Friday, December 29, 2006

Yippee! Today was my last day of work. I'm not working there anymore cuz uni is about to start soon. Besides, it's not very fun wiping those fragile dishes as extra care is needed. And it's pretty annoying at times when there are weird walk-in customers. Working in that cafe is a good experience though, despite the small scale. There were no regrets at all ^^.

Grandma was asking me whether the cafe people bid me farewell. Of course not! It's merely a goodbye. What is she expecting? Them throwing a party & wishing me well?? Nah, don't even think about it. The lady boss is pretty stingy. Furthermore, I don't really get along with them throughout my working period. There were some light moments as well as frustrating incidents. Come to think of it, I'm just a temporary worker. I don't deserve a farewell ceremony or some sort. And it's best that my relationship with them stays this way, not any closer.

Woo-hoo!! My long awaited package is finally here~ *dances* Phew! What a long wait...the minute I opened the package, I was disappointed that the t-shirt is the wrong size. I contacted the girl & then only she said S size was out of stock. She could've informed beforehand. I really regretted buying from her. Grrr! Despite that, I'm impressed that the words imprinted on the black shirt is of gold glitter which suits perfectly well. You can say that I was surprised since I was unaware of it. The online pics couldn't capture the glitter well. The M size is definitely too big for me. But I guess I'll try figure out something to make me look less auntie-like while wearing it. Maybe a little bling bling accessories will do the trick XD. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets...

The earthquake had put Internet connections to a halt. Erm...almost -_-". One of the reasons why I haven't been blogging often. Btw, I'm lazy & there's nothing sensational to talk about. I had devoted my Internet time to watch TV instead. Slow connections is a PAIN. Isn't it better to not surf & avoid the suffering? ^^

Monday, December 25, 2006

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Sorry for the rather late greeting cuz I was out the whole day. And guess what? I pierced my ears today~ XD Yup, finally. My left ear is hurting a little now. I dunno why but I hope water didn't get into it. This time, I applied oil as a precaution to prevent my piercings from getting wet & eventually get infected. In 3 weeks, I guess I can remove the studs & start wearing different earrings in no time. *claps*

Btw, I didn't mentioned about last night's incident. I got bitten by my own dog when I was about to do laundry. My dog was sitting facing the back door of the kitchen when I walked out. He bit me for no reason. Lucky thing there was no bleeding but his fang left a small cut & bruise. The thing is...I got confused whether the bruise was caused by him or it was me who hit the gates while trying to escape. But the small cut was definitely the dog's fault. I was in the midst of panic & fear so don't expect me to remember what exactly happened. I didn't tell Dad about the bruise since I wasn't 100% positive that it was bitten. And didn't want Dad to hit the dog just because I had a small cut.

Even if the dog did it, I'll remain silent. Besides, I feel heartbroken when Dad hits that dog. I understand that German shepards turn insane when they reach a certain age. Perhaps my dog is undergoing the transition. So, hopefully no one gets seriously injured in the process. I'm just worried that family visitors become victims unknowingly. So anyone of you who're planning a visit to my house, just be more cautious. Meanwhile, I'll try to keep my dog under control.

I've been told that my Dong Bang concert goods will be sent this Wednesday. Lets hope that girl keeps her promise since she had another valid reason for not sending them. The goods came back from Japan again but unfortunately, her father passed away that day. The mournings indeed prevented her from shipping the goods out. *sighs* I'm just puzzled why I'm so unlucky. She failed to send the goods as there's always incidents -_-". She's smsed me using her lost phone number recently, which is weird. Unless DiGi has an option which allow its users to recover their lost number. Hmm maybe...God, pls make her send the goods quick. I'm tired of waiting already -_-".

Sunday, December 24, 2006

My clock shows 1.57am, Dec 24. It's the time of the year again~ Time to dig out my huge Santa hat & put it on XD. But sadly, I'm not going anywhere this Christmas' Eve. Am I the only hopeless one who has nowhere to go but get stuck at home? *sighs* Such a pity, ne~ And I ain't getting more Christmas pressies cuz my family doesn't celebrate in the first place. Yeah, I got the earrings from Mum & sis. Is that counted as a gift for Christmas? Think so -_-".

Basically, it's not about the presents that keeps bothering me. I felt left-out for not being able to be part of this jolly-good-fun Christmas. Even my sis had invitations to her friend's church party -_-". Lets see...maybe getting stuck at home is not exactly a bad idea. I still have my Dong Bang cracks to keep me entertained, right? *nods* Yup, I shall stop complaining-lah. Tee-hee :D.

Since I couldn't drag myself to sleep, cam-whoring taking pics is the remedy to my ultimate boredom. Due to my camera phone's limitation, this is the result of my doodling session...

Boo-hoo! This is lame...

As usual, the Dong Bangs is always trying to rip money from fans like me. First, it was the multiple versions of 3rd album. Next is the limited edition calendars which comes in hanging, desktop or pocket size (I didn't buy, though). Btw, who actually buys calendars?? Pretty waste of money. Okay, apparently their Rising Sun concert DVD is expected to release on Dec 28. God, pls kill me now!! That is the DVD that I hunger for ever since I entered the Dong Bang world. I thought the boys might slow down so that I can cash in on their Japanese albums. I missed their Heart, Mind and Soul album & concert DVD. What's more, I had plans to buy their piano collection book. It's so tempting T.T.

Not to forget w-inds. THANKS concert DVD which was released few days ago. Which means I have to put w-inds. on hold cuz that DVD costs my entire fortune a bomb. And then the Dong Bangs teamed up with VERITE to design silver accessories to lure fans to get them. The only thing which caught my attention is the cross earrings. Cross earrings ROCKS! Well, it does accentuate Jaejoong's style. Makes me wonder whether the earrings is his creation. Priced at 4900yen, I thought the earrings is too pricey. As usual, it's a collector's item & hence the hefty price tag. Silver 925 could be the reason for the high price too. Is it worth buying??

See that cross earrings? Nice, isn't it?

Saturday, December 23, 2006

After some serious pondering, perhaps I shouldn't rush into getting a laptop. The thing the lappie so necessary that I have to get one? The lappie definitely comes in handy as I can carry it around & work at anywhere, anytime. But on the other hand, I'll most likely use it more for word processing, powerpoint presentations & some other simple applications that do not require a powerful machine. My good ol' desktop is more than sufficent, to be honest. It's just that my PC seriously needs to be formatted so that it works fine.

What made me changed my mind all of a sudden? Oh well, it started like this. I came across this ad about notebook promotions in conjunction with the year-end sale. The Compaq model which I've been eyeing all this while is sold only at RM3999. A difference of RM200 from the retail price quoted by HP's site. Plus other freebies such as Santa hamper & free petrol vouchers for early customers. This promotion is really worthwhile & I thought that I should inform Dad when he comes back from work.

Just a while ago I mentioned to him about the promotion. He showed some interest & agreed that it's a great bargain. Upon telling him that the sale is held at Low Yat Plaza, he was hesitant about taking me there. He even asked if I really want it right away. I felt bad when he asked like that & quickly told him we don't need to hurry. By the look of his face, I could tell that he's pretty reluctant. Dad is not earning much so I guess I deserve some spanking for indirectly pestering persuading him to buy a lappie. It's not right now, I told myself that I shouldn't have asked for one in the first place. Stupid me! -_-"

I did mentioned about needing a lappie in front of my grandparents. They must've told Dad about it, I reckoned. Dad will buy one for me when I voiced out about needing it when the time comes. Felt really guilty now T.T. Hmm, I should start forgetting about this. It's not like I'm getting a lappie anytime soon. Or even buying one at all...relax~ *sighs* It's a false hope, after all.

And what the hell is wrong with being a Chinese & not knowing any Mandarin? It's embarrassing but I can't do anything, can I? Stupid customer jokingly said about wanting to scold my parents for failing to teach me Mandarin. It's not funny, puh-lease! This is plain intimidating & INSULTING~ Yeah, I can't take jokes when it comes to personal matters. Too bad I lost the chance to verbally attack him. I'm not like him...I give due respect cuz he's a loyal customer. The guy should learn to shut up when necessary. Not all jokes turn out funny even if you don't mean it...

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I can't stop spazzing right now. Cuz I just received a package from my friend in Japan today. *squee* It's the 東方神起 Heart, Mind and Soul concert merchandise that I made my friend bid in Yahoo! Japan auction. Till now I still couldn't believe my eyes when I opened the package. For the first time in my life...I managed to get hold of a singer's concert goods direct from Japan. I thought I'll never have the chance since no one whom I knew actually attends a Japanese concert. This is a dream come true~ *tears of happiness*

And yes, the item I bought is indeed expensive but it's worth every cent. Take a look at it & you'll know what I mean...

Mind you, this one wasn't sent by the girl in wflforums. I'm still waiting for the my orders which has the same phone strap & a T-shirt. Haven't received anything from her yet therefore, I'm extremely disappointed with the way she handles things. But oh well, as long as she sends it & not cheat my RM195. Besides, amaru-chan is still waiting for her photobook so I'm not the only victim. I know who I can trust now. My ex-schoolmate...duh! Part of me still believes that Sabrina will keep her promise. She's just an inefficient seller, that's all. Hopefully my instincts are right. *prays*

Before I go to bed (it's really late here...XD), I wanna spam this post with some pics. Okay...not really a spam but only pics of the Korean earrings that Mum bought. More reasons to get pierced asap. Too bad I won't be able to wear them soon. Perhaps 2 months after the piercings is sufficient to prevent the holes from closing.

Aren't these pretty? ^^

This is random. I didn't realise that I'm quite a Korean addict all this while. Not because of the Dong Bangs. You see, I used to play the ever-addictive Ragnarok Online. I'm obsessed with Korean instant noodles & my phone is a Korean brand which sounds alien to majority of my friends. I was using a Samsung 15" CRT monitor before I switched back to the old 17" Genius monitor cuz that Korean-made died for good. What made me decide to ride on the hallyu only now & not before? I was in denial about my love for Korean, I supposed XD. Conclusion: I'm still & will most likely stay obsessed to anything Japanese or Korean.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

This is definitely a weekend full of birthdays... ^^ Therefore, there're more reasons to celebrate besides the coming Christmas. First off, a very Happy Birthday to my three darlings the boys from w-inds. & 동방신기!! *throws confetti*


橘 慶太


May the boys receive more than just a Christmas pressie this Yuletide season! XD

Xiah Junsu - 20 years old
Keita Tachibana - 21 years old
Ryuichi Ogata - 21 years old

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Mum & sis are back from Singapore today. And they got me a little Christmas pressie too ^^. They knew that I love earrings & bought a pair which looks so pretty. I haven't gone for piercings yet (which I will soon...) so Mum & sis asked the salesgirl to custom make the earrings into clip-ons. They're sweet, aren't they? I can't stop spazzing right now XD. Finally, I can put on some jewellery on my ears before I get the real piercings done. Such a long wait, ne~ Here it pressie from Singapore.

Shiny thingy under the box...


Trust me, clip-ons look exactly like real piercings on your ears. I've tried it & totally loving it. The best part is it doesn't hurt at all as the tension is adjustable. Haven't seen any clip-ons in Malaysia yet. Let me know if there are any beautiful ones. Not that I know of so far.

Mum also bought lots of earrings imported from Korea & omg...those are LOVE!! Sadly, all those needs ears to be pierced. Yup, I'm so eager to get my ears pierced again. You know what, I couldn't believe my eyes when sis showed me those gorgeous items. They look almost similar to those in Asmama. *spazzzzz* Mum said she planned to give some to her friends but I immediately said NO. We're taking them all, I told her XD. She could've bought more cuz it's dirt cheap but too bad...she didn't expect I would love these earrings more than ever. Who cares if she can't wear them all cuz I'm getting my piercings done. I'm so gonna wear & flaunt them proudly in uni. I know I'm perasan here...forgive me -_-".

Then, along came a package from Singapore (yup, that's right!) which made spazz all over again. Why? Oh God, my Yunho earrings are right my hands now XD.

Cross earrings RULES! XD

All thanks to ace-chan for the great handiwork...

Courtesy of Toy-Box

Oh yes! Before I forget, w-inds. is gonna release a new single sometime in January. Finally~ After a long hiatus, they're back in full force (I hope). I heard the radio ripped & it's pretty okay. Need some time for the song to grow on me. It's a pity that they're doing covers again. I expected more originals from them cuz they're lacking originality lately. If it's for the sake of releasing a single, I'm truly disappointed. I hope not...

Monday, December 11, 2006

Got a call from my grandaunt that my granduncle passed away early this morning. His liver cancer was beyond cure & he died upon reaching the hospital. It was a shocking news for all of us. Only a week ago, my family visited him at his house. He was already weak at that time but there was still some energy in his speech. Sadly, I didn't get to see for the last time cuz I went to PC Fair that day.

I could hardly believe that his cancer is in the final stage. At the moment, he's in the waiting list for surgery to remove the tumour in his liver (govt hospital, that's why). I guess he couldn't wait any longer as the cancer is already in the critical stage. Perhaps an early detection would've save his life but I doubt that he went for a proper scan to check for tumours. I assumed he only depended on normal normal checkups. You know, those monthly checkups to test for high blood pressure, diabetes & so on.

My advice is...go for a thorough scan to check for any illness if there's any changes in the body. Sometimes diseases won't show up until the final stage but that would be too late for treatments. Cut down on alcoholic drinks cuz it kills your liver. The best is don't take at all. My granduncle was a heavy drinker so that explains the cancer. Hear me, ppl?

It is a great loss for all of us. Though I don't have any fond memories of him as I only meet him once in a blue moon or during festive ocassions. Despite all that, he left an impression on me. A great speaker, he is was. He spoke like those DJs on radio with deep voice & well-refined language. Mum told me that he used to be a story-teller/narrator in Redifusion (now known as 98.80FM). A great talent, right? Anyways, Dad said my granduncle's life has come to end & it's time for him to leave the world. Therefore...we should accept his death, say our prayers & move on. I guess Dad is right, in a way.

Dear Granduncle,
May you rest in peace. Fond memories of you will be cherished & remembered always. God bless...

Sunday, December 10, 2006

I didn't expect Compaq's new range of Presario notebooks look damn good O_O. I happened to come across it while I was browsing for laptops with Dad at Digital Mall. The salesman in the first shop we visited was introducing one of the Presario's lower specification (specs) models. At first, I wasn't keen on looking at it cuz the specs is pretty low. But I have to admit that the design is absolutely gorgeous & feels solid too. Since the specs are not sufficient to support Vista, I moved on to another shop. Compaq wasn't in my most wanted list of notebook in the first place. Just thought their notebooks are rather pricey for specs lower compared to Acer.

When I entered the next shop, I immediately walked to the section where Acer notebooks are displayed. The one I was planning to buy that Dad will most likely buy for me is the Aspire 5584WXMi at the price of RM3888. After taking a closer look at it, it looks cheap...just like the price too. It seems Acer decides to use some crappy material for the black frame around the display to keep the cost low. I was pretty disappointed by that.

Along came the Compaq Presario V3166AU, a brand new model powered by AMD Turion 64 x2 which caught our attention. Priced at RM3299, the specs are pretty okay with good graphics card. My only qualms is the fact that it's AMD. And the RAM is only 512MB. I'm worried the chip might overheat & cause problems after continuous usage. The Intel version only provides Intel GMA 950. Sad...T.T

Dad & I thought the Compaq lappy looks pretty good but it might not worth the value we pay for. It's kinda pricey for the specs slightly lower compared to Acer's. An almost equal comparison for the Compaq with Acer is priced higher. In a way, Compaq is still more expensive. Perhaps due to its brand name & plus point...stunning design XD.

*sighs* Oh well. I'm not in a hurry to get one yet as I'm still in the midst contemplating between the two. Dad told me to take my time before I make my final decision. He just told me he prefers Compaq's overall builtup. Specs wise, he's not bothered about it cuz I'm the one using it. Heard that Acer's after-sales service is crappy too. I dunno why many forumers said so but will try to find out soon.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Yummy~ ^^ I was eating toasted bread with butter & cheese 45 mins ago. Just felt like eating something to fill up my stomach XD. It's 1.23am now. Time for bed so nite nite ppl.


Politicians never learn, do they? Just because they make a stupid remark & gets bashed by all parties, they merely apologise for the misunderstanding - expecting the public to forgive them. The RM500 fine had been altered to apply to Muslim women only. Honestly, I feel sorry for these women. It's pretty obvious that the new law imposed is more of an anti-feminism. Gender equality can never be achieve if such rule exist. Women are being controlled over petty stuff...gosh! I really dunno what else to say cuz this issue frustrates me a lot.

One customer asked for my name today. Initially I was pretty reluctant to reveal my name but I gave it anyway. Apparently the Chinese dude wanted to know my name & so his Indian friend asked on behalf of him. I know I was a little unfriendly there but I'm not here to socialise. My job is to be courteous & serve your orders. Sorry but I find this kinda annoying at times. Unless I know you & would like to introduce me to someone, it's not okay to randomly ask my name for the sake of knowing me while I'm busy with work. I'm serious about my work.

Another customer got me irritated as well. Everyone in the cafe was annoyed, not just me. He seriously need to take up lessons on phone etiquette. Now I understand why Jen gets irked by people with such rude manners. You don't yell on the phone in the public/enclosed area no matter how enraged you are. In fact, you're disturbing other people when peace is what they need most in the hustle bustle of the city. He was yelling to the guy on the line (Celcom cuz I overheard it -_-") for doing a sluggish job. I can't help but listened to his ramblings cuz he made everyone focus on him. How am I supposed to NOT listen, right? *sighs*

And why am I always so unlucky ne? T.T That girl is supposed to send my Dong Bang goods this week but she ended up returning them to her buddy in Japan. Why? Cuz there is slight damage with the goods & she didn't wanna sell bad quality goods to me. That's very thoughtful of her but this means waiting for another week. *sighs* If there is a small scratch, I can tolerate it. I can't stand the delays. *sobs* Hopefully, everything would be fine soon by Christmas. Sorry for the endless the rants...I'm just not so happy today.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The pervy customer dropped by the cafe today. This time, he ordered breakfast when it was already past 11.30am (breakfast hour is over). I told him politely but he still insisted it just because he hadn't taken breakfast yet. Geez...he said in a such a way as if he's trying hard to impress me with his oh-so-not-funny jokes. Lame!

The most disgusting part was when I asked him, "Encik nak apa?". He answered, "Saya nak awak..." Ewww!!! What the hell was that for?? *pukes* That was totally gross~ Okay, I had enough talking about him. Imagining him makes me squirm in disgust. *shakes head*

There are several Indonesian workers living in the house behind mine. I supposed someone bought the bungalow & decided to renovate it. Yesterday, this annoying worker climbed up & stood on our wall to pluck rambutans from our tree. He had been plucking the fruits since Monday but we couldn't bothered cuz the tree grew over the wall. But he got greedy & continued plucking more. The funny thing is...that dude almost fell off the wall. I was praying hard he would fall cuz my dog will be ready to pounce on him anytime soon. He deserves it, ya know. Stupid fool!

Have you ever heard of imposing RM500 fines on women with indecent attire?? Well, the Kelantan Menteri Besar is planning to enforce such law to restrict women from wearing improper clothing. According to him, this is effective to reduce the number of rape cases. Lets rephrase & put it this strip off women's decision making rights & well-deserved respect. Women do not need to be told about what not to wear. So what if women are fully covered like a ninja? Do they help to prevent men from being sexually provoked? Look in the papers & you find men do get aroused by old grannies to the extend of harrassing them. Think about this. Grandmas don't dress sexy.

It's time the Menteri Besar should stop blaming women but men themselves for being immoral & not able to control their strong sexual desires. Look who's immoral now. Women or men? You decide the verdict when a woman/girl - 9 years old, wears tudung or a granny etc. - gets raped by a man.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

There was no water supply during late afternoon. I thought it would be back later in the evening & so I went to sleep instead. It turned out that the problem still persists, even until now -_-". I ended up taking my bath in cold water. It was pretty difficult at first cuz I'm not used to cold shower. But it turned out fine ^^. I mean, I don't wanna catch a cold as it was already after 8pm. Taking a shower using cold water at night is bad for the bones, you know? You'll understand when you grow old.

Anyways, the girl whom I ordered Dong Bang concert merchandise has finally returned from her Indonesia trip. I managed to get hold of her on the phone yesterday & she was really sorry for her long absence. Duh! Of course anyone would be dead worried if the seller is keeping your money & goods not sent. My goods from Japan arrived her house so she'll be sending the package by this week. Hopefully...if she doesn't keep her promise, I'll start bugging her again. On reasons why she didn't sms me when she returned cuz her phone ran out of credit. Nevermind, I forgive her for that. Lets hope she didn't post to the wrong address. I'm 100% sure that I gave her the correct address. I gave the address twice, just to be sure that she jots down the accurately.

A while ago, I received this perfume which came together with my package from YesAsia. It was nicely wrapped & didn't open it until last week. Little did I expect that the perfume has a sweet fragrant. I would describe the scent as sweet, flower-ish & medium-strong. Much stronger than Ralph by Ralph Lauren. It's called the Love Passport a bloom by a Japanese company called Fits. Hmm, it does smell pretty similar to the Ralph one though. Piccies below...

Don't expect the bottle to be sophisticated. It's just a sample

Did I mention that I ordered Yunho's look-alike earrings? I guess I left out this bit of news. I did post up the pic in previous post. November 20, if I'm not mistaken. You can say that I'm getting my ears pierced again soon. Don't be surprised about my initial thought of getting clip-ons due to the past experience of ear infection. Unfortunately, our great Malaysia doesn't have any beautiful ready-to-wear clip-ons. Since Mum & sis will be going to Singapore, I made sis to hunt down some for me. Meanwhile, I get my ears pierced first. Would love to have clip-ons or piercings similar to the Dong Bangs XD. Something like the one below...

It's pretty similar to Yoochun's... XD

Btw, my Bluetooth device looks like this...

Not too bad, huh? XD

This Bluetooth thingy costs RM15 only, believe it or not. Made in China, I pressume. Hmm...should be. The box tells it all. It still works though the drivers installation was quite tedious. Signal is a bit lower than I expected. Who cares as long as it works fine, right? Can't expect much from a cheapo gadget. I already started spamming Mum's phone with Dong Bang songs XD.

Credits (earrings pic): Asmama

Sunday, December 03, 2006

I'm back from hiatus mode ^^. Haven't been updating the blog lately to keep you all updated. Sorry folks! I have been in a dilemma lately cuz I have a feeling that I've been swindled for the first time. I'm pretty reluctant to reveal it but I guess I should let go a little bit this time. I'm afraid my family might find out this bit of news. So, all you people out there who's reading this...just keep this to yourselves.

You know, I was worried sick for the past 2 weeks cuz I haven't got any news from the girl who's supposed to send Dong Bang's goods to me. Even now, I'm still anxious. I was pretty sure that she cheated my money since she was away for a month (instead of within 2 weeks). Just only yesterday I found out that she's also selling stuff under a different nickname in KPop Kingdom forum. Apparently she's an official member too (as in member of a fanclub or some sort). And guess what...she had a successful transaction with one buyer. Maybe there are more but none of them posted it in that thread, mentioning about the goods received. So happen this member posted a message informing the goods' arrival.

I was pretty relieved after reading that. Maybe that seller's long absence is due to family matters. Yeah, she's supposed to attend a funeral in Indonesia. She did mention about her hiatus in that forum but not in wflforums. Can't blame her cuz wflforums was down for weeks. Lucky thing she sent a text message asking me about it. I guess everything makes sense now. I think I can relax a bit & wait till she returns. Meanwhile, I won't let down my guards as she definitely owes an explantion for her prolong stay/absence. C'mon, she's keeping a large sum of my money.

Ok, lets forget about that. The goods news is...I went to PC Fair today, bought an external hard disk (finally!) & a Bluetooth USB device. Initially, I had plans to go with Dad. Sadly, there was a last minute change in plans so he couldn't go. I went with Mum & sis instead. I wanted Dad to go so badly cuz we're supposed to browse for laptops. He intended to buy for me. Since he didn't follow so I was quite disappointed. Now that I have additional hard disk space, I don't see getting a laptop necessary. I don't wanna pressure Dad to get me a brand new one. Though my PC is getting old day by day (it's already 4 yrs old...), it's still workable. Hopefully I'll get my very own laptop when the PC dies for real. Hey, hey...touch wood! Hush~

Btw, I've tried holding the Panasonic Lumix camera. My dream camera, mind you. It's lovely!! *spazzz* The O.I.S. really works wonders though the camera is not as slim as Olympus' new model. Oh yeah, I love that Olympus too XD. I'm going camera crazy again, sorry -_-". Too bad anyways...cuz I won't be getting a camera so soon. Ahhh~ Curse the thief for stealing my baby T.T.

A new phone is what I need at the moment or maybe soon. My phone is showing signs of illness & needs some repair. I found the repair costs around RM100++. Again, I'm reluctant to pay for that. Yeah, blame me all you want. I bet you all will tell me to ditch the idea of stocking up on Dong Bang stuff & repair that God damned phone. The repair cost is pretty expensive...might as well get a new phone, don't you think? But the prob comes when I don't have sufficient cash to fund the purchase. I don't mind sticking to the old phone. Let it die a slow death. I can't do anything about it since I already took great care of it.

Alrite. Enough of ramblings for today. There's work tomorrow so bye for now. *jumps to bed & start snoring*

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

For the first time in my life, I went for a blood test. It's for the sake of checking whether my body has Hepatitis B antibody. Hepatitis B surface Antibodies (HBsAb), so to speak. Why the sudden random blood test? Well, just because Mum went for a full blood test a couple of weeks ago & decided to make me do the same. Of course, it's only for that hepatitis thingy. So, off I went to LifeCare which is just next to the cafe I work in. One of Mum's friends works there & I guess that explains it all.

Knowing my paranoia for needles, I thought the experience would turn out to be awful. Haha. But everything was fine. Silly me! It felt like getting an injection. I yelped a little when the needle was being pulled out but it wasn't that bad after all. Since I had no idea about my blood group, the admin lady gave the blood group test for free. Very nice of her ^^.

Results came out few hours later. The conclusion is...I have the antibodies! Yay for that~ ^^ I get to save up RM100++ instead of paying for the jab. And my blood group is O positive. All this while, I knew that blood O flows in my body but didn't expect my rhesus is a positive. Oh well...*shrugs*

Sunday, November 26, 2006

AHHHH!!! I really couldn't hold on to my excitement. How should I put it? TVXQ WAS THE BIG WINNER FOR THE 2006 MKMF AWARDS!!! OMG!! If only I could watch the live telecast & join them to cry & sob over the win...that could've been awesome. My dear Dong Bangs won 4 awards last night.

  1. Best Group
  2. Mnet Plus Mobile Popularity Award
  3. Award

and lastly... *drum rolls*


Congrats to the boys!!! I'm so proud of them. Not to forget my darlings from Japan...


Ahhh~ This is definitely a weekend to remember. The weekend for awards show with great achievements from w-inds. & TVXQ. おめでとう!これからもっとがんばってね!

Credits: Star News, mydaily

Saturday, November 25, 2006

OMG! The Dong Bangs were at the film festival in Taiwan yesterday~ *spazzz* They looked so fregging hot!! *drools* The best part is, they were the presenters for Best Music Award & also performed "O"-正.反.合. in front of audiences from all over the world. Anyways, the movie Perhaps Love was announced the winner for that award. Too bad the event wasn't telecast live in my country. Apparently, Astro AEC will be showing the recorded version on Dec 2. Definitely looking forward to that show. *puts a mark on the calendar* XD

Since there wasn't any good shows to watch, I ended up watching the live telecast of 43rd Golden Horse Awards. Also held in Taipei, the awards mainly focused on films from Hong Kong, Taiwan & China. No big winners tonight as the awards were quite spread out. The results of the show is available from the link below:

The 43rd Golden Horse Awards Results List

The person who really surprised me was Goum Ian Iskandar, the winner of Best Supporting Actor award in After This Our Exile. Firstly, his name is not even close to a Chinese name. Secondly, he is soo young. Thirdly, he speaks perfect Cantonese *applauds*. I saw some clips of his acting during the nominations. He does have star potential. I guess we'll be seeing more of his shows some time in the future.

Will be back to edit post later. I was thinking of posting pics of TVXQ in Taiwan but I forgot to save some of them from LJ. And now LJ is bitching on me giving me a hard time so I couldn't access the comm again -_-". Sorry about the boring post. Bye for now~

Thursday, November 23, 2006

I broke a ceramic cup today T.T. It was an accident but it was all thanks to my careless-ness. Part of it was due to the lack of space at the counter. I guessed it was my mistake to put the cup too near the edge of the counter. When the customer called me, I accidentally dragged the cloth which the cup was on. In fact, I was prepared for a paycut but the boss said it's okay since it's just a cup. But she sounded kinda pissed when asking me about how the cup fell & broke. Felt really guilty throughout the day *sobs*. Boss' mood lightened up a little bit later in the afternoon. I wasn't so stressed up anymore. Anyways, I was too busy with work to even care about the incident since business was pretty good as usual. Hope that nothing will happen tomorrow.

Speaking of customer, this middle-aged Malay man...sorry, I'm not being racist here but I'm only referring to this idiotic old man who called me before the incident happened. He's such a pervert whenever he sees me. His stare sent chills down the spine. He came in yesterday with a colleague & started staring at me non-stop. At first, I shrugged it off...thinking it wasn't a big deal since it wasn't the first time I received stares from Malay men. The first time was while working in KL. Hey, wait. I did mentioned this before, didn't I? *checks archive* Oh, my bad. I totally forgot XD.

It happened in March while I was working for the taxation institute, if y'all remember. This office-boy came into the office to deliver some documents & the minute he laid eyes on me, the staring didn't end there. Then he asked, "did you go to Hard Rock Cafe last Friday night?". I was like...o_O BWUH?! "I thought I saw you there & you looked really familiar," he continued. "Erm, I don't even go out at night. I'm not allowed to," I muttered. Haha. You should've seen how embarrassed he was. But dang, that didn't stop the staring. He freaked me out, seriously. Hate those pervy stares. Grrr~

Back to the pervy old hag today, first off he told his Indian colleague that I'm pretty. The colleague nodded in agreement. Next, old hag commented that I should pinch my nose to give it a higher lift. What kind of comment is that?? I ignored but felt really intimidated after that. I know I shouldn't be so flustered about this man. Y'all will most likely suggest that I ignore his statements. But I feel that this harrassment should stop. Better than letting it get worse. Mum's friend said she'll take the orders if that old man appears. At least, I don't have to face that dirty old man. I don't mean to be racist so please forgive me if I offended anyone.

This is specially dedicated toTVXQ member, Youngwoong Jaejoong:
Dear Jaejoongie, now that your biological father has decided to withdraw the lawsuit...take good rest & give your full spirit in the performance for the 51st Asia Pacific Film Festival in Taipei tomorrow. Same for Yunho, Yoochun, Junsu & Changmin. Regardless of whether you're adopted or not, we as fans will always give lots of love & support to you & TVXQ. You'll always be our beloved Kim Jaejoong/Youngwoong Jaejoong. TVXQ hwaiting~

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

As I promised, here are the pics for version C & D. Trust me, version D is love~ ^^

The albums were inside this little box. I'm still keeping since it comes in handy :D

TA-DAA!! From left: Version C & D

Inside version C

Inside version D

30 magic cards (Jaejoongie in a lion suit is so fregging adorable XD)


Business was really good today. This time, we were more organised so no mistakes in orders were made. Kudos to everyone of us! ^^ Hmm, maybe it was the early afternoon rain that brought more customers in. I should start performing rituals to ask for more rain XD. Haha. Anyways, rainy days are expected towards the end of the year cuz it's now the monsoon season. Weird thing is...the northeast monsoon season only happens in north-eastern part of peninsular Malaysia. Perhaps it's the after effects of strong winds blowing across the Banjaran Titiwangsa. So, all we get is heavy downpour every day. Am I boring y'all with all my geographical knowledge? Opps, sorry -_-"

I've read several comments regarding the VACATION drama. There were both positive & negative feedbacks on the storyline. It seems not many fans favour Episode 1: Cassiopeia. Talking about irony, that episode is supposed to connect the most with the fans but sadly, it failed. To be honest, I was quite disappointed with Yunho's one. Not to say his acting ain't good but the story was bland. If only there were more character development. One whole episode was put to waste *sighs*. The best one, imho is Episode 2: Beautiful Life. Follow by Episode 3: The Way U Are & Episode 4: Eternal.

Jaejoong's episode could've been the top in my list if his was given a more elaborate ending. The fact that he just walked away after getting beaten up badly in front of a hospital. In fact, he should have a broken bone or two considering those gangsters hit with sticks. How can he stand up & walk?? Yeah, he was limping but still...o_O. And the ending for Eternal was pretty confusing. He travelled back in time to rescue his childhood sweetheart who supposedly died 8 years ago. But the rescue mission was done in a DREAM. Whereas one scene showed his childhood sweetheart was alive & waiting for him. He didn't meet her cuz he thought it was a dream, after all. I have to admit, Yoochun acts really well. The conclusion...I still think this theatrical drama is awesome despite the minor weaknesses. Could've been even better if the story is given more elaboration to prolong the show. The banjuns scripts were much better. I guess the MV & trailer gave too many spoilers *sighs*.

It was a good move to take my bath immediately after arriving home. I was like a walking onion just now XD. Whereas yesterday, my body smelled fishy with credits to tuna fishes. Anyways, I'm more like an onion every day -_-". I'm signing off for now. Will be back later with pics of "O"-正.反.合. repackaged albums. Tata~ ^_~

Monday, November 20, 2006

I just found another pic of Yunho's earrings look-alike. I want this!!! *spazzz*

Credits: crazypangi@in:com, soompi forums


*PHEW* What an exhausting day! Business was exceptionally good today. Too good thatl all of us got messed up with the orders. At first, we had 13 delivery orders for sandwiches & drinks. That was pretty much to handle & we ran out of ingredients. Boss had to go for grocery shopping while I helped out to garnish the salad. It was pretty fun at first cuz I don't normally get involved with the cooking process. Got to learn something new today ^^.

But then, people started coming in & that's when we couldn't serve even simple food in time. I felt so helpless since I couldn't lend a hand in preparing food. And I forgot to distribute forks/knives/spoons to the customers after their food were served XD. Another embarassing mistake & lesson learnt for the day. There were 2 mat sallehs who ordered so many sandwiches & drinks that I almost got confused again. They can really eat THAT much o_O. Reminds of the first time I ordered sandwiches in a cafe back in LA. The women there can gobble up food twice the size my dad can take in. *gasps*

Yesss! I already opened my package & tested the DVDs too. VACATION is awesome. The mood & set of the dramas do feel quite cinematic. I had no qualms while watching it cuz the boys can act well. It's a pity the runtime is only approximately 25 mins per episode. Another problem is the absence of English subtitles. I'm so desperate for them though I sorta know what's going on with the story. Episode 4: The Way U Are is the most interesting of all. A little predictable towards the end...hmm, I think I've got potential to be a scripwriter XD. I've got the ability to speculate the next part of the story, y'know. Lol...alrite, alrite. I watched too many dramas, that's why.

How I wish my piercings were still there. Those earrings worn by the Dong Bangs are so pretty which gave me the urge to get my ears pierced again. Back then, it was w-inds. that influenced me to get it done despite feeling all scared & paranoid about needles, intense pain, bla bla bla...and now, the Dong Bangs are driving me nuts about earrings again XD. I'm dying to get earrings like Yunho's. Something like this...

Or something like this...

Hmm...I wonder where I can get these lovely items.

Credits:, ace_chan@LJ

Saturday, November 18, 2006

I totally forgot all about someone's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYOHEI!


I have good & bad news. The good news package came this morning! *spazzzz* It came earlier than I expected. The estimated arrival date should be around next week or so. Anyways, this time YesAsia wrapped the orders in a nice cubic box. I thought they would send in a foamed envelope like they usually do. Hmm, I haven't got to open it yet. I'm leaving it till later cuz at least there's something to cheer my up.

Why? The bad news is...I almost killed my own keyboard. I intended to clean my Internet keyboard this afternoon so I started unscrewing it. Upon removing the cover, I found out that it's quite difficult to remove the keys for some serious cleaning. The only way to do it is by using a screwdriver & take it out, one by one. To my horror, the rubber pieces underneath the black panel which holds the keys started falling off & got trapped in between. Every rubber piece went out of position. And so I tried taking out the black panel but I ended up breaking it -_-". Moreover, I accidentally tore the soft sensors underneath the panel. The keyboard is definitely spoilt, I told myself.

Finally, I managed to assemble all the pieces back together & tested it. Guess what, the keyboard worked miraculously! Thank God~ The only problem is some keys are stuck. It seems the rubber piece was out of position again. *sighs* A fully-functional keyboard ends up getting spoilt thanks to me T.T. I'm using my good ol' IBM keyboard right now. Couldn't stand fixing the keyboard again. I'm leaving it for tomorrow. Spending 5 hours on that thing really drained me out. Hopefully the fixing works well. Wish me luck. ^^

Friday, November 17, 2006

Yay! I got my pay for the week. This time, the amount is RM4.50 extra compared to last week. Lady boss has decided to reward me cuz I've been a good girl for the entire week XD. Well, I worked an extra hour on Tuesday so she thought it was fair to pay me accordingly. I usually leave at 3pm but that particular day, customers kept on coming in during that hour. It was something that none of us expected. Of course I didn't leave my co-workers to handle the customers. It would be so selfish to do that. Today was pretty quiet. A little disappointing, though. I guess it's okay cuz it seems there are worser days.

Grandma's left eye became swollen cuz the cooking oil got into her eye while she was frying fish. There was no way to avoid this since grandma is always careless. She doesn't pat the fish dry with a paper towel before tossing it to the wok. So, off we went to the hospital yesterday. My mouth fell wide open the minute I stepped into the building. Assunta's new block is indeed sophisticated. Haven't been there for ages & I could hardly recall my last visit there. Haha, isn't it good news that I don't have to visit the hospital often? It shows that I'm healthy & normal. Thank God for granting me a normal life! I feel blessed...btw, grandma's eye is fine now. Just a few drops of eye solution & ointment prescribed by the doctor will do the trick. Not to worry ^^.

Remember the catalogue I was talking about in my previous post? I found an online version of it from Sony's official site. You need Flash to run the program unless you download the pdf file. Click the link below to explore.

Sony t!me Year-End Promotion Online Catalogue

I'll keep this post short for today. Feeling rather sleepy & it's already late here. Before that, I've been listening a lot of songs from this Korean dude, K who looks like Jay Chou. He sings better than Jay, imho. The strange thing is he's more popular in Japan compared to his home country. What to do...Korean music scene is all about cheesy bubblegum pop & sappy love ballads. Anyhow, I recommend 抱きしめたい taken from K's Japanese debut album; Beyond the Sea. Ciaoz!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I met a quirky customer today. Btw, he's Indian & totally weird. So weird that it annoys me a lot. First, he came to order tuna egg sandwich; insisting on having 3 pieces of bread. The first two slices were packed together while the last one was separated. How pathetic! This is a waste of sandwich wrappers & stickers. Those things are expensive, you know. What's more, he was so "busybody" to tell us to fill up the coffee pot with more water while boiling it(the coffee pot was placed near the tables). Geez...just because the pot was 1/4 filled with water -_-". Hello?! It was already after breakfast hour. Who bothers to boil more water when nobody's gonna order coffee? And who drinks coffee for lunch, neways? Only him...I presume.

My boss told me that he ocassionally drops by just to exchange cash for bigger notes. Sometimes she refused to do so cuz she needed those notes. Guess how he reacts? He sulked & walked off. *rolls eyes* I wonder what's wrong with him.

I finally received the long-awaited pics taken during my 2-day job at PWTC. It's funny that I only managed to get it few days ago. The pics were in my friend's camera & that gadget belongs to her mum. Apparently, the USB cable is in her mum's office. My friend was supposed to remind her mum to bring it home but my dear friend keeps on forgetting. And I was told by my friend to keep on pestering her so that she could remind her mother. But my forgetful-ness got the better of me. That explains the long wait. *sweats* It's getting a little confusing here. Anyways, here's how I look in a 3-piece suit. Not too bad, eh? That suit cost me a bomb, okay. You better appreciate the pics & start rewarding me praises XD. Lol, joking~ Oh yeah, a million thanks to Jen!

This is me! ^^ (The girl next to my counter is Esther)

This is me again...(with a clearer shot)

Finally, the last shot with me & Jen looking tired out. It's already late in the evening.

I was surprised that Sony Malaysia has been so generous on their promotional expenses. A full colour 97-pages catalogue was distributed to every home. I tell ya, the pics in the catalogue are shiny~ Every product in it is so gorgeous that it makes you wanna have them so badly. But the price tag is hefty T.T. Who wouldn't wanna own a Sony, rite?

Ahh, the Dong Bangs have changed their hairstyles again. From what I can see, they going back to old skool. Pretty similar to their debut image. They dyed their hair in honey brown (my fav colour ^^) except Junsu. So far, they're not revealing much about their new image. All I can say is...I love their new hairstyles. They must be preparing to film the next MV. I pity the boys...SM, better stop tormenting the boys or I'll summon the Hell Girl pushing the boys to their limits.

To my dear friend, Enya. If you happened to be reading this, I'm truly sorry for not replying your mail. The waitress job gets me tired easily -_-". All the best for SPM! もっとがんばってね~

Monday, November 13, 2006

It's Monday today. The start of the 2nd week for my job as a waitress. Business was good during lunch hour, just like last week. There's nothing much to say about work cuz it's almost similar every day. Wiping all the tables clean is my job the minute I arrive at work. Then, it would be wiping the dishes dry & putting them back to where they belong. I would be standing, staring out through the glass panels while waiting for customers to walk in. It's usually boring during 11.00am-12.00pm cuz there is no customers. Besides scooping ice creams to be served as free desserts for set lunch orders, I'd most probably be staring at the cars passing by. Or dance around the ice cream fridge while looking at how awful my 2 year old Skechers have become XD.

Btw, I just realised how lame unimaginative Malaysian radio stations can be on the choice of songs on their playlists. The radio in the cafe is tuned to Light & Easy FM 24/7 & it's not like I can have a say about changing the channel. Throughout the 4 hours, I've been listening to songs that were already played last week (or worst, just few days before). You know, it's like the DJs are too lazy to include new songs & rather put the CDs played on repeat, shuffle or whatever they can think of. Ohmygawd... *sighs*

It's so NOT me to talk about politics or any issues related to it, not even in this blog. I personally loathe & despise politics & the people behind them. Unless it affects me really bad, I couldn't be bothered ranting about it. It's a total waste of time & space. Did I mention that someone wrote in the newspaper earlier this year proposing to censor/ban bloggers from giving views on sensitive issues? I'd say they should ban those who spread false rumours on racism but not prohibit people from having opinions. Am I right? We're lacking human rights & now the government is restricting freedom of speech. Where is the democracy that we all deserve??

Forgive the sudden outburst. I wouldn't have been so enraged if one of the state municipal council leader hadn't put blame on the female journalist for sexy dressing. Just because he's in denial that his security guard is a horny loser, the victim was loosely blamed for enticing the guard to focus the CCTV on her thighs. C'mon, she's wearing a knee-length skirt. An A-line cut. What's wrong with wearing a decent skirt to work? Is that what you call sexy/sex-provoking outfit?? Geez...this stupid article really spoilt my lovely Monday morning.

On a happier side, my orders have been shipped earlier this evening *squeee*. Ahhh~ I really can't wait to get hold of my copies. Will be doing some screencaps from the DVDs, hopefully. That is if my Windows Media Player decides to work. Had no idea why the player wouldn't pop up whenever I double-clicked the icon on the desktop or quick launch toolbar. Even my Winamp has gone wonky as well. Stupid PC! *kicks CPU* And I'm on the lookout for external hard disk drive. Preferably a portable one & reasonably priced. Any recommendations? I seriously need HDD is dying from all the massive Dong Bang clips. Tag me if you know of any good brand worth considering. Thanks~ ^^

061027 MBC Golden Fishery feat. Jaejoong & Yoochun (Part 2)

Sunday, November 12, 2006

061027 MBC Golden Fishery feat. Jaejoong & Yoochun


[Recap from previous chapter...]

Jaejoong & Yoochun got into a fight because of Candy.

As usual, these two guys can never tell the difference between real & reel life. * shakes head*

[The battle got really serious & out of hand...]
Jaejoong stabbed Yoochun...Yoochun lost!

Candy: NOOO!! T.T
Yoochun: *dies*
Jaejoong: ... *mourns*

[Candy loves Yoochun more than Jaejoong. Feeling upset & disappointed, Jaejoong walked off. Btw, the battle was a fake after all. Yoochun was faking death to make his act more dramatic -_-".]
And so Yoochun & Candy lock lips. Meanwhile...
Mosaic Man: Explicit content. Parental advisory is required.

Mosaic Man gets smacked for interfering the intimate moments. XD

[On the other hand, Jaejoong ponders the meaning of life at the dance studio.]
Jaejoong: I feel so lonely. I'm such a loser.

[Ju Hyeon came into the room to console poor Jaejoong.]
Ju Hyeon: Don't worry, Jae oppa. I'll be the one who will heal your broken heart.

Jaejoong: Dad~ *hiccups*
Ju Hyeon: Eh?? I'm not your father. This is Ju Hyeon. Your soulmate...
Jaejoong: Hmmph, Dad. I dunno why. But I just can't take my mind off her. Oh, my Candy~ *sings*
Ju Hyeon: What?! Oh God...

[Feeling more depressed than ever, Ju Hyeon stomped out of the room leaving Jaejoong behind.]
[The next day. All of a sudden, a guy who looks like Lee Junki stopped by the common room. Both Jaejoong & Yoochun were stunned.]
Kang Junki: I'm Kang Junki. Heard that club is recruiting new members & I'm interested.
Jaejoong:! What a beauty!
Yoochun: *gasps*

[Kang Junki breaks into a song, serenading the two guys who are already deeply swooned by his feminine looks.]
Yoochun joins in the signature Junki dance.

Jaejoong is touched by the beautiful rendition of Junki's song.

[The rest of the group have no idea what is going on.]
Ju Hyeon is going bonkers.
Ju Hyeon: OMG!! I can't stand this madness!!

Candy: Hey, guys! Hold on a sec. What is exactly going on here??
Yoochun: The time has come for a change. Gone are the days where kingkas in dramas go for dorky girls like you.
Candy: Huh??

[ these guys are also secretly obsessed with restricted dramas ---> guy-guy romance.]
Jaejoong: Can I call you my "baby"?
Kang Junki: Aww... *blushes*

Jaejoong: Here, have some crackers.
Kang Junki: It's delicious~
Yoochun: Gah! I'm so in love that my heart hurts. I need you, Junki!

[The conclusion...?]
*ROFL* It's just a parody, anyways. What were you thinking, eh? XD


Ed's note: Thank you for spending some time to read this little crap of mine. The Junki guy in the screencaps is actually Kang Ho Dong. He is impersonating the famous pretty-boy actor, Lee Junki whose fame catapulted after starring in My Girl drama. Kingka means popular guys in Korean. Oppa refers to a female addressing/acknowledging a male who is older than her.

Friday, November 10, 2006

It's the end of the weekdays & the start of a new weekend. Work turned out fine as usual. Because it's a Friday, we sorta expected lesser customers to turn at the cafe. As you know, it's the day when Muslims go for prayers. Somehow the number of customers were quite consistent with the ones on previous days. I'm starting to I the lucky charm for the cafe's business? XD Alrite, I was being a little perasan. It's not like the lady boss is gonna increase me my pay even if I do attract customers. *sighs*

One of Mum's friends working in LifeCare came by to visit me while I was at work. We had small talks like everyone does. Nothing great. Can't imagine the consequences of having 2 women who know Mum & they're working close to me (one of them is my co-worker). I'd probably be their chit-chat topic whenever they meet up for linedance lessons. Just the other day they were talking about me. Pretty creepy, don't you think? Hmm maybe I shouldn't be so paranoid.

The one thing to look forward to every Friday salary! Yup. My dear lady boss pays her workers weekly. So, I've already received RM90 for the 1st week. ^^ Though RM4.50 may seem a small amount...but hey, it's still money~ Multiply that with 4 hours which equals to RM18. Make that 5 days & there you have it, RM90. Not too bad for a simple job. The trade-off is standing for almost 4 hours with only 15 mins rest during lunch break. The long hours of standing do have its effects on my feet especially the right one. I sprained my right ankle real bad in 2003. You see, old wounds don't really heal. It's common for it to hurt once in a while. I've gotten used to standing now. Btw, I've already experienced it at Dong Bang's concert. Not a big deal...

Heavy rain always invite odd creatures to the garden. The humongous garden snails are no exception. I noticed these snails behave in a odd way too. Times have changed even for those creatures. Snails no longer survive on nibbling leaves or grass. They eat RICE, believe it or not. Anyways, it's not the first time I see snails hanging around in my dog's bowl. But this is the first time I see a snail nibbling the rice one by one. That's why I snapped a random pic of this snail. Noticed the rice bits on the floor.

I know this is gross but this is an eye-opener!

You all might think I'm crazy when I tell ya this. In fact, I am. I pre-ordered "O"-正.反.合. version C & D from YesAsia. I couldn't resist the double-deal offer that's why I need to have them. And I've been dying to own VACATION drama on DVD so this is it. It's a pity that SM is not releasing these repackaged albums with subs. I thought subs for All About 東方神起 DVD set was a good move to attract overseas fans to buy it. I'll be broke again but it's long as I'm a happy girl ^^. Oh boy, I can't remember myself fangirling like this -_-".

Version C

Version D

Credits: Bestiz