Cafe part-time job

Saturday, November 04, 2006

The meeting with the lady boss this morning turned out well. I got accepted for the job & will be trying it out for the 1st week. Pay is pretty okay for RM4.50. I wouldn't complain much cuz the cafe is so near my house. Working hours is from 11am to 3pm. Lunch will be provided as well ^^. Not too bad, eh? Depending on my work performance, the lady boss might consider a pay rise if I do well. Hopefully my 1st day at work won't spell disaster. I should be having great fun doing it. It's like seeing Diner Dash coming to life. XD

Gah~ Can you believe it? Jaejoong is becoming more adorable day by day. He's no longer the emo guy with black hair like in the Rising Sun days. Just found some recent pics of him at the 2014 PyeongChang Winter Olympics Concert. For your info, PyeongChang is one of the candidate cities in the running for the Winter Olympics in 2014. Btw, I'm so fond of his blonde hair now. Found it weird to be looking at his old pics ever since I got used to his new hair colour. His platinum blonde hair made him look like a manga/anime character. Seriously...and look at his lips. So pouty~ XD Everything about him is so feminine & yet he's a GUY! He's the perfect example of an androgynous man. A beautiful one too XD.

Jae is always in a daze. It fits him though... XD

I guess this pic was taken while he's performing. But it's a really adorable random shot.

Oh yeah, Dad just further confirmed the fact that the Dong Bangs will be coming to Malaysia again. He heard the announcement on the radio but dang...he missed the details of the visit. I pressume it'll be an album promo event. I'm definitely bringing my sis to see them this time. She'll love it, that's for sure! TVXQ, here we come~

Image credits: HeroJJBaiduBar & chocomilo@Cyxion