Sunday, February 04, 2007

Boo-hoo! I didn't cut my hair at all -_-". The salon was so crowded yesterday with customers waiting to get their hair washed, cut, permed, dyed & etc. I got fed up of waiting & decided to stop by at Jaya for lunch. After that, I returned to the salon again to check out. Seems like the crowd is never ending. Off I went to Digital Mall with sis while Mum went for her dance practice. Guess what I bought there...

I bought Goong dvd set!!! XD I know, I know. I'm crazy but I couldn't help downloading it anymore. The torrent wasn't working at all for the past few weeks. Just when Bittorent decides to function, the seeders had remove the video files due to copyright infringement. Dang! After all my patience of downloading & waiting, I still failed to complete the drama. *sighs* The good news is the dvd set is licensed & distributed by a local company. This means it's much cheaper than the original Korean set. Can you believe that my box set is sold at RM200++ in YesAsia while mine was only RM143.90 after discount? The transport cost is crazy!!

Earlier today, I went for CNY shopping at Mid Valley. Felt kinda surprised that I finished shopping all the clothes I want within 3 hours. Much shorter than I usually do ^^. I didn't have to hunt for any shoes this time cuz I bought one really cute pair at Jaya yesterday. Will be putting up pics soon. Just have to push myself to do it since I'm being a lazy ass lately. All thanks to the wonky Internet, I sorta lost interest in going online. And the fact that my PC gets hanged easily if I open more than 4 programs. Sad, rite?

Why my package hasn't arrive yet?? T.T I wanna watch the concert dvd so badly. And the piano book...can't wait to play Dong Bang songs on the piano. Mr. Postman, pls send deliver my package asap for God's sake. Don't you dare lose my package or I'll slaughter you. *sharpens parang*