Friday, November 10, 2006

It's the end of the weekdays & the start of a new weekend. Work turned out fine as usual. Because it's a Friday, we sorta expected lesser customers to turn at the cafe. As you know, it's the day when Muslims go for prayers. Somehow the number of customers were quite consistent with the ones on previous days. I'm starting to I the lucky charm for the cafe's business? XD Alrite, I was being a little perasan. It's not like the lady boss is gonna increase me my pay even if I do attract customers. *sighs*

One of Mum's friends working in LifeCare came by to visit me while I was at work. We had small talks like everyone does. Nothing great. Can't imagine the consequences of having 2 women who know Mum & they're working close to me (one of them is my co-worker). I'd probably be their chit-chat topic whenever they meet up for linedance lessons. Just the other day they were talking about me. Pretty creepy, don't you think? Hmm maybe I shouldn't be so paranoid.

The one thing to look forward to every Friday salary! Yup. My dear lady boss pays her workers weekly. So, I've already received RM90 for the 1st week. ^^ Though RM4.50 may seem a small amount...but hey, it's still money~ Multiply that with 4 hours which equals to RM18. Make that 5 days & there you have it, RM90. Not too bad for a simple job. The trade-off is standing for almost 4 hours with only 15 mins rest during lunch break. The long hours of standing do have its effects on my feet especially the right one. I sprained my right ankle real bad in 2003. You see, old wounds don't really heal. It's common for it to hurt once in a while. I've gotten used to standing now. Btw, I've already experienced it at Dong Bang's concert. Not a big deal...

Heavy rain always invite odd creatures to the garden. The humongous garden snails are no exception. I noticed these snails behave in a odd way too. Times have changed even for those creatures. Snails no longer survive on nibbling leaves or grass. They eat RICE, believe it or not. Anyways, it's not the first time I see snails hanging around in my dog's bowl. But this is the first time I see a snail nibbling the rice one by one. That's why I snapped a random pic of this snail. Noticed the rice bits on the floor.

I know this is gross but this is an eye-opener!

You all might think I'm crazy when I tell ya this. In fact, I am. I pre-ordered "O"-正.反.合. version C & D from YesAsia. I couldn't resist the double-deal offer that's why I need to have them. And I've been dying to own VACATION drama on DVD so this is it. It's a pity that SM is not releasing these repackaged albums with subs. I thought subs for All About 東方神起 DVD set was a good move to attract overseas fans to buy it. I'll be broke again but it's long as I'm a happy girl ^^. Oh boy, I can't remember myself fangirling like this -_-".

Version C

Version D

Credits: Bestiz