Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Here's a small dose of Dong Bang fever for you guys ^^. Not exactly about the Dong Bangs but somewhat related. I present you the fancam video of the TVXQ Dance Competition which was held at Sungei Wang shopping mall. It was somewhere in March, I think. All I remembered was the event came a day after I attended the 1st TVXQ Malaysian FC gathering.

Now, the video shows the champion showcasing their winning dance choreography which was partially original. I have to admit that they were pretty impressive but there's still lots of room for improvement. Click the link below & see it for yourselves ^^.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End was pretty good. Though not superb like its predecessors, it was quite entertaining so to speak. Apparently, there were mixed reviews; some saying that it was awesome while naysayers complained about the plot to be too covoluted. I agree with that statement, which is why I was kinda disappointed as I was so hyped up & placing high expectations on the movie.

To those who has yet to watch it, don't be put off by my remarks. The movie is still worth watching. Just that it lacks the spark in which the two prequels had. While I was waiting for the cinema gate to open, I was standing in front of this huge (yes, I mean it...) promotional poster of Captain Jack Sparrow. Knowing that I have the hots for Johnny Depp, I had this wild intention of...ROBBING the poster & bring it back home!! Okay, okay. It was only a thought. Imagine having Johnny Depp aka Captain Jack Sparrow in your personal space XD. Yummy~ *drools*

The poster is exactly like the pic below except that it's rectangular & minus those French words. I should've take a snapshot of me standing next to it *smacks head*. But my stupid camera phone is crap -_-". Oh nvm...


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Why use Gmail? Because it rocks big time! XD Okay, lame...Wanna find out good stuff about Gmail. Click the link below. Cute commercial, it is.


Random post. I found this in one of the sites I was visiting & thought it was rather interesting. Perhaps some of you are aware of this discovery. Anyways, I might as well share with you all. It's mind blogging yet amazing.

Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at an Elingsh uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht frist and lsat ltteer is at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae we do not raed ervey lteter by itslef but the wrod as a wlohe.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Pissed. Disappointed. A little upset. That was how I felt when I failed to win the auction last night. I wanted this (pics below) quite badly & decided to go for it.

I was very close to winning it. Then, WHAM! Someone outbid me...

I could've won it if I could afford higher bid T.T. My competitor kept on bidding non-stop during the last 10 mins. I was one step I lost in the end. Whoever that fella is won with the bid of 9500 yen.

The Winner... -_-"

I should've bought this necklace earlier. *sighs*

Saturday, May 19, 2007

This movie is pretty old but I still find thrill watching it again. What's more, it will be shown on TV. On Animax~ Woo-hoo! I can't wait!!! *squee* The characters in the movie are to die for... XD

Friday, May 18, 2007

I've been longing to post the 東方神起xVERITE jewellery pics which I found from Cyxion forum. Some rich fella, I mean...REALLY RICH fan actually bought the whole collection. I felt so jealous cuz I intended to buy one of them when the jewelleries were available for order on in January. It was too pricey to begin with & so I changed my mind. Well, who said Japanese goods are cheap? *sighs* The money I saved up was used to buy the 1st Live Concert: Rising Sun DVD instead. And I thought those ridiculously expensive jewelleries didn't look too nice in the illustrations.

Little did I expect that these VERITE jewelleries turned out to be gorgeous. Like I said earlier, some rich fella bought the entire collection & took snapshots of every piece of silver jewelleries. At that moment, I was more convinced that they are indeed beautiful. I felt a tinge of regret for not ordering in the first place T.T. Yeah, it was pricey; it's even worse now. The only way to get any of the VERITE pieces is through Yahoo! Japan Auctions. It might sound crazy to you but there are auctioners out there willing to pay up to 10500 yen just for some silver crap. It's not even embedded in diamond. Imagine how much value the Dong Bangs have... o_O

Might as well show you guys the pics neway.

The complete 東方神起xVERITE collection

Chocolate look-alike magnet which comes with each piece of jewellery
(Not edible)

1 sided earring

Cross pendant with chain

Arabesque pendant with chain

Name-engraved pendant with chain
(5 members - Junsu, Yuchun, Jejung, Changmin & Yunho)

I saw the cross pendant with chain on Yahoo! Japan Auction & I'm so tempted to get it. Should I, should I? Two of my online friends told me not to get it. Not worth it, that's what they said. But's soooo pretty *drools* The auction ends on Sunday night which means I still got time to decide XD. And who knows I'll bid at the very last min. Evil~ XD

Source: Baidubar

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I was browsing through one of the Dong Bang forums as usual the other day & then came upon this topic about a newspaper article published in The Star. Surprisingly, it contained album reviews featuring Rain, TVXQ & Super Junior. Since the topic starter didn't post up the actual article, I decided to look it up myself. After reading it, I thought I might as well put it up here.

I wouldn't blame the author for not giving a good review as I don't expect him/her to fancy Korean boybands; what's more boybands are a thing in the past. The author gave a fairly good review about the Dong Bangs but not in the case for SuJu. They practically got bashed for having only pretty looks. Taken from the article: "...13 members. Why 13? Perhaps to to make up for the lack of talent?". Geez~ The 13 of them certainly have talents, unlike モーニング娘 (Morning Musume). Fyi, SuJu was formed based on the 13-member model of Momusu but way more talented than the female counterparts. I shall not elaborate more on the girls cuz you can easily find their videos on YouTube to gauge their level of talent.

Another excerpt: "But surprisingly, they are still around, thanks to their charm and immaculate packaging". Helloo?? Idols are all about charms, good looks & talent. That's how they are marketed to attract fangirls. Even singers need a certain degree of charm to succeed in the market. I've seen talented singers who failed to create a strong presence in the music industry. It's because they weren't attractive nor appealing enough. Simple as that. I have to disagree with the author about her remark.

On the vocal aspects, SuJu is not comparable to the Dong Bangs as the latter is one level higher. The Dong Bangs is in fact an acapella dance group; possessing better trained vocals are a sure thing. I wouldn't deny that SuJu might have been trained to sing acapella during their trainee days but they're supposed to portray a different image as a group. What's more, SuJu debuted later than Dong Bangs which means they're less experienced. The author made an unfair comparison between SuJu & Dong Bang. He/she must've been deaf or something. Dong Bang was also lip-synching in the concert, only fast songs though.

And if you read comments on Rain, there were quite a number of positive views. Rain has his own distinctive style but definitely weak on vocals. He is not even close to any of the Dong Bang members. The author seemed to favour Rain more no matter how hard he/she tried to be unbiased in writing this review. *sighs* He/she is free to express his/her opinions neway...

Click thumbnail for larger view.

Source: StarTwo, Thursday 10/5/07 (The Star)

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day celebration for this year was pretty interesting. For a change, we went to Bangsar Seafood Garden Restaurant for dinner. The ambience in both inside & outside the restaurant was classy, comforting & well-lit (but not too bright). Food was pretty delicious, of course. Desserts...I'd have to say, they were absolutely fantastic. The red bean tong sui was superb & not to forget the dark chocolatey cake which was given to all reservations courtesy of Mother's Day.

Indulging in that lovely cake was like a moment in heaven XD. Every inch of the cake is made from rich dark chocolate & other ingredients mixed together to perfection. Each bite will definitely blow you away. Too bad I don't have a camera to capture a shot of the cake. Apparently, the cake is homemade; specially ordered from this lady who goes by the name Mrs. McGregor. Ah, mat wonder the cake tasted incredibly good. She left her cellphone number & email address on the box too ^^. *grins*

As part of the restaurant's marketing gimmick, the staff took a family photo of us using a Lumix camera & even offered to print it. I guess we didn't pay a slightly high priced 8 course meal for nothing :D. Here's how the pic turned out...

P.S. My aunt said I looked like Faye from F.I.R. Fyi, F.I.R is a Taiwanese band which consists of 1 female (vocalist) & 2 males (keyboardist & guitarist). It must be due to my curls XD

Friday, May 11, 2007

There I was looking like a psycho girl who just escaped from an asylum when I stormed towards 100¥ショップ at SS2 while my Grandma dropped by at the morning wet market to grab some groceries. As soon as I entered the shop, I took no notice of the workers nor other items displayed & hurried towards the rack displaying none other than the 美Stick boxes. I promised Teema that I would get her Jaejoongie's box if I came upon one.

To my surprise, there were lots of white boxes with Jaejoong's porcelain-smooth face printed on them. You should've seen how my face gleamed & slowly turned into a huge stupid grin. Without wasting any time, I started searching for the rest of the members. There was an array of flavours available for sale (chocolate, coffee, chocolate errrr...) but most of them has Yoochunnie's face. Ack!

Since there were quite an amount of stocks with each of the members, I decided to grab them while they lasts. And so I grab them & put on the floor; dig some more for other flavours. This act of insanity probably drove the shopkeeper nuts (he must've been sniggering inside as well, hmmph~ more on that later). He approached & placed a shopping basket beside me; stood there for a couple of seconds trying to figure out what's so special about pretty boys on chocolate snacks boxes. Of course, they are. Because they're the Dong Bangs XD.

At the counter, the shopkeeper asked with a sly smile, "Is that all?". I said, "Yeah..." & started unloading the snacks from the basket. In total, I paid RM44.90 for all the snacks. Speaking of insanity, eh? He sniggered again before handing me the plastic bag & then clearly said, "Please COME AGAIN~". Get the sniggering part now? I'm probably one of those rare customers who walked out of the shop with a bagful of chocolate snacks worth RM44.90. Imagine paying that much for 9 boxes of snacks XD.

I felt poorer for the day but nevertheless, it made me happy ^^. At the moment, I'm still short of the complete set for the red boxes...*nudges Teema*

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Piccies, piccies! I here present the profile cards pictures for the main characters in Death Note movie. I scanned them using my junk printer so the quality ain't that great. More piccies to come when I finish scanning the rest. I'll probably put up the scans for the booklet too if I have the time ^^.


My Death Note Complete Set DVD just arrived today~ *drools* OMG!! The packaging & its content are as good as the pics I've posted previously (taken from DVDHeaven). Basically, this complete set has the following:

  1. Death Note DVD
  2. Death Note 2: The Last Name DVD
  3. Special Feature DVD
  4. Booklet (Interviews & behind-the-scenes pics)
  5. 2 sets of profile cards

Erm, 2 sets of profile cards?? Well,'s kinda odd. But more on that later. No snapshots of the box set at the moment cuz my Mum took her cellphone to the office. There's no way I'm gonna use my camera phone since the photo quality sucks. Plus, my Mum's phone has Bluetooth. Will be back with piccies. Stay tuned!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Today was a rather boring start for my 1st day of uni. Here I am, entering the 4th semester i.e. 2nd year of my degree studies. First class of the day was MKT323 with a young Indian male lecturer who will be teaching us direct marketing. I have no idea why but all of a sudden, he mentioned that our most dreaded lecturer for MKT326 has resigned. Boy, our gang were so pleased by the announcement! Since there wasn't much to teach (not many students either..), he let us go an hour earlier. With that, I had more than 2 hours break with nothing to do. So me & friends ended up loitering around campus & Asia Cafe until the next class commenced.

I made Teema come to see me though she didn't have any classes after 10am (tsk...she skipped neway XD). Umm, okay I'm not entirely sure but from what I know...she was nice enough to accompany me till 2pm. We made a deal to bring & exchange our gifts; I bought her a phone strap from Singapore while she got me a box of Mi-sticks from Korean Village at Ampang. The minute we got hold of our gifts, we started squealing delightfully XD. I was thrilled with the sight of Jaejoong's gorgeous face on the Mi-stick box while Teema loved the strap to bits. Fyi, I bought the same thing for Jen but in a different colour. I'm glad you gals love your stuff very much. It's just a small token of appreciation for our friendship during these semesters. Love you gals~ ^^ *hugs*

As for the Mi-sticks snack, I couldn't bear peeling the box & ruining it just to remove a packet of chocolate-coated-stick-liked biscuits. At the same, I didn't wanna put the biscuits to waste by keeping them until they rot (btw, the deadline is Dec 2007 XD). I'm such a fickle, ne? And so I carefully cut open the bottom part of the box with a blade & distributed the snack to my buddies. One of my guy friends even said, "Gimme the sticks~ I love DBSK food too!". I'd swear I almost choked in between chewing the stick & laughing simultaneously...Ack~ It was one of his tricks to get free food neways *shrugs*

The MKT321 lecturer which had masculine-ish name turned out to be a petite & pretty lady. Nothing much to say about her as she dismissed the class rather early as well. When it was time for MKT326, we entered class & to our dismay; our dreaded lecturer was standing right in front of our very eyes -_-". I'd have to say, he did improve on his teaching skills but it wasn't much better than the last time he taught us. Hmm, that was a year ago. I heard that this week would be his last; so we won't be seeing him anymore next week. Makes me wonder who & how our new lecturer will be. Hmm...

After getting Jaejoong Mi-sticks box, I'm so tempted to collect the rest of the members too. Btw, it costs RM2 per box & there's lots of flavours packed in different designs. I told myself, "why not grab them all?" XD



Sunday, May 06, 2007

After watching Star King several times, I have to express how much I'm attracted to 꼬마신기 just like I adore their hyungs. They're actually a group of kids impersonating the Dong Bangs in this talent show; in which only one contestant (individual/group) will win the grand prize. They're called Kko Ma Shin Ki in Hangul whereby kko ma means kid literally. This means they're also know as mini DBSK.

Though the kids didn't win, they have created much hype among Dong Bang fans including me ^^. Believe it or not, these young ones are too adorable to resist. Now if you look them up in YouTube, I'm sure there're plenty of fan-subbed videos on that particular Star King episode. Anyways, I made some screencaps from the show which features both 동방신기 and 꼬마신기 taking pics together. See how much the kiddies resemble their hyungs. Uber cuteness~ *squee*

동방신기 and 꼬마신기 in action!!

U-know Moonbin & U-know Yunho

Micky Yoochun & Micky Chanhee

Choikang Donghoon & Choikang Changmin

Yoongwoong Jaejoong & Yoongwoong Soungwoong

Xiah Junsu & Xiah Inhwan

Note: Screencaps credit goes to me! ^^

Friday, May 04, 2007

I was surfing YouTube earlier today & came upon 2 videos of the same Korean girl doing covers of Mariah Carey's songs. I have to admit - she has an exceptionally good voice. As in...SUPERB! You guys should watch it & see for yourselves. Apparently she hasn't debut yet so there wasn't much info about her yet. Here are the links to her video & be prepared to be mesmerised.

Guess what, I passed all my exams... *squee* Kyaaaaa!!!! Haha, I couldn't be bothered about how I did. Most importantly, I cleared all the subjects in the previous semester XD. Since there're only 6 subjects for Year 2 left, I only took 4 subjects for the coming semester. My holidays are coming to an end & it's time to work like mad again *sighs*. Wish me well, ppl!

*yawns* Gah~ So sleepy...btw, this pic of Yunho is too sexy that it NEEDS to be shared. Drool on, gals! XD *giggles* Okay, I'm done for tonight.

Credits: Daum + BZ + indicted@LJ

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Here are the piccies that I promised to post up. Enjoy! ^^

Lovely earrings, aren't they? ^^

Okay, these are the only things I bought for myself. Call me a hopeless shopper *nods* cuz I dunno what else to buy. The things are sooo expensive T.T. Whatever it is, the next set of pics are only me, ME & ONLY ME! :D Hahahaha.

My new hairstyle! :D

P.S.: Excuse the lame t-shirt. It's my old school t-shirt XD.


Hello everyone!! I'm back~ *dances* Did y'all miss me?? XD Basically, there wasn't much about the trip. Like I mentioned earlier, it's more like a shopping trip rather than a vacation. Besides, who said Singapore is a place for sightseeing? Anyways, the trip turned out good & bad. Probably one of the worse trip I've experienced. I was so unfortunate to get food poisoning on my 2nd day in Singapore. Yes, SINGAPORE!!! Everything in that country; including food should be squeaky clean (or at least better than Malaysia). It turned out to be otherwise for my case -_-".

I only ate seafood noodle at this restaurant in Suntec City Mall & the problem started there. How would you feel when you couldn't stop puking while on the journey back to JB? Gross, I know. I puked almost everywhere. Taxi. In the toilet. Bus. You name it...The experience was awful~ T.T And I couldn't help but cried out cuz it was pretty embarrassing. But what can I do? *runs to the corner & weep*

When I arrived at JB, my uncle rushed me to the clinic. Guess what? The nurses were unwiling to register me in since it was already late at night. Thank God my uncle knew the doctor really well so the nurses had no choice but let me in. To my surprise, the doc doesn't use paper at all. All he did was scribble notes on his WACOM pad while I told him my problems. Wow! Even doctors working in PJ hospitals don't use that thing XD. Okay, I feel like a jakun -_-". What's even more shocking is that doc is a big fan of Korean dramas. o_O Bwuh? I've never seen such a sentimental guy before. This is definitely an eye-opener. How did I find out? Aiyah, my uncle lent to him my aunt's collection of Korean DVDs lor...

I feel much better now so don't worry too much ^^. Hmm, I supposed the lack of sleep pretty much worsen my sickness. Meanwhile, I'm trying to shy away from seafood. Ugh, bad memories. Lol. Gah, I've missed my chance to eat the famous abalone noodle that my family is boasting about. I think I'm the only one left who hasn't tried it. Oh well, there's always other time. Other memorable moments like my grandma falling down is priceless XD. Haha, it sounds mean for laughing at her but she was too careless. She tried stepping up the escalator when it's meant to go down. I'm speechless... -_-"

Not all things turned out bad after all. I managed to buy 2 pairs of beautiful earrings & souvenirs for Jen & Fatimah. Tsk, tsk...I'll give you gals in uni XD. Sadly, I didn't shop much but it was pretty fun window shopping & enjoying the moments of drooling over stuffs that I can never afford to buy. Perhaps when I start working ^^. Though I kinda regret not buying a pair of Converse shoes (about RM80+); after further coaxing from my cousin bro - I thought maybe I should go to Singapore again end of this year for another shopping trip. That's the best time to go cuz there'll be a BIG sale :D.

Will be back to edit this post with piccies but don't expect lots of them. There wasn't much to snap & plus, me ain't got a camera. I'll definitely take a pic of myself. Why? I did something to my hair XD. Don't be shocked...