Back to loving the old flame

Friday, December 09, 2005


It seems that the lazy bug had strucked me ever since the holidays started. It's pretty obvious, by looking at how often i post new updates for my blog. Anyway, I got hooked again to w-inds. At one point, I almost lost interest to their songs because I thought their ageha album wasn't as good as I expected. Until recently, I downloaded their 2 latest single and I was pretty impressed. I realised the ageha album wasn't that bad after all. I guess I would most likely change my mind and would stock up on that butterfly cover album when opportunity arrives. Hopefully that album is still in stock. I found this video from youtube and it was so hilarious. Keita, Ryuichi and Ryohei were supposed to give their best wink to attract female audiences. Keita had the most flirtatious wink, serious. He ended with a cheeky smile and I fell head over heels in love with him. Ryohei's wink was less effective...he looked like a young boy trying hard to attract someone. It was rather adorable, nevertheless. Ryuichi was indeed funny. Why? Oh, he preferred to blow kisses instead to woo the female crowd. So, the winner is...? Definitely Keita! Or am I being biased since I'm a Keita fan? Watch the video and you be the judge. =P