Monday, November 13, 2006

It's Monday today. The start of the 2nd week for my job as a waitress. Business was good during lunch hour, just like last week. There's nothing much to say about work cuz it's almost similar every day. Wiping all the tables clean is my job the minute I arrive at work. Then, it would be wiping the dishes dry & putting them back to where they belong. I would be standing, staring out through the glass panels while waiting for customers to walk in. It's usually boring during 11.00am-12.00pm cuz there is no customers. Besides scooping ice creams to be served as free desserts for set lunch orders, I'd most probably be staring at the cars passing by. Or dance around the ice cream fridge while looking at how awful my 2 year old Skechers have become XD.

Btw, I just realised how lame unimaginative Malaysian radio stations can be on the choice of songs on their playlists. The radio in the cafe is tuned to Light & Easy FM 24/7 & it's not like I can have a say about changing the channel. Throughout the 4 hours, I've been listening to songs that were already played last week (or worst, just few days before). You know, it's like the DJs are too lazy to include new songs & rather put the CDs played on repeat, shuffle or whatever they can think of. Ohmygawd... *sighs*

It's so NOT me to talk about politics or any issues related to it, not even in this blog. I personally loathe & despise politics & the people behind them. Unless it affects me really bad, I couldn't be bothered ranting about it. It's a total waste of time & space. Did I mention that someone wrote in the newspaper earlier this year proposing to censor/ban bloggers from giving views on sensitive issues? I'd say they should ban those who spread false rumours on racism but not prohibit people from having opinions. Am I right? We're lacking human rights & now the government is restricting freedom of speech. Where is the democracy that we all deserve??

Forgive the sudden outburst. I wouldn't have been so enraged if one of the state municipal council leader hadn't put blame on the female journalist for sexy dressing. Just because he's in denial that his security guard is a horny loser, the victim was loosely blamed for enticing the guard to focus the CCTV on her thighs. C'mon, she's wearing a knee-length skirt. An A-line cut. What's wrong with wearing a decent skirt to work? Is that what you call sexy/sex-provoking outfit?? Geez...this stupid article really spoilt my lovely Monday morning.

On a happier side, my orders have been shipped earlier this evening *squeee*. Ahhh~ I really can't wait to get hold of my copies. Will be doing some screencaps from the DVDs, hopefully. That is if my Windows Media Player decides to work. Had no idea why the player wouldn't pop up whenever I double-clicked the icon on the desktop or quick launch toolbar. Even my Winamp has gone wonky as well. Stupid PC! *kicks CPU* And I'm on the lookout for external hard disk drive. Preferably a portable one & reasonably priced. Any recommendations? I seriously need HDD is dying from all the massive Dong Bang clips. Tag me if you know of any good brand worth considering. Thanks~ ^^