Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Yay~! I'm finally out of that miserable working place. Got my paycheck too *grins*. Still deciding whether to order SOA tour & Works Vol. 3 from YesAsia. Was thinking of saving up my money for an mp3 player that I've wanted for such a long time. T.T

Each time I read shinigamitabris' LJ, I felt so envious of her. She has such a beautiful layout of w-inds. Just looking at her content & amount of scans is enough to transform me into a humongous green-eyed monster. C'mon, she's a new fan & I'm already a fan of w-inds. for 5 years. And my collection is nothing compared to hers. Sighs...I'm financially restricted, that's why. Earning US dollars is always an advantage, ne~ Buying CDs & DVDs in US dollars seem to be cheaper. Everything in my country is always expensive especially imported goods. And it's bound to increase often. This is bad...>.<

It's confirmed that w-inds. will be touring Asia this year but no news about tour dates yet. Many people rumoured that the Asian tour will be in October, after the summer tour in their home country. The countries they are most likely visiting is China (Beijing & Shanghai), Korea & definitely Hong Kong. Found a video on youtube which was aired in Mong Kok. It was a message by w-inds. announcing their visit to Hong Kong later this year. My eyes was filled with tears of happiness & sadness. Was overwhelmed & thrilled because they are finally moving further out from Japan & Taiwan to expand their popularity. Hong Kong would be an opportunity for them to do so. But, w-inds. having a concert there still doesn't make any difference to me. I will not be able to attend their concert as usual. I'm only hoping that their concert tour DVD would include footage of that Hong Kong tour. So here is the video...

w-inds. recorded message in Mongkok