Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Grrr~ Pirated software annoys the hell out of me especially when the patch doesn't work at all. I bought an SPSS cd for only RM5. Stupid me for being so naive that cheap software would work with the given patch. After endless rounds of installing & unstalling, I couldn't crack that damn software to function properly. Lets just say it doesn't allow me to edit my output nor add text to it. *curses*

So I decided to borrow from my friend since his one works perfectly. It turned out to be...THE SAME!! OMG~ *dies* I seriously need the SPSS to practise T.T. I already gave up installing. Perhaps I'll try it later after reading my HRM notes. I'm supposed to start studying for next week's test. Yet I'm procrastinating -_-". Somebody pls smack me.

As I promised, I brought piccies ^^. And a link to Choosey Lover PopJam performance. The dance is super sexy XD. If only the fancam video is clearer. Who says fancams are crisps clear neways? And I see some Jaeho moments in there XD. Haha, it's actually about Jaejoong who almost bumped into Yunho during the performance. Jae touched Yunho lightly on the back just to notify him. I really can't wait for the PV to release. Meanwhile, enjoy the video ^^.

Goong DVD set

Shoes! ^^