Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

No, no, not another Hollywood movie on childhood cartoons by Michael Bay! I just couldn't bear damaging my eye balls watching another one of my childhood cartoons being ruined to bits by the glitter of Tinseltown. But oh well... =(

Let me tell you what's so wrong about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. How can the turtles have a nose bridge?? Of course they have nostrils, but a nose?! WHA?!

As much as I agree CGI nowadays have improved tremendously & capable of creating literally anything, in this case the creators made the turtles looked rather creepy. Since they got the characters' fine little detail all wrong, how would one still survive through the movie? Well, the plot is at its simplest. A no-brainer entertainment piece that doesn't require much thinking. It's easy to digest for a moviegoer looking for an occasional movie escapade. I wasn't easily impressed but there wasn't any other movie watch so...*feeling meh*

At least they didn't make Megan Fox look like a bimbo incapable of doing nothing but scream for help. I never doubted her acting skills, it's just unfortunate the scripts that she received was never fantastic to begin with. Nonetheless, she's easily forgiven all thanks to her pretty face & that's doing her good.

I was hoping this film would just end here for good. Seems like a sequel is on the pipeline & scheduled for release in summer 2016. Omg, not another one...*rolls eyes*


Monday, September 15, 2014

Right after I came home from my baking assessment, I stumbled across 2 little kittens sitting back to back in the garden. They looked lost & afraid - one of them has orange & white coat while the other has greyish stripes all over its body. I walked over to them, being careful to not scare them away. The orange one was mewing at me, or so I thought.

I got a bored trying to "communicate" with them & walked back to my house; surprisingly the little felines trotted along, trailing behind me. I thought they looked so adorable & wanted to play with them after putting down my stuff. The kittens crawled underneath my car instead of following me back to my door. I panicked, fearing the car may run over them if someone decides to reverse the car.

I was trying to coax them out of their hiding place but to no avail. Thankfully, the mother cat came looking for her little kittens. It was a quite a sight to behold, as I watched her gripped one of the kittens head with her mouth & carried the offspring towards the gate. It's amazing how the strong grip does not leave any wound to the kitten.

The other kitten was being difficult, refusing to leave its hiding place. Finally, the mother cat returned for its baby by entering through the back drain. Upon hearing our voices, the mother cat were very cautious about calling its baby & instead hid behind the bushes. When the grey kitten appeared slowly, the mother quickly led her kitten to the gate & out of sight.

Sometimes, the most mundane things in life can be so interesting than you'd expect. It's a normal reaction of the mother cat to be protective of its young ones but for some reason, seeing it with my eyes brings a whole new experience of life in its simplest form.