Saturday, April 21, 2018

Sighs...where do I begin? We all know Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has been pretty busy lately, with movies released back to back - from Jumanji last year to the latest Rampage this month, and Skyscraper slated for release some time in June.

Some of you are not tired of watching him in action especially his trademark character in the Fast & Furious franchise. While I agree he's not one of the best actors out there, he's quite an entertainer in his own way. I guess it's the type of scripts that he normally receives instantly made him a stereotype - brooding guy, retired army, has a sense of responsibility to protect & save the world from harm.

Rampage is no different from the typical save-the-world theme but the action scenes become more ridiculous after each movie. I'm not sure which is true - the standard of movie making has deteriorated over the years OR movie-goers are becoming less discerning about thought-provoking stories & rather opt for movies with high CGI value with weak/zero storyline.

In this movie, the climax is when 3 creatures affected by an experiment gone wrong have grown astronomically huge that almost all military weapons are incapable of defeating them. Not unless a weapon of mass destruction is deployed. Wow.

You don't name this a flying fox for nothing. It really spreads its wings & fly.

There you have it...an alligator showered with radioactive substance has grown a pair of horns.

The last member of the gang - the silverback gorilla that was possessed with rage has suddenly tamed down to join hands with humans to fight against the other 2 creatures.

I'm sorry Dwayne. I enjoy watching you in character but not this movie. I wished that the screenwriters can stop giving you bad dialogues & appalling plots that can make me barfed . Hopefully Skyscaper will be a tad better.