Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Ahhhhhh!!!! *jumps excitedly* I just got accepted for a temporary job this evening. My college mate recommended it to me. Just had to work for two weeks & the pay is RM50 a day. Not too bad eh? *grins* At first, I had no idea where that company is...and I just found out it's the Malaysian Institute of Taxation. How cool is that?! I wonder how it feels like working there.

I finally listened to the whole album of w-inds. for the 3rd time. Midnight Venus is starting to get into my head. It's another dance number with a twist of 80's disco...it's soooo bouncy. Felt like dancing whenever that track is played. w-inds..., you're too fabulous~!

Earlier today, it was raining heavily. The lightning was pretty bad. My cousin bro was so unlucky to get struck by lightning while carrying an umbrella. Thank goodness nothing happened to him. It sure is one hell of an experience, eh?