Friday, November 03, 2006

Ever wonder why dogs pick up a certain human language & not multiple languages? I noticed that on my two dogs recently. The female Chinese sharpei responds to English while the male German Sheperd+Paria only understands Cantonese. It seems dogs will only understand a particular language if the owner frequently speaks to them with the same language.

How true is this? Well, I've tried experimenting my dogs by switching the language back & forth. Believe or not, the male doggie couldn't understand a single command I told him to do when I spoke in English. At least the female one knows a little Cantonese but half the time, she got pretty confused. Bizarre, isn't it? My family has been speaking Cantonese to the male one since he was puppy. Meanwhile, my aunt trained the female doggie in English before she left her at my house. That explains such phenomena, right?

Now if my statement is scientifically proven, I'm curious whether dogs in Korea know that they'll be slaughtered & stewed in a hot pot; then savoured by Korean diners in restaurants. I mean, if I'm the is horrifying to hear & even understand that I'll be eaten. What if animals knew that we're gonna turn them into food? Like the chickens...ah, I better stop. I'm becoming too imaginative. Must be the signs of long holidays boredom. Hey, hey! It's only the end of the 1st November week.

Mum's friend recommended a job to me. So, I'm supposed to go meet up with the lady boss of this cafe in the MCIS building tomorrow. It's situated nearby PJ Hilton & directly across the road facing KFC. My job is to take orders & serve customers. It's my first time doing this kind of job. Definitely something new & I hope I'll be able to handle it. *sighs* I'm worried that I'll end up with a nervous breakdown -_-". Wish me luck people!

P.S. Part 2 MBC Golden Fishery screencaps will be up soon. ^_~