, forget bout that. As I promised, I met up with my buddy on Saturday at my sis' school carnival. The carnival was not at all great. The only part I enjoyed was her bubbly presence. With all the stalls set up in the school compound selling food & drinks, it did reminded me of my younger days in secondary school where I used to do the same thing too. So, it was a walk down memory lane again. One thing for sure is to be prepared for the worse food sold in this kind of event. I ordered food at this stall. Apparently they made their classroom to resemble a cafe, something like Delifrance. I thought they would be very well organised with waitresses ushering you to a table. I ordered a meal set from the menu and guess what, I was served with a toasted bread with NO BUTTER. On top of that, there weren't much potato salad left...and I was the unlucky customer to get such a small portion of it.

Me, my buddy and my sis left the school and headed for steamboat lunch. Oh boy, I wished I had more appetite that day because I love steamboat so much! Besides, I haven't had it for ages. After lunch, we were about to leave when a girl approached us to conduct a survey. I agreed to do it since my sis is underage and my friend wasn't interested. I was asked to test a new drink by Sarsi. Somehow, another guy asked my sis to join the survey though she mentioned about being underaged. When they found out my sis wasn't eligible, they called upon they're "leader" (I supposed) to handle the situation. Here is what he said with sarcasm: "Why is this young girl here when she's not supposed to? Oh nvm, I'll let her do it. Hey you, young girl. Next time don't come in & join ok." I was so pissed off with him...I lashed at him: "Your people pulled her in to do it. Do you think she even bother to do?!" He was embarrassed and walked away. Haha! We were asked to answer the questionaires on the paper. They gave me a puzzled look when I answered that I don't take Sarsi drink. There was so much confusion and commotion going on and finally, I was deemed ineligible to do the drink test. My poor friend had to be the guinea pig for Sarsi. Haha! I wasn't pleased though they gave my friend RM5 as a token of gratitude for being a drink tester.

Sunday wasn't a day I anticipated either. So what if it was Mooncake Festival? It turned out to be awful. Both of my relatives ended up quarreling for a small issue and one of them blurted out foul language, cursing away. He left before dinner started. Why quarrel like young kids over a small matter? It's downright dumb to see adults like that. It was hilarious!

A few more days left before my mock exam commence. I'm not fully prepared (as if everyone is prepared). The worst part is I caught flu...darn, I don't wanna get sick. These few days I had no choice and ended up got myself soaked skin deep in the rain. I hadn't had good sleep for a few nights, waking up earlier than I'm supposed to and feeling mentally drained the next morning. I'm gonna be a zombie soon! I need blood! Haha....tonight is Malaysian Idol grand finale. Vote Nita! Type VOTE NITA and send it to 33722.

Time goes by but memories not forgotten...

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Whoa! Another week had passed. How time they said, "time waits for no man". So many things happened this whole week and just one week's happenings is enough to make this blog a lenghty one. I shall start with my ex-boyfriend. It has been days since he left for London to pursue his studies. I wonder how he is doing now. Does he like the place? Sighs, it was really hard for me to let can I possibly do that when he only asked for a breakup 3 weeks prior to his departure?! It was nightmare when I thought back those few weeks when I had to cry myself to sleep each night and waking up in the morning feeling heartbroken again. My two best friends tried to console me but I felt it wasn't helpful. On top of that, I felt they backfired me instead. At this point of time, I was hoping that they would at least supported me that I wasn't wrong and it was my ex's fault for not knowing how to handle the breakup. I was very disappointed...seems like the 3 of them resembled "Pakatan Axis", attacking me one after another. But oh well, it's all over and nothing can be done. My ex already left and he arrived London, safe and sound. Honestly, I cried on the night he left. I guess I was too silly; shedding tears of loneliness and depression for a guy who has already given up on me.

I'm trying to take things easier now...yes, I can try to forgive but there's no such thing as forgetting what happened. Forgive and forget doesn't come as a combo meal. I don't hate the 3 of them because I don't wish to put further strains to our friendship. It was true that I did many mistakes in the past and it was beyond redemption. It was right for my friends to be mad at me because I was a mean girl for betraying and using them just to be with the guy I loved. I've learnt a good's always a trade-off between friendship and love. Either one party would be hurt, though unintentional. Just like in the law of economics, it is very difficult to achieve a balance. Was it a mistake to start the relationship? Yes and no. Yes, because I didn't expect to cause so much hurt to everyone around me including myself. No, because I took risks to be with the guy I loved though dating at a young age is strictly forbidden in my family. The relationship was indeed a rewarding experience and even as time goes by, memories will not be forgotten. I will never ever forget the moments we held hands together for the first time in the LRT, sharing our first kiss together and getting all hyped up when we bumped each other at Section 14 because we didn't meet for 2 months. So, NO MORE DATING after this! Graduating with First Class Honours is my ultimate goal. There is no need to have a boyfriend for now. And yup! Me and my ex remained friends...I don't know how far we can go in this friendship. I don't hope much but if we do become best friends, it's a good achievement. It's not impossible to have a long-distance good friend and I already have one.

Guess what, the long anticipated DVD movie Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is finally OUT! As usual, I didn't have much time to watch the whole movie...and not to worry, I have the downloaded video in the pc. The protagonist, Cloud Strife is so good-looking with his golden blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. I did managed to view a few scenes of the movie but I was already confused...well can't blame...I have forgotten the storyline of the prequel. IMHO, I seriously think Tifa's boobs is too big for her body. Like I said, there is something wrong with her! She's too perfect...I'm so jealous!! Psst...Wira, don't kill me for saying that ok.

Recently, my Dad bought a box of mini ice-creams. Yes, it's miniature ice-creams. Melts in your mouth with one gulp. Lol. Did the Nestle product team run out of ideas to develop new products? My aunt said she didn't feel exhilarating when eating them...because it is so small! Haha more like ice-cream biscuits to me. And I ate a piece of snow-skin mooncake bought from Mandarin Oriental hotel. I seriously have to admit that I'm starting to dislike durian because that whole piece of mooncake contains durian paste which is freaking sweet. I guess they have an infinite supply of sugar from their Thank God it's mini size (what's up with these miniature size food?!), if not I'll definitely stay away from durian flavoured food from now on. Talking bout mooncake, this Sunday would be Mooncake Festival. I'm not excited at all...which makes sense because I'm 19 years old now...I don't play with lanterns anymore. In addition to that, I never fancy mooncakes. I only fancied that freaking sweet mooncake out of all the mooncakes sold in the market but I'm starting to hate it. Sunday would be another ordinary weekend...errr wait, it's a freaking weekend! I have to study for stats..arrgggh! And I spent too much time on one question in stats test today, yikes! Bad time management! My friend invited me to Assunta school carnival tomorrow. I think I should go to take a rest from a week's stress and depression.

The battle between the Idols is tonight on Malaysian Idol. I'm really anxious to know who will advance to the finals. Would it be Daniel/Farah, Daniel/Nita or Farah/Nita? be truthful, I want Daniel and Nita to be in the finals next week. According to my predictions, Daniel and Farah may proceed to the finals. And the chances are, Farah will be the next Malaysian Idol. Here I am, fully supporting Daniel, the cute 23 year old guy who looks as young as me...I'll vote for him of course but I'm not insane to spend all my cellphone credit on him. :P Go Daniel!! Lol. Okay, here's the final thing I wanna say. I hope to do well in my upcoming mock exam as I'm planning to apply for scholarships to overseas' universities. I know I'm not likely to get any of doesn't matter because I wanna give it a try. If all fails, I'll stay in my good 'ol college to pursue my degree. I know it sucks...but it ain't bad. I hope to post another a new blog next week. If not, it will be two months from now. Till then, jya~!