Friday, February 02, 2007

One more assignment handed in today! ^^ And off I went home to prepare for tonight's outing. Yup, that's right. I was supposed to meet up with my ex-schoolmates in 1 Utama for an Italian meal. I know this isn't me to go out on weeknights. In fact, I don't go out with my friends at night. Not that I haven't done it before but it's rare. Going out for dinner just now was a once in a blue moon thing. What a way to celebrate after handing in my assignment, ne~ ^^

It was great to catch up with my old buddies. I haven't been seeing them for a year so I wouldn't wanna miss this opportunity. Besides, 2 of them are gonna return to Australia within this month. The minute I arrived, I saw 3 familiar faces except 2 guys. Each seating next to one of my friends. I'm pretty sure one of them is my best friend's bf while I assumed the other dude is just a guy friend tagging along. I didn't realise he is my friend's bf & have been dating for the past 6 months. The used-to-be tomboy had finally gotten herself a partner. Wow! I mean, I didn't expect it to be so soon. Seeing the two of them with their bfs definitely prove how time really flies. Everyone is a grown up now. Speaking of that, I'm turning 21 soon T.T

The meal was pretty good but extremely pricey. We ordered fried calamari for starters. It's a deep-fried white squid dish dipped in spicy spaghetti/pasta sauce for those of you who are ignorant about it. Then we ordered beef carbonara, fettucine (which tastes like carbonara too cuz it's equally cheesy) & a pizza. In the end, all of us were so stuffed till we could barely move. The highlight for the day was one of my buddies' birthday cake. I couldn't even finish my slice of cake & had to leave it there. I felt bad though but can't help it. I dun wanna risk exploding my stomach, y'know.

Somehow the dinner didn't turn out like I expected. While the other two were busy chattering with their bfs, the rest of us singles are chatting up ourselves. Not that I'm complaining much since I made a new friend. It's a pity that me & buddies didn't really get to chat like we used to. It should be a girls' outing in the first place but oh well...I'm not in the position to decide anything, am I? I wasn't talking much during dinner so it's awkward at times. I guess I deserve being left out considering what I've done in the past. Finally, the dinner ended at 10.30pm. For the first time, I left the shopping mall so late at night. I feel so liberal at that moment XD. Well not exactly cuz mum was shopping there during my outing. I mean, the feeling of going home late at night is unusual.

I told myself that I'll be getting a haircut tomorrow. I have to since my hair is incredibly long now. Look out for my new hairdo on Monday, ppl! ^^