Friday, November 17, 2006

Yay! I got my pay for the week. This time, the amount is RM4.50 extra compared to last week. Lady boss has decided to reward me cuz I've been a good girl for the entire week XD. Well, I worked an extra hour on Tuesday so she thought it was fair to pay me accordingly. I usually leave at 3pm but that particular day, customers kept on coming in during that hour. It was something that none of us expected. Of course I didn't leave my co-workers to handle the customers. It would be so selfish to do that. Today was pretty quiet. A little disappointing, though. I guess it's okay cuz it seems there are worser days.

Grandma's left eye became swollen cuz the cooking oil got into her eye while she was frying fish. There was no way to avoid this since grandma is always careless. She doesn't pat the fish dry with a paper towel before tossing it to the wok. So, off we went to the hospital yesterday. My mouth fell wide open the minute I stepped into the building. Assunta's new block is indeed sophisticated. Haven't been there for ages & I could hardly recall my last visit there. Haha, isn't it good news that I don't have to visit the hospital often? It shows that I'm healthy & normal. Thank God for granting me a normal life! I feel blessed...btw, grandma's eye is fine now. Just a few drops of eye solution & ointment prescribed by the doctor will do the trick. Not to worry ^^.

Remember the catalogue I was talking about in my previous post? I found an online version of it from Sony's official site. You need Flash to run the program unless you download the pdf file. Click the link below to explore.

Sony t!me Year-End Promotion Online Catalogue

I'll keep this post short for today. Feeling rather sleepy & it's already late here. Before that, I've been listening a lot of songs from this Korean dude, K who looks like Jay Chou. He sings better than Jay, imho. The strange thing is he's more popular in Japan compared to his home country. What to do...Korean music scene is all about cheesy bubblegum pop & sappy love ballads. Anyhow, I recommend 抱きしめたい taken from K's Japanese debut album; Beyond the Sea. Ciaoz!