Saturday, November 25, 2006

OMG! The Dong Bangs were at the film festival in Taiwan yesterday~ *spazzz* They looked so fregging hot!! *drools* The best part is, they were the presenters for Best Music Award & also performed "O"-正.反.合. in front of audiences from all over the world. Anyways, the movie Perhaps Love was announced the winner for that award. Too bad the event wasn't telecast live in my country. Apparently, Astro AEC will be showing the recorded version on Dec 2. Definitely looking forward to that show. *puts a mark on the calendar* XD

Since there wasn't any good shows to watch, I ended up watching the live telecast of 43rd Golden Horse Awards. Also held in Taipei, the awards mainly focused on films from Hong Kong, Taiwan & China. No big winners tonight as the awards were quite spread out. The results of the show is available from the link below:

The 43rd Golden Horse Awards Results List

The person who really surprised me was Goum Ian Iskandar, the winner of Best Supporting Actor award in After This Our Exile. Firstly, his name is not even close to a Chinese name. Secondly, he is soo young. Thirdly, he speaks perfect Cantonese *applauds*. I saw some clips of his acting during the nominations. He does have star potential. I guess we'll be seeing more of his shows some time in the future.

Will be back to edit post later. I was thinking of posting pics of TVXQ in Taiwan but I forgot to save some of them from LJ. And now LJ is bitching on me giving me a hard time so I couldn't access the comm again -_-". Sorry about the boring post. Bye for now~