Sunday, February 25, 2007

I saw a really interesting documentary yesterday. It's How Did They Do It? on Discovery Channel which showcases various industries in certain countries & the processes involved. One of the segment was about manufacturing pencils & the company referred to was Faber-Castell *nudges Jen* XD. I wouldn't have known how pencils were made if the filming wasn't done. It was rather unusual to see how graphite is turned into lead, inserted in between 2 pieces of wood glued together, cut, shaped, paint & then finally sharpen before being packed. The best part is no single piece of wood is put to waste as it's fully utilised to make as much pencils as possible without any leftover bits. Speaking of efficiency & eco-friendliness, eh? ^^

I've got happy news for this week. First, I finally met up with my online friend whom I knew through the Dong Bang LJ comm. It was really nice of her to invite me over for CNY. You can say that we had an awesomely great time rattling & fangirling away like nobody's business XD. And she's more of an avid Dong Bang fan compared to me *envious*. I mean, look at her collections. Wow~ I was truly overwhelmed. Besides the fangirling part, I got an extra angpau too ^^. Secondly, she gave me an early birthday present & insisted that I opened it right away. Oh boy, you wouldn't believe what was inside the wrapper. This was what she gave me...

東方神起's Heart, Mind and Soul album!

A CD+DVD galore~ XD

Mind you, the album is a Japanese version which costs a whopping RM100++. Thank you sooo much, Enya! *bows* Now my next target would be the 2nd Japanese album due on March 14. Kyaaa...I really can't wait for it XD. The title is Five in the Black, ppl! Anyone care to give it to me as present?? Omg, I'm so demanding -_-". Just joking...I'm gonna get it myself. * runs off to pre-order*

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Weeee!! I'm back, ppl! I'm back yo~ ^^ Kyaaaa...back to civilisation XD. Pardon me for being so exhilarated. Being a net addict myself, it's normal that I feel deprived for not able to surf the net for a few days. The trip was okay. Nothing much though cuz I didn't do anything special besides visiting relatives & collecting ang paus. Initially, I intended to catch a movie in the cinema with my sis. Perhaps Death Note 2: The Last Name or Ghost Rider if I could get tickets. But upon seeing the endless traffic jam in front of Jaya Jusco, I was immediately put off & went home instead.

Well, my days spent in Ipoh wasn't all that boring cuz I got the chance to lay my hands on my cuzzie bro's Nintendo Wii. It was hilarious playing games in that console as I got really worked up & sweating all the way. Half the time I was worried that my sweaty palms might lose grip of the wireless controller & send it flying towards the TV screen XD. Don't call me paranoid cuz it did happen to other gamers. Basically, the console is great for ppl like me who hates being under the sun. And I spared some time to watch my Goong dvd set. There wasn't much time left for assignments cuz I was already exhausted. And noisy kids were rather distracting -_-".

Dad decided to cut short the trip by a day earlier. I'm glad that he did cuz me & sis were getting really bored. Besides, coming home early is a good way to avoid the jam. Which means I have an extra day to work on drafts for assignments. I had plans with my group members to meet up on Friday. Yes, it's really sad to gather during hols for assignments. Sucks! Btw, I just found out the Rising Sun dvd concert came with this...

Now you see it...

Now you don't...

The photos were printed on a sorta semi-transparent film & will only reveal when a white paper is placed behind it. I don't think my pics show the difference well. Too bad -_-". The box cover is pretty cool though I didn't fancy the colour coordination that much. Love those high flying jumps ^^.

Forgive me for the poorly taken pics~

P/S: I seriously need a new digital camera...

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hip, hip hooray!! My package is finally here. Yes, FINALLY! After a long 3 weeks wait, it came yesterday evening. I didn't even realise the the package was here until I saw an unusual big brown box on top of the concrete wall at the gate. Haha, if only you could see how delighted I was. I was practically jumping, skipping & dancing all the way back into the house while clutching the box XD.

It should've arrived long ago but I ain't got any ideas why the post office kept hold of it. It was shipped on Jan 20 & was released by customs on Jan 24. And I only got it yesterday -_-". Without further delays, I quickly unwrapped the box. The dvd box design is fantastic as usual...just like the All About 東方神起. I couldn't contain my excitement & waited till everyone slept then only started watching it. I've already finished watching the concert but not disc 2 yet. The concert was awesome, just like the Malaysian one. A good way to refresh my memories of the concert last year. The only bad thing about this dvd concert is that the camera angles were pretty lousy. It's hard to explain unless you watch it for yourselves.

I shall keep this post short cuz I'm really sleepy right now. Most importantly, I would like to wish you all Happy Chinese New Year. I'll be on a hiatus for errr...4 days, I think. This means I won't be at home so don't expect to see me online. Of course, I'll try my best to stay connected cuz I still need to do my assignments. Yeah, it sucks big time to do projects in the midst of a celebration. Whatever it is...take care ppl! Will keep y'all posted asap ^^. Ciao!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day was just another ordinary day for me since I didn't have anyone special to celebrate with. I don't have many single friends who're willing to spare some time while one of them was busy hosting the CNY event. Besides, staying back after a 2 hour class just for the sake of commemorating couples' day is definitely a bad idea. At least that's what I thought so. I went home immediately cuz I needed some sleep. I'm deprived, as always -_-".

Though my family (known for being unromantic) didn't consider today as a hoo-haa day, I had some fair share of chocolates from my aunt. Not like I ate them anyway cuz they're too pretty to be eaten. Aunt told me the chocolates are freggin' sweet. Overly sweet stuff is awesomely all I did was admire it XD.

Seriously, who eats these chocolates??? I couldn't bring myself to take one & pop it into my mouth. What about you?

Monday, February 12, 2007

What do you do when you're the first to arrive & ended up sitting in a table dominated by couples? Basically, there's nothing much you can do except to sit & "stone" there. And most of the time I was dreading about staying on at the party while praying hard for my classmates to turn up soon enough.

The party wasn't bad, after all. It's just that...the couples will eventually talk among themselves leaving the singles behind. What's more, I'm not really close to those people which makes it even more difficult to engage in a conversation with them. Sad to say, I'm more of an introvert so don't blame me for not being able to socialise well. *sighs* I feel like a hopeless example of a Marketing student -_-".

The food wasn't great but decent & nice. There weren't much variety to choose from but considering the crowd that turned up, I supposed the food was more than sufficient. Besides, it's better not to have too much leftovers. I kinda liked the fried fish fillet minus the Thai flavouring on top it. After that, we had a toast of red wine & proceeded with several rounds of Twister game. I couldn't be bothered about playing cuz it's definitely a physical-stressed game. You'll be getting numbs all over the body when the game ends. Of course, I wouldn't wanna get involved. Excuse me! I got class tomorrow...who wants to attend college with sores from top to toe.

I have to say this...the cake was lovely. The name is Chocolate Indulgence from Secret Recipe. Hmm, I might consider getting this cake for my birthday XD. Finally, the party ended but I was the last to leave. People like me don't have a car to drive lah, that's why. And Dad has to come all the way from PJ to fetch me. Well, I'm glad that I got invited for the party. Gosh, I haven't been to parties for ages. When was the last time, neways? *scratches head*

Saturday, February 10, 2007

edit: Wat the...?! My package still hasn't arrive yet T.T. It's been more than 2 weeks. Grrrr!!


I found another link to the PopJam fancam vid~ XD This vid shows more of the choreography though mainly focussed on Yunho.

More reasons to drool over the boys... *grins* Oh boy, how can I not buy the 3rd Japanese album which will release on March 14?? The CD+DVD has all their PVs from Rising Sun (Japanese version) to Choosey Lover. Definitely the perfect present for my 21st birthday. Anyone willing to buy for me? XD

[FANCAM] Choosey Lover PopJam performance

Management class on Thursday was a funny one for our gang. Somehow, we managed to cheat our way out & leave the class early. Jen already posted up an awesome write-up about the incident in her blog. I shall link it up for y'all to read. Take note of "The Rescuer" *rofl*.

Click the link below:
and we present...

P/S: I've got a birthday party to attend tomorrow! ^^

Credits: chisa (fancam), Hsu Jen (blog)

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Grrr~ Pirated software annoys the hell out of me especially when the patch doesn't work at all. I bought an SPSS cd for only RM5. Stupid me for being so naive that cheap software would work with the given patch. After endless rounds of installing & unstalling, I couldn't crack that damn software to function properly. Lets just say it doesn't allow me to edit my output nor add text to it. *curses*

So I decided to borrow from my friend since his one works perfectly. It turned out to be...THE SAME!! OMG~ *dies* I seriously need the SPSS to practise T.T. I already gave up installing. Perhaps I'll try it later after reading my HRM notes. I'm supposed to start studying for next week's test. Yet I'm procrastinating -_-". Somebody pls smack me.

As I promised, I brought piccies ^^. And a link to Choosey Lover PopJam performance. The dance is super sexy XD. If only the fancam video is clearer. Who says fancams are crisps clear neways? And I see some Jaeho moments in there XD. Haha, it's actually about Jaejoong who almost bumped into Yunho during the performance. Jae touched Yunho lightly on the back just to notify him. I really can't wait for the PV to release. Meanwhile, enjoy the video ^^.

Goong DVD set

Shoes! ^^

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Boo-hoo! I didn't cut my hair at all -_-". The salon was so crowded yesterday with customers waiting to get their hair washed, cut, permed, dyed & etc. I got fed up of waiting & decided to stop by at Jaya for lunch. After that, I returned to the salon again to check out. Seems like the crowd is never ending. Off I went to Digital Mall with sis while Mum went for her dance practice. Guess what I bought there...

I bought Goong dvd set!!! XD I know, I know. I'm crazy but I couldn't help downloading it anymore. The torrent wasn't working at all for the past few weeks. Just when Bittorent decides to function, the seeders had remove the video files due to copyright infringement. Dang! After all my patience of downloading & waiting, I still failed to complete the drama. *sighs* The good news is the dvd set is licensed & distributed by a local company. This means it's much cheaper than the original Korean set. Can you believe that my box set is sold at RM200++ in YesAsia while mine was only RM143.90 after discount? The transport cost is crazy!!

Earlier today, I went for CNY shopping at Mid Valley. Felt kinda surprised that I finished shopping all the clothes I want within 3 hours. Much shorter than I usually do ^^. I didn't have to hunt for any shoes this time cuz I bought one really cute pair at Jaya yesterday. Will be putting up pics soon. Just have to push myself to do it since I'm being a lazy ass lately. All thanks to the wonky Internet, I sorta lost interest in going online. And the fact that my PC gets hanged easily if I open more than 4 programs. Sad, rite?

Why my package hasn't arrive yet?? T.T I wanna watch the concert dvd so badly. And the piano book...can't wait to play Dong Bang songs on the piano. Mr. Postman, pls send deliver my package asap for God's sake. Don't you dare lose my package or I'll slaughter you. *sharpens parang*

Friday, February 02, 2007

One more assignment handed in today! ^^ And off I went home to prepare for tonight's outing. Yup, that's right. I was supposed to meet up with my ex-schoolmates in 1 Utama for an Italian meal. I know this isn't me to go out on weeknights. In fact, I don't go out with my friends at night. Not that I haven't done it before but it's rare. Going out for dinner just now was a once in a blue moon thing. What a way to celebrate after handing in my assignment, ne~ ^^

It was great to catch up with my old buddies. I haven't been seeing them for a year so I wouldn't wanna miss this opportunity. Besides, 2 of them are gonna return to Australia within this month. The minute I arrived, I saw 3 familiar faces except 2 guys. Each seating next to one of my friends. I'm pretty sure one of them is my best friend's bf while I assumed the other dude is just a guy friend tagging along. I didn't realise he is my friend's bf & have been dating for the past 6 months. The used-to-be tomboy had finally gotten herself a partner. Wow! I mean, I didn't expect it to be so soon. Seeing the two of them with their bfs definitely prove how time really flies. Everyone is a grown up now. Speaking of that, I'm turning 21 soon T.T

The meal was pretty good but extremely pricey. We ordered fried calamari for starters. It's a deep-fried white squid dish dipped in spicy spaghetti/pasta sauce for those of you who are ignorant about it. Then we ordered beef carbonara, fettucine (which tastes like carbonara too cuz it's equally cheesy) & a pizza. In the end, all of us were so stuffed till we could barely move. The highlight for the day was one of my buddies' birthday cake. I couldn't even finish my slice of cake & had to leave it there. I felt bad though but can't help it. I dun wanna risk exploding my stomach, y'know.

Somehow the dinner didn't turn out like I expected. While the other two were busy chattering with their bfs, the rest of us singles are chatting up ourselves. Not that I'm complaining much since I made a new friend. It's a pity that me & buddies didn't really get to chat like we used to. It should be a girls' outing in the first place but oh well...I'm not in the position to decide anything, am I? I wasn't talking much during dinner so it's awkward at times. I guess I deserve being left out considering what I've done in the past. Finally, the dinner ended at 10.30pm. For the first time, I left the shopping mall so late at night. I feel so liberal at that moment XD. Well not exactly cuz mum was shopping there during my outing. I mean, the feeling of going home late at night is unusual.

I told myself that I'll be getting a haircut tomorrow. I have to since my hair is incredibly long now. Look out for my new hairdo on Monday, ppl! ^^