An unexpected miracle

Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's interesting how a little fate can bring two unlikely couples together.

And perhaps it must be God's little tricks to have them meet in a certain way. There was this girl who was trapped & found no door to escape from her misery & sorrows caused by her man. All cuz she had too much compassion & empathy to the extend that she feared hurting him by revealing the truth. Hence, she lost courage to voice out that she had lost all hopes & feelings for him.

Along came another guy - a truly great friend & like a bro - that never failed to cheer her up by sharing her problems. No doubt he's an incredibly caring guy in nature & is always willing to lend a helping hand to those around them. However, he's also playful & witty when it comes to cracking jokes with his workmates. Not to mention the charm that he exudes send most ladies' hearts fluttering each time he engages a conversation with them. Somehow this girl still found solitude in confiding to him despite the fact that he can be quite a flirt (though unintentional).

It was at the farewell party that revealed a different side of this colleague. A shy & sentimental side of him that she had never seen before. In him, she saw a lonely man yearning for a significant one to fill up his gap. It was then she started developing feelings for him; wanting to know him better. But she knew that she wouldn't stand a chance at all as he had clearly expressed that he's eyeing someone else. Disappointment hit her hard but there was nothing else she could do other than act normal. They got to know each other better each time they chatted online as days passed by.

Her life took a different turn when she agreed to join him for a friendly movie date. They ate & chatted all night long in a cosy Italian restaurant whilst finding out each other interests & similarities. The night ended well for the both of them & she realised how much she's in love with him. She couldn't suppress any longer & finally expressed her feelings towards him. Little did she expected that he felt strongly for her too. With that, she made up her mind to end her current dying relationship but was still doubtful of whether it was too soon to start off with this new guy. She feared that it might not be fair for him. In the end, all goes well & Christmas marked the start of their relationship.

Until this very day, everything seemed to be sailing smoothly. And she's extremely delighted that she had made the right decision to choose him. It was through these humble beginnings that taught her true love can be nurtured over time & the one you're seeking for could be the person right next to you. Every now & then, she still thinks like how the song below depicts...

Every time I close my eyes
I thank the lord that I've got you
And you've got me too
And every time I think of it
I pinch myself cuz I don't believe it's true
That someone like you loves me too

If only words could express how much he meant to her. How significant he is in her life now. How much impact he has on her if things go wrong. She wished that the verses below will make him understand how important he is...

How you changed my world you'll never know
I'm here for now, you helped me grow

You came into my life
Sent from above
When I lost the hope
You show me love
I'm checkin for you
Boy your right on time
Angel of Mine

This post is specially dedicated to my beloved. Happy 26th Birthday! I love you...

Lyrics taken from Babyface ft. Mariah Carey's Everytime I Close My Eyes & Monica's Angel of Mine