An unexpected miracle

Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's interesting how a little fate can bring two unlikely couples together.

And perhaps it must be God's little tricks to have them meet in a certain way. There was this girl who was trapped & found no door to escape from her misery & sorrows caused by her man. All cuz she had too much compassion & empathy to the extend that she feared hurting him by revealing the truth. Hence, she lost courage to voice out that she had lost all hopes & feelings for him.

Along came another guy - a truly great friend & like a bro - that never failed to cheer her up by sharing her problems. No doubt he's an incredibly caring guy in nature & is always willing to lend a helping hand to those around them. However, he's also playful & witty when it comes to cracking jokes with his workmates. Not to mention the charm that he exudes send most ladies' hearts fluttering each time he engages a conversation with them. Somehow this girl still found solitude in confiding to him despite the fact that he can be quite a flirt (though unintentional).

It was at the farewell party that revealed a different side of this colleague. A shy & sentimental side of him that she had never seen before. In him, she saw a lonely man yearning for a significant one to fill up his gap. It was then she started developing feelings for him; wanting to know him better. But she knew that she wouldn't stand a chance at all as he had clearly expressed that he's eyeing someone else. Disappointment hit her hard but there was nothing else she could do other than act normal. They got to know each other better each time they chatted online as days passed by.

Her life took a different turn when she agreed to join him for a friendly movie date. They ate & chatted all night long in a cosy Italian restaurant whilst finding out each other interests & similarities. The night ended well for the both of them & she realised how much she's in love with him. She couldn't suppress any longer & finally expressed her feelings towards him. Little did she expected that he felt strongly for her too. With that, she made up her mind to end her current dying relationship but was still doubtful of whether it was too soon to start off with this new guy. She feared that it might not be fair for him. In the end, all goes well & Christmas marked the start of their relationship.

Until this very day, everything seemed to be sailing smoothly. And she's extremely delighted that she had made the right decision to choose him. It was through these humble beginnings that taught her true love can be nurtured over time & the one you're seeking for could be the person right next to you. Every now & then, she still thinks like how the song below depicts...

Every time I close my eyes
I thank the lord that I've got you
And you've got me too
And every time I think of it
I pinch myself cuz I don't believe it's true
That someone like you loves me too

If only words could express how much he meant to her. How significant he is in her life now. How much impact he has on her if things go wrong. She wished that the verses below will make him understand how important he is...

How you changed my world you'll never know
I'm here for now, you helped me grow

You came into my life
Sent from above
When I lost the hope
You show me love
I'm checkin for you
Boy your right on time
Angel of Mine

This post is specially dedicated to my beloved. Happy 26th Birthday! I love you...

Lyrics taken from Babyface ft. Mariah Carey's Everytime I Close My Eyes & Monica's Angel of Mine

Oh-so-cute Moo Moo!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I can't seem to emphasise enough how much I enjoy working. Cuz there's always the privilege of receiving loads of free swags from suppliers & whoever that has long-term business connections with the company you work for. Especially when each employee gets a gift for his/her own keep.

To usher the new year, one of our design agencies bought each one of us this little gift below as a token of gratitude for providing them business all year round. Aww, how sweet! And so cute too~ ^^

Who cares if the Moo Moo is red & not gold in colour? It just looks as good as the golden ox!

Celebrate New Year's Day, Viennese Style

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My 2nd time watching an orchestra performance is more meaningful in a sense that it was meant to welcome a new year. A 2 hour show to be filled with Austrian or more specifically, Viennese waltzes to mesmerise the ever supportive audience. With the two tickets I bought last year... sis & I trotted off to Dewan Filharmonik Petronas (DFP) witness the annual performance which has become a Viennese tradition for centuries. When we arrived, the programme books were sold out. Yes, the book is not FOC but we somehow managed to grab a photocopy of the booklet for our own reference. Honestly, we had no idea what the orchestra was playing before the intermission. The waltz & polka seem so familiar. Anyways, which classical music doesn't sound similar? *sighs*

Upon flipping through the pages, I was so esctatic to see my all-time favourite song listed in the playlist.

My heart skipped a beat; my stomach flipped as I was nervous & excited about the MPO's performance of Johann Strauss II's By The Beautiful Blue Danube unfolding before my very eyes. Watching Andrew Rieu & the Viennese Opera Symphony dazzling the audience on TV was more than enough to move me to tears. A grand finale would probably drive me to stand & applaud like a mad woman; screaming "Bravo! Bravo!" at the top of my lungs. XD

Well...? The show was fantastically superb which also featured a soprano with an amazingly good voice & a jolly, fun conductor that lightens the atmosphere. Four additional encores were granted by the conductor as a gratitude to our thunderous applause. I'd have to say...the last piece, Radetzky March really got the crowd going. What better way to cook up the atmosphere than to entice the audience to perform clap along with the orchestra. Definitely a good way to start the year.

Our tired but satisfied face show it all~

"Cultured" bacteria on DVD

Monday, January 12, 2009

Never in my life have I seen bacteria or fungus...whatever you call it, growing on a DVD. And it's just not any ordinary DVD. It's my All About 東方神起 Season 2!! My precious original collection, for crying out loud. -_-"

The more I looked at it, the more frustrating it is. Not only the bacteria caused the disc to be unreadable. The bacteria formed beautiful swirls on the surface. Why on earth are you making the physical damage so ridiculously beautiful just like on a petry dish, bacteria?? *sighs* There goes all the videos in the disc. Unreadable...

Shoe obsessed

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Recently, I've made a great discovery about myself. I found that I'm actually quite a shoe addict. I mentioned previously that I bought 2 pairs of shoes in two consecutive days. Women can never have enough shoes but tell me, who would actually buy a new pair the next day? I'm one of them. I see the next pair that caught my eyes, I wouldn't hesitate to get it. The only reason that's stopping me from buying is most likely the price or lack of sizes. After all, my unusually small feet makes shoe-shopping quite a daunting task.

Does my compulsive shoe-buying habit sound less convincing to you? How about this...

...and a pair of pumps that I only wore merely twice. Another pair of cutesey wedge that I hadn't touched for years. At the moment, I'm always wearing the ballet flat pumps & white mules to work cuz they're bloody comfortable. It helps to have these kind of shoes especially when your job requires you to walk around a lot. The least it could do is to minimise the back pain & blisters on both feet. But who actually buys shoes that are incredibly comfortable but looks terribly old-fashioned? Nah. Not me either. Believe it or not, I'm still craving for more shoes despite the fact that I'll probably wear them once only & have them clutter my room; making me happily broke for the month. If only my feet was slightly bigger & less skinny...that would be perfect!

My first public event

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Being a part of a fairly large organisation has some advantages mainly cuz I get to be involved with huge projects that require the media's attention to help generate publicity. Not that I actually deal directly with them. Call me green or a noobie but I still find it fascinating to be able to witness the project team materialise their plans on such a scale. And to be given the opportunity to support the team - whether it's a small or huge favour - constitutes a great honour for me.

Anyways, lets keep the intro simple & short. Our company collaborated with several parties as part of our CSR efforts to educate the public on the importance of safety & crime prevention. With that in mind, an array of activities were conducted during the 3-day event to attract the public (mall patrons in general. The launch was held earlier this noon with VIPs making long-winded speeches while the media snapped pics away, attracting curious onlookers alike.

So we only booked the Promenade area to promote our event which I think it's good enough. Booking the Golden Oval seems too far-fetch to serve our purpose. One of the highlights worth mentioning is the Akido martial arts demonstration, showcasing bone-cracking self defensive techniques to protect us from the baddies. I can't help myself from feeling sorry for the guys who imitated as the baddies cuz they were being flipped & thrown, crashing loudly on the floorboard no thanks to the female demonstrator. From what I can see, they were suffering in pain silently -_-".

What's even more interesting is the Akido Master himself. The thought of him as a hunky one actually crossed my mind XD. Omg...I sound so pathetically horny & insane. Gosh~ He's Eurasian btw, what do you expect? He'd probably be even more gorgeous if he's less pudgy. God, I shouldn't be saying this. How sinful. *sighs*

Hunky Master on the right...*rofl*

Good news is that I've finally completed my CNY shopping. At least one headache off the list of things-to-do. And I actually shopped for 2 pairs of shoes for 2 consecutive days. Haha. More on that later. Now excuse me while I'll go nurse my poor little feet from intense numbness. *sighs*

Work = Hell

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Sometimes an easy-peasy-lemon-squeasy (as quoted by my beloved ex-lecturer, Mr Brian) job becomes a rather daunting task when suddenly one huge stash of paperwork starts piling mountain high on the desk. What's even more frustrating is that there're immense follow-up work to do.

It's only the beginning. Yet, I'm starting to feel tired. This is no good news. For the sake of making a living & to enjoy some self-indulgence, work is like a sacrifice. *sighs* I'm praying for more happy days to come.

Hola 2009!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

What a year it has been! Here we are, ushering another new year once again just like before. 2008 has been a sensational year for me - breakups, cramming for final year exam, plunging into the depths of depression & falling dangerously ill, graduating, getting a job, meeting new people & finally hooking up with a bloke that I fancy very much. How can the 22nd year of my life is of less interest to me after countless things that has happened?

I ain't got much resolution to make this year. Most importantly, I'm hoping for a healthier life (putting on weight is one of them XD) & a salary increment. Perhaps a job promotion too if all goes well. Not to forget a long-lasting relationship. Or striking a 30 million dollar lottery, if that's not too greedy XD. Here's to good fortune & a prosperous year ahead for the both of us & everyone else dear to me. Happy 2009, peeps! ^^