Thursday, March 30, 2006

I'll make this post real short just for this time. Need to go to bed soon. *sighs* Work, work & work. So yeah, this Friday would be my last day working at that miserable institution. Decided not to extend my employment period due to several reasons.
1. My expenses are more than the given salary
2. Too exhausting to commute the train to work every day
3. Indirectly refraining myself from spending unnecessarily
I've been spending too much on w-inds. stuff lately. Seriously need to refrain myself from all those unnecessary expenses. Still considering whether to get an mp3 player with my salary. What's more, PC Fair is coming up! And I also planned to order some w-inds. dvd online. Haven't even gotten THANKS album yet...*sobs* Wished I had one million dollars with me right now!

It was a nightmare in the train today. This guy was standing real close to me since the train was crowded as usual. Obviously, I was uncomfortable & my petite size body made me looked like I'm "overpowered" by these men. There was a caterpillar crawling on the back of his shirt & it nearly crawled onto mine!! I was struggling to stay away from that guy while avoiding any contact with other passengers as well. Boy, it was tough *sweats*. Finally that creature crawled to his collars & the neck, I think. He felt irritated but thank God that damned thing wasn't on me. Phew!

Just ordered the JUNON May 2006 issue today at Kinokuniya *squeals* Hopefully it'll arrive by April 14. *taps foot impatiently*

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Felt very accomplished today...I dunno why. Maybe it was the last task I did before I left the office for home. It wasn't a huge nor difficult task but I admit that it was a little tiring. I took 25 minutes to sort out all the cheques. Not just a few cheques but hundreds of them. The minute I completed the sorting, I quickly tied them up nicely & put them in the tray. And then, I rushed home. My colleagues were kinda amused that I was woking so fast. I mean, what's wrong with that? That shows I'm a productive worker. I deserve even higher pay lol. Luckily the train wasn't crowded today & I stood at the end of the train where it should be cooler (the air cond duct is above my head). But that damn thing ain't working properly so I felt warm air instead. What's more, the sky was sunny & the train seemed to get a little hotter near the windows. Thank goodness I wasn't suffocating...

Went to Kinokuniya at Isetan today & saw some interesting magazines there. Felt very tempted to buy that Oricon Style March issue mag because there's w-inds. in it. But ended up not buying because I was afraid that it might be just a page or two about w-inds. like what I had in CD Hits. I'm currently addicted to Bread You wouldn't have believe that I only have buns for lunch. Seriously, their bread & buns are fantastic! Love it~ Really fancied their tuna buns with some corn inside. Much better than the tuna fuilette from Delifrance which was awfully salty & expensive. But their peach custard tarts & croissants are my favourites...I hardly eat them anyway. If mum finds out that I only take buns for lunch, she's gonna kill me >.<

Walking with high heels everyday has taken a toll on my feet. My little left toe started growing blisters. Yikes! It hurts too...I'm praying hard that it wouldn't bleed. In fact, most of my high heels are ill-fitting sizes because my feet size is odd. Maybe I'll just wear sneakers tomorrow for a change. Hopefully I won't be scolded by the boss...these two days she weren't at the office. So peaceful~

*swoons to Kageboushi, the lovely & sweet ballad by w-inds.*

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I'm officially 20 years old from now on. I feel sooo old... T.T Nothing much happened on my birthday. The fun part was my friend singing a song to me through Skype. Lol...because I insisted it; he wouldn't have done it if I wasn't persistent. Don't worry Wira, you sounded great. Truly appreciate it~ :D
Today is the fourth day of work at the taxation office. Seriously, I can't wait till the last day of work & quickly run off after getting my paycheck. Only the second day of work, I got scolded for being 15 minutes late after lunch. I got lost at the other end of the mall's exit after visiting Kinokuniya. I knew it sounded stupid about getting lost...but somehow, I did. -_-"
I spent RM200++ just within two days. T.T I bought the w-inds. WORKS Vol. 2 dvd on Monday & also Vol. 4 yesterday. This is bad...real bad! I bet my salary is not enough to cover all my expenses. Furthermore, I even planned to expand my w-inds. goodies collection & it would probably costs me RM1000. I missed out the SOA tour dvd, WORKS Vol. 1 & 3 as well as 1st Message tour dvd (though I've already owned a vcd of the 1st tour :P). And I have not got my hands on the 5th album yet...this is freaking bad >.<
My loathe for commuter trains is growing lately. I really dislike taking commuter trains nowadays after six days of work. I'm constantly surrounded with men. *shrugs* Last Friday, it was raining & everyone was rushing to go home. The train was indeed crowded so I had to wait for the next one to arrive. This Chinese dude was pushing me from the back & his chest was almost pressing against me. Sooo uncomfortable. Ugghhh...then on Monday morning, I had to squeeze in the train again. I was standing in between this tall white guy & Indian gal. That white guy was holding the metal rods for balance while I was struggling to balance myself & not fall onto him or that girl. Half the time, it felt like that white guy was protecting me from harm. Haha. But I felt really embarrassed because my arms kept brushing against his too often. He was pretty courteous though...asking me whether his luggage was on my shoes. That's very sweet of him. *giggles*

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Ahhhhhh!!!! *jumps excitedly* I just got accepted for a temporary job this evening. My college mate recommended it to me. Just had to work for two weeks & the pay is RM50 a day. Not too bad eh? *grins* At first, I had no idea where that company is...and I just found out it's the Malaysian Institute of Taxation. How cool is that?! I wonder how it feels like working there.

I finally listened to the whole album of w-inds. for the 3rd time. Midnight Venus is starting to get into my head. It's another dance number with a twist of 80's's soooo bouncy. Felt like dancing whenever that track is played. w-inds..., you're too fabulous~!

Earlier today, it was raining heavily. The lightning was pretty bad. My cousin bro was so unlucky to get struck by lightning while carrying an umbrella. Thank goodness nothing happened to him. It sure is one hell of an experience, eh?

I'm back with a new post this week. I'm such a slow person...anyway, did I mention that Musical Charity Concert was indeed appalling? Argghh I don't wanna talk about it anymore. I have another hilarious story to share. Recently, a male orange cat came into my house and my dog chased it around the house. I thought my dog was exceptionally amazing this time because she could hardly catch a cat, what's more getting scratched on the face by another fierce female cat previously. So, this orange cat was so afraid that it went up the tree in the courtyard. Guess what, that cat stayed there for few hours. I was kind enough to try get it down; the weather was scorching hot. I was worried that cat might get dehydrated & I didn't want the owner to come running after me if his pet died (I have no idea who the owner is). I poked the tree branch with an umbrella & that stupid cat hissed at me, showing his fangs. Darn! I got soo fed up...I left him there. Finally, that cat left...

I made a website not long ago. It'll be a fansite dedicated to my beloved band, w-inds. You know, I have always wanted to make a website for myself. I wasn't good at fact, I don't know how to use html codes at all. Found this beautiful layout from magitek designs & I forced myself to learn the codes. At first, I wanted to use the layout for this blog but I failed miserably. I messed up the codes & couldn't link up all my previous posts. So, that layout ended up in my website. That site is still under construction as I'm busy uploading all the w-inds. lyrics. I have to take the trouble to romanized them myself. I tried not to take from other websites unless I have no choice. Talking about the lyrics, I managed to translate the lyrics for the IT'S IN THE STARS single. The end result was soo satisfying because it's all done by hard work. I had to refer to the online kanji dictionary whenever I discover a new kanji. Now I understand why people hate being leeched...

I bought a Japanese dictionary two days ago. It was useful but not sufficient enough to learn kanji. I'm targetting this RM100 kanji dictionary from Kinokuniya (I should've bought it when I was at KLCC after the job interview). Meanwhile, I found a kanji fast finder book at MPH 1 Utama on Saturday. Regretted not buying it *sobs*. Great index finder but it'll complement that kanji dictionary. Went to MPH Mid Valley Megamall to search for it but they didn't have that book. Darn! And I asked the staff whether they had the kanji dictionary I wanted. They didn't have it either~ This is crap!

The big surprise is...I'VE DOWNLOADED W-INDS. 5TH ALBUM!! I'm sooo in love with this album!! Was thinking of buying it to please myself as my birthday is this weekend but couldn't afford it. While waiting, I had to resort to the mp3s to satisfy my craving for their music. There's only one ballad in the album & the only track that made me cry. It's soo cheesy & yet touching. I have a feeling that it's another cover. This guy ----> Lasse Andersson is such a superb composer. I can almost imagine myself in w-inds. concert this year lol...this year's theme is 80's disco. *rofl* Forgive me for such wild imagination...*grins*