Monday, November 06, 2006

First day of work. So far so good for me ^^. I'm extremely glad that I didn't break any glasses, bowls or even spilt noodles in hot soup onto customers. This job as a waitress really put my marketing skills to the test. That is direct interaction with customers. I kinda screw up with my first order for the day. What's more, the customers are mat sallehs of all people. And I forgot to jot down the bowl of fruits they ordered in the list. In the end, they had to call my co-worker to serve. It was pretty embarrassing but I learnt my lesson.

What do you expect from a girl who's a noob at taking orders & serving customers? I mean...I'm comfortable approaching strangers to start a conversation. Got some experience from selling adoption certificates for Adopt-A-Duck campaign by randomly asking shoppers at a shopping mall. Thank God for that! But taking food orders?? Haven't done that in my life. Hence, mistakes happened. The mat sallehs were kind enough not to pin point my error. Perhaps they noticed that I'm new & the fact that they're frequent customers. They left the cafe with smilling faces which really motivated me to work harder.

Oh yeah, I forgot. I've been rambling about my job but none about the workplace. It's called One 2 Juice Cafe. It is situated on the ground floor of the MCIS Building. Won't miss it cuz the cafe is painted apple green at the outside. Basically, the menu consists of healthy food which is suitable for people on a strict dietary regime (patients, old citizens etc.) or just wanna stay slim. I noticed the noodles provided are not exactly healthy cuz it's actually instant noodle. Don't be deceived. The cafe's specialty is its plethora of freshly blended juices, though. Some enhances digestion while one is said to rejuvenate the skin & keep it radiant after drinking. Tsk tsk...this only works if you drink it often.

So, do drop by & have a look. I'll be ever ready to serve you XD. Haha...see? I'm starting to promote the cafe. I don't get any benefit from doing it but harm trying out the juices at this cafe that you've never heard of, rite? All juices are 100% pure with no water & sugar added. Unless the fruit used has insufficient juice for blending then water is required. Come, come & show some support! I need some love. ^^

This pic is taken from the T-shirt uniform I wear to work everyday.