Monday, April 17, 2006

I've been very unlucky for the past few days. First, my ADSL modem got struck by lightning last Wednesday. And then on Thursday night, a burglar came into my backyard & sneak behind the house. That idiot burglar carried a flower pot which was under my aunt's bedroom window & placed it beneath my window. He stood on that pot & peeped into my room & at that time, I was away in my cuzzie's room. He stole my camera & my sis' mobile phone with a stick & escaped. What made me really upset was because I was so close to catching him but eventually gave him enough time to escape. *sobs* Couldn't sleep that night because I was too traumatised. I really didn't expect it would happen to me...

And I bought a modem+router on Saturday at PC Fair. The fair was interesting...basically, lots of gadgets being exhibited there. I personally love browsing at gadgets although I'm not buying them. There were so many mp3 players made in Taiwan & China which looked exactly like those branded ones like iPod & Samsung. Definitely a product imitation, no joke! Anyway, now that I have a built-in router...I can't wait to get my pc connected to my cuzzie bro's network. I don't have to depend on his pc to surf anymore. ^^ At least, there's something to be happy & looked forward to. I'm also looking forward to getting the mp3 player that mum ordered. Can't wait...*taps foot impatiently*

My mum bought a new phone, a day after my sis' phone was stolen. Ain't it ironic? -_-" The phone is pretty good. But of course, I would love to get the Panasonic VS3 or VS6 & VS7 when my phone is old. Oh yeah, did I mention that I won some gifts from the HP Football Fever Contest? Won the Radiocube & antistress ball. The Radiocube is so adorable but it didn't have any frequency indicator. Therefore, it was pretty difficult to determine the radio channel currently playing. The channels reset itself whenever it's turned off. Kinda troublesome.

I'm still waiting for my orders to arrive. I guess it should take another week or two. By Monday, YesAsia should've received my cheque & deposited it to the bank. Then a couple of days to allow for cheque clearing. Finally, my orders will be shipped. Imagine the time taken for that package to reach Malaysia...*sighs* and I chose standard shipping instead of EMS. Couldn't afford another EMS. What's more, I spent so much money this weekend & that included my magazines. Yup, Junon May 2006 issue is already in my hands now. Absolutely lovely! And I bought Arena 37c too. It was expensive *sobs*. Still thinking whether to pin up that w-inds. poster or not. My Japanese language is bad so uh...I took quite a long time reading a paragraph in Arena 37c. I was actually referring to the kanji dictionary because most of the kanji was difficult. *sighs*

w-inds. summer tour dates is out. Geez, the tickets price is killing! 5800 yen is a lot. Equivalent to a dvd. Of course dvd is more worthy because I can watch it so many times. But, being able to watch them live is PRICELESS. I'm so tempted to go but it's impossible. Seems like some ppl in IT is going. Gosh I'm so jealous~'s getting late here. I better get to bed soon. Ciao!