X-Men: Days of Future Past

Saturday, May 31, 2014

I remembered blogging about the movie, X-Men: First Class some time ago raving about how refreshingly new the franchise is with the change in screenwriting & directing style. I was so elated that there will be a sequel to the franchise & eagerly anticipated for the release. It's unbelievable that I have waited for almost 3 years for the sequel to finally arrived at theatres.

If you think Michael Fassbender was amazing in the first movie, wait until you see him in this film. He's sizzling hot & hunkier than ever. How can a prisoner looks so incredibly gorgeous? It's sinful to be going head over heels over such character. Guilty as charged. ^^

The exciting bit about this movie is that both the original casts & the new casts come together to bridge the time differences between past & future. The general idea is to tie the loose ends left from previous X-men film plots. Interesting as it can be, the execution was not exactly perfect & the reason Professor Xavier is still alive after being disintegrated by Jean Grey in Phoenix mode was left unexplained.

The pace was fast when the film is needed to be & slowed down in time for the audiences to grasp the intricate storyline. The battle scene at the beginning set the right pace, providing momentum for buildup in the 2nd half of the movie. If only more time was allocated for future scenes with more original casts in action. After all, it's a rare chance for them to assemble in the same movie after more than a decade. Nonetheless, the film is definitely a must-watch.

I'm not revealing any spoilers here. Best to buy a ticket & be blown away by the spectacular duo, James McAvoy & Michael Fassbender's performance. And those who already saw it will surely agree with me that there's one uber cool scene that no one could afford to miss. Best. Scene. Ever. Kudos to Bryan Singer & team! Now what are you waiting for? Go run to the theatres get yourself a pair of tickets to this awesome summer blockbuster~

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The Amazing Spider-man 2: Rise of Electro

Friday, May 09, 2014

Two years ago, I wrote about how I dislike The Amazing Spider-man, partly because Andrew Garfield wasn't convincing as Peter Parker. When the sequel The Amazing Spider-man 2: Rise of Electro was released, I wasn't the least interested in buying tickets to watch in the cinema. I gave in to watching the movie when I was invited for a free screening by an agency. Cheapskate me!

Honestly & sadly, I certainly didn't enjoy the entire 2-hour movie. In fact, I almost fell asleep due to boredom. The visual effects was pretty impressive but for the most part, it's quite an emo movie focusing on Peter Parker & Gwen Stacy. My friend said it the best - the movie should be renamed as Trials & Tribulations of Peter Parker & Gwen Stacy. I find the scenes between Peter & Gwen cringe worthy - the lines between them were so high school & immature; it doesn't do justice to life in the adult world. C'mon, they look like grown-ups but they don't speak like one. I thought Andrew was great in The Social Network but as Peter Parker? Not at all...

Also, am I the only one who finds that the chemistry between the real life couple (Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone) ain't sizzling? I agree they do look together but something doesn't look quite right onscreen. I cringed each time the two of them appear in a scene that I almost stood up from my seat & walked out of the hall. No offence to Garfield-Stone fans, I love them being together but unfortunately, I'm not convinced by their onscreen chemistry.

The only other thing that kept me interested was the new actor, Dane DeHaan for Harry Osbourne. Quite an eye candy to watch even though he does look a little juvenile as the Green Goblin. Nevertheless, DeHaan's sinister & mysterious look is quite engaging. His pretty face does remind me a lot of those poster boy models in fragrance ads.

Oh right, he does model for Prada. No wonder.

Credits: www.annexmagazine.com

Perhaps I have a found a reason to look forward to the next sequel. If only the screenwriters would give more chance to develop DeHaan character's further. Otherwise, I'll continue putting up a poor review of the movie. Jamie Foxx did pretty fine as Electro & the whole story flow is not too bad, but I'd wish the romance part was shorter. You go watch & decide whether the movie is your type.