Sunday, April 30, 2006

Woo-hoo!!! I've finally got a copy of THANKS album. Soooo happy ne~ The cover is too good. Though it's B&W, the pics inside are indeed artistic. Absolutely love it. Just ordered Works Vol. 1 dvd from CDJapan few days ago. Chose to pay by money order but the stupid post office in my country didn't allow me to pay by Japanese yen. Was forced to pay in USD at a higher exchange rate. How stupid! And the worst part is their systems couldn't issue the exact amount that I requested. In the end, I paid USD37.00 instead of USD36.59. *sighs* Another few bucks gone...

Anyway, YesAsia still hasn't give me any reply about the cheque. Looks like it'll be cleared on May 3rd. I hope nothing goes wrong. In fact, I'm more worried about the money order. What if it never reaches? -_-". Started working again at my college. The pay is pretty low but oh well *shrugs*...I need more cash whether it's for savings or more of w-inds. stuff. Will be starting uni next Tues. Pretty excited & lazy about next week. I took a peek at the attendance list for all the classes that I enrolled, there'll be 2 foreign students. Oh well, *yawns* I'll have to wait & see. IT for Business will be the first class I attend for this semester. *confused* Err...maybe not.

My printer decided to break down when my uni is about to start. Could you imagine that? Its mechanism failed to function after my cuzzie bro printed his assignment. Another repair work & that means, more money spend. Yikes! And I haven't even networked my pc wif cuzzie bro's. Supposed to get it done soon...hopefully in 2 weeks if I get a affordable rate for the network cables. Cuzzie bro keeps calling my dear Keita a gay. Lol, I wasn't annoyed at all but found it rather hilarious. Yeah, Keita is getting a little too beautiful at times. Better looking than Mio (sorry Kei-kun for offending your sis). The cover for w-inds. new single is finally out. *Drum roll* Ta-daa!

The guys are fond of blazers & coats nowadays. I have to agree that their jackets are really cool. But there's no use for me to buy jackets like theirs. Weather here is too hot for them. Not sure which cover is the limited edition but I'm eager to listen to the single & watch the pv. The couplings look interesting too... ^^ Ok, I'm off to bed. *jumps onto the bed*

[Credits to Saturn/w-inds. love thai bbs]

Monday, April 17, 2006

I forgot to mention in my previous post. Stupid Tower Records KLCC still has not stock up THANKS album yet. Ain't it pathetic!? Kotaraya has it but TR doesn't. I've practically waited for a, I'm so tempted to order the Hong Kong version from YesAsia. I'm so pissed off. *runs off to TR 1 Utama*
I've been very unlucky for the past few days. First, my ADSL modem got struck by lightning last Wednesday. And then on Thursday night, a burglar came into my backyard & sneak behind the house. That idiot burglar carried a flower pot which was under my aunt's bedroom window & placed it beneath my window. He stood on that pot & peeped into my room & at that time, I was away in my cuzzie's room. He stole my camera & my sis' mobile phone with a stick & escaped. What made me really upset was because I was so close to catching him but eventually gave him enough time to escape. *sobs* Couldn't sleep that night because I was too traumatised. I really didn't expect it would happen to me...

And I bought a modem+router on Saturday at PC Fair. The fair was interesting...basically, lots of gadgets being exhibited there. I personally love browsing at gadgets although I'm not buying them. There were so many mp3 players made in Taiwan & China which looked exactly like those branded ones like iPod & Samsung. Definitely a product imitation, no joke! Anyway, now that I have a built-in router...I can't wait to get my pc connected to my cuzzie bro's network. I don't have to depend on his pc to surf anymore. ^^ At least, there's something to be happy & looked forward to. I'm also looking forward to getting the mp3 player that mum ordered. Can't wait...*taps foot impatiently*

My mum bought a new phone, a day after my sis' phone was stolen. Ain't it ironic? -_-" The phone is pretty good. But of course, I would love to get the Panasonic VS3 or VS6 & VS7 when my phone is old. Oh yeah, did I mention that I won some gifts from the HP Football Fever Contest? Won the Radiocube & antistress ball. The Radiocube is so adorable but it didn't have any frequency indicator. Therefore, it was pretty difficult to determine the radio channel currently playing. The channels reset itself whenever it's turned off. Kinda troublesome.

I'm still waiting for my orders to arrive. I guess it should take another week or two. By Monday, YesAsia should've received my cheque & deposited it to the bank. Then a couple of days to allow for cheque clearing. Finally, my orders will be shipped. Imagine the time taken for that package to reach Malaysia...*sighs* and I chose standard shipping instead of EMS. Couldn't afford another EMS. What's more, I spent so much money this weekend & that included my magazines. Yup, Junon May 2006 issue is already in my hands now. Absolutely lovely! And I bought Arena 37c too. It was expensive *sobs*. Still thinking whether to pin up that w-inds. poster or not. My Japanese language is bad so uh...I took quite a long time reading a paragraph in Arena 37c. I was actually referring to the kanji dictionary because most of the kanji was difficult. *sighs*

w-inds. summer tour dates is out. Geez, the tickets price is killing! 5800 yen is a lot. Equivalent to a dvd. Of course dvd is more worthy because I can watch it so many times. But, being able to watch them live is PRICELESS. I'm so tempted to go but it's impossible. Seems like some ppl in IT is going. Gosh I'm so jealous~'s getting late here. I better get to bed soon. Ciao!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Hooray! Sent off the demand draft to Hong Kong earlier this morning. Decided to use EMS just to make sure the cheque arrives on time. Can't afford another delay if registered mail method was used. I'd probably risk getting my orders cancelled before YesAsia receives my payment. But that EMS was sooo costly! T.T Almost burned a hole in my wallet. Lol. Not really but I thought the price was just too hefty. And YesAsia is expecting payment within two weeks after orders are placed. Well at least CD Japan allows six weeks before orders are cancelled.

Mum agreed to buy that mp3 player by signing up this new credit card. I was pretty surprised that she actually asked whether I want it or not. If I didn't want it, she wouldn't sign up for it. Previously, she thought that mp3 player is a waste of money because I'm very likely to get bored of it when I grow older. Anyhow, since she asked...I jumped at this opportunity. Although I'm not getting my dream mp3 player, it's better than nothing. Besides, that Samsung YP-F1X looks pretty trendy. Love it when I first saw it. Other than stodgy buttons & other weird features, it should be good. Mum has to pay RM369 only on an instalment basis so it's affordable. I told her that if there wasn't an offer, rather not buy it because at RM599...I could've gotten a Zen Micro by just adding a little cash.

That's all for today. Got my uni offer letter yesterday. Time really flies ne~ I'm off to uni soon. I guess it's better that way cuz I'm already slacking. All I have to do now is sit down & wait patiently for my package to arrive. *squeals*

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Hooray! I've finally ordered SOA Tour & Works Vol. 3 dvd from YesAsia. Gonna go to the bank tomorrow to get a bank draft & off I send it to Hong Kong. Hehe ^^. Haven't ordered the Works Vol. 1 from CD Japan yet. The price for DVDs (Japan imports) in CD Japan seems to be cheaper than YesAsia. Hmm, from now on...I'll most likely order dvds online since it's so damn hard to get here. And it's taking forever to reach the music stores *shakes head*.

I've always wanted to watch Densha Otoko but I couldn't find the video file on the net. Should try sourcing some pirated dvd for it. Lol :P I've been slacking off lately rather than translating my lyrics. I'm so supposed to keep my website updated constantly but I'm feeling soo lazy. At this moment, I'm busy updating all the pictures I've scanned & edited. It's so tedious but anyhow, I'll continue doing it. That's all for this time. Jya~

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Hmm...this weekend would be a quiet weekend for the family. My aunt flew to Perth yesterday & smsed me this morning. Mum went back to hometown so only Dad went to work today. PC Fair will be next week & I'm so eager to go. But I'm still waiting for a call from Kinokuniya regarding my Junon magazine order. Just thought that if my order has not arrived, I'd probably stay at home instead. Oh yeah, I almost forgot that I haven't buy THANKS album yet -_-".

I've decided to make a bolder move to order w-inds. dvds online. Not using the credit card or I risk the endless naggings from Mum. I definitely preferred credit card because the transactions are faster. But I'll have to pay a higher exchange rate for the goods & they only accept Japanese yen. So, most likely I'll try with international money order first. I'm still worried about how much my country's customs would charge for the goods. I guess I'll try with CD Japan first. Then I'll order the rest of the DVDs from YesAsia. My friend called me up to ask about going to Circle K's installation at Metropolitan College tonight. The admission fee is RM35, heck! I'm not going...neither I'm going for KCKL's birthday bash on Tuesday. Why should I pay RM20 just for that event? Rather save my cash for my DVDs.

Two official trailers for The Da Vinci Code is out. The movie looks great but I'm still skeptical about Tom Hanks taking the role as Robert Langdon. I've read the book 2 years ago so errr..yeah, I was half expecting the movie would ruin the storyline again. *shrugs* The actions looked awesome but I wasn't very thrilled...hmm, maybe because I've already read the book. The one thing I certainly would love to see is that smart car. Can't imagine the car getting smashed...T.T (that car is sooo adorable...I soo love it!). And back to w-inds. again, poor Keita passed out due to exhaustion. This is bad news. This is the 2nd time it happened to him. VF is seriously pushing them too hard. It's high time VF should allow w-inds. to focus more on their music rather than putting them on countless TV shows & unnecessary promotional gigs. I just hope they're not turning into manufactured puppets like JE boys. Ugh! Hopefully nothing goes wrong for this year's Asian Tour. Definitely don't wanna have any last minute cancellations (though I won't be able to go all the same). Ok, I'm off to call the post office regarding parcel services enquiries. Hehe. Till then, jya!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Today is scorching hot! The extremely hot weather is making me really sleepy now. But I still insist on typing this post anyway...-_-". *clears throat* Was busy updating my site as usual. Also spent most of my time scanning all the w-inds. cd booklets. Just realised the scanning process is pretty time consuming. Clever me for not scanning those images at high resolution or else, I would've taken longer time to complete all the scans. I've completed the scans but haven't label them with my nickname yet. The labels is just to show that the images are my possession. So if anyone tries to leech & claim as theirs, I'll know. If any fella still insist to leech them & alter the images, oh well...I don't wanna bother taking actions. Besides, I'm just doing all these as a hobby & to make my time more beneficial. Rather than just sleep, hours of TV surfing & loitering around the house.

Another rumour is circulating again about the upcoming 19th single by w-inds. Apparently, this new single will be featured in this new movie, GOAL! Ok, I don't understand what they meant by "new" movie because GOAL was shown in my country last year. I'm not sure whether it was one of the summer blockbusters (I bet not...) but I'm SURE that this movie is not new. Perhaps Japan deliberately delay the movie release to coincide with this year's World Cup. Smart move! But erm...I hope it's not another single like Yume no basho he. Seriously, that song was one of the weakest singles ever released by w-inds. Besides, what's this western movie got to do with w-inds.? They're Japanese...and I know these dudes love football but I still find this news/rumour rather bizarre. *yawns* I'm off for a quick nap now. Till then, jya~

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Yay~! I'm finally out of that miserable working place. Got my paycheck too *grins*. Still deciding whether to order SOA tour & Works Vol. 3 from YesAsia. Was thinking of saving up my money for an mp3 player that I've wanted for such a long time. T.T

Each time I read shinigamitabris' LJ, I felt so envious of her. She has such a beautiful layout of w-inds. Just looking at her content & amount of scans is enough to transform me into a humongous green-eyed monster. C'mon, she's a new fan & I'm already a fan of w-inds. for 5 years. And my collection is nothing compared to hers. Sighs...I'm financially restricted, that's why. Earning US dollars is always an advantage, ne~ Buying CDs & DVDs in US dollars seem to be cheaper. Everything in my country is always expensive especially imported goods. And it's bound to increase often. This is bad...>.<

It's confirmed that w-inds. will be touring Asia this year but no news about tour dates yet. Many people rumoured that the Asian tour will be in October, after the summer tour in their home country. The countries they are most likely visiting is China (Beijing & Shanghai), Korea & definitely Hong Kong. Found a video on youtube which was aired in Mong Kok. It was a message by w-inds. announcing their visit to Hong Kong later this year. My eyes was filled with tears of happiness & sadness. Was overwhelmed & thrilled because they are finally moving further out from Japan & Taiwan to expand their popularity. Hong Kong would be an opportunity for them to do so. But, w-inds. having a concert there still doesn't make any difference to me. I will not be able to attend their concert as usual. I'm only hoping that their concert tour DVD would include footage of that Hong Kong tour. So here is the video...

w-inds. recorded message in Mongkok