Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I couldn't believe my ears when I heard the words came out from my lecturer's mouth. You wouldn't believe it, either. Wanna bet? Here's how the story goes. We were having our lab class that time & all of a sudden, the topic on thumbdrives came up. Yes, thumbdrives! As usual, she switched to a certain voice tone when she's about to give lessons on life. The lessons on thumbdrives, it was...
  1. Never access your files directly from your thumbdrive.
  2. Copy them to the hard disks first then only open the files.
  3. Save the files in the hard disks first after editing.
  4. Then copy your files back to the thumbdrive.
  5. Remember! The thumbdrive is only a storage device. Accessing files directly from the thumbdrive will inflict damage to it.

What the hell was that all about?! It's ridiculous, don't you think? Just because there're occasions where files can't be read, the lecturer develops a totally illogical theory. Helooo?? Flash drives are the best storage drives around. It's safe cuz it stores data really well without any spinning spindle. If thumbdrives still turn out wonky, it's most likely defective or it's not removed properly from the USB port; hence the data gets corrupted.

You know, some people still need to be reminded on how to remove a thumbdrive properly from the computer. How dumb can they get? I don't blame the computer illiterate people. But those who has been using thumbdrives all this while. Sorry about the outburst. I just couldn't stand what the lecturer said. Come to think of it, I don't think people are that dumb. Her ideas are plain stupid. It annoys the hell out of me -_-".

Thursday, January 25, 2007

My HRM assignment was handed in today. Hurrah for completing the 1st assignment of the semester in the new year! This assignment took me quite a while to do cuz it was tough finding sufficient journal articles concerning the same industry & country. Not to forget, the slight procrastination further delayed the completion time. I stayed up till 3am & decided to take about 4 hours of sleep before waking up early to type out the last 2 paragraphs. Just 2 paragraphs alone got me typing for an hour or so. Yes, I'm an inefficient worker -_-".

Nothing much happened in campus today. I'm probably unaware of any happenings around me cuz part of my brain is close to a shutdown. Hey, I only got 4 hours of sleep. What do ya expect? And I had classes till 6pm, dammit. Of all subjects, law was the last subject of the day. So you can imagine the tormenting moments of trying to stay alert whilst the lecturer rattles on, occasionally inserting random stuffs like, "What's your purpose in life?". Oh wait, that question was asked before lessons started. I thought, "Erm...is there any relation to law??".

I would like to point out a discovery based on me & Jen's observation. There's always the same question which never fail to pop out every lesson. "Sir, will this section/topic be coming out in the exam?" - one girl would ask. Today, one guy asked "Sir, is it going to be tested in the exam?". While Jen thought the questions were rather annoying, I thought those 2 people are making themselves look dumb. What's more, they're our seniors -_-". How immature can they get? Oh well, it's none of my business anyway...

Boo-hoo! I didn't win any tickets to Rain's concert T.T. Not so lucky this time *sighs*. My friend will be rocking on in a few hours time. So jealous~ She bought tickets, that's why. Anyways, I wonder why the venue was changed to Putra Stadium instead. It's still in Bukit Jalil but a much smaller one compared to the National Stadium. And the organisers added the pit zone tickets for sale at the last minute. Guess how much is it? RM1002!! Freaking expensive, what the hell?! Who on earth buys that?? Insane... #@%&$!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Hoorah for fast Internet comeback! Erm, relatively fast speed I would say. This is good news for Net addicts like me XD. So far the connection has been pretty good for today. I think the undersea cables are almost fully restored. But still, Bittorent ain't working yet. Grrr~ I'm dying to finish my drama downloads. Hmm lets see...I didn't do much during this weekend. I was supposed to be finishing at least 50% of the HRM assignment but oh well...-_-"

Can somebody stop me from drooling over this phone?? I NEED WANT this phone... *drools*

The scented Sony Ericsson SO703i cellphone

Yeah, the screen is a little too large for my liking but the phone is uber sexy XD. Clamshells are too awesome *spazzz*. Only available in Japan, as usual. Even if someone imports one to Malaysia, it won't work cuz it uses FOMA; not GSM. It's depressing that the phone is made by Sony Ericsson & yet it looks so much better than the SE's GSM phones. The product designers in Japan are really different compared to the ones who brought us Walkman or Cybershot phones. It is time the Walkman or Cybershot designers should emulate their Japanese counterparts.

I'm so envious of my friend in Osaka right now. All the sleek Japanese phones are only a short distance from her hands (that is, if she buys them). Okay, so this phone might cost her a bomb but she could easily get one with a similarly sleek design & cool function at a much cheaper price. Apparently, she has changed to SoftBank. I wonder how their designs look like. Hmm...

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It's already Wednesday & my first HRM assignment is due next Monday. Yet, I haven't done any summaries told by my lecturer XD. Thank God I found more than 5 journal articles for my topic. It was a wise choice to change my topic after all ^^. And I've already booked the topic just in case anyone else might wanna do the same too. So now it's time for me to get my lazy ass working...

My friends & I were chatting about concerts today, for no apparent reason. Just random thoughts that popped up since there're many much anticipated concerts coming to our shores. What's more, this year is Visit Malaysia 2007. The feeling is much different compared to previous years. Speaking of concerts, there's only 1 week left before Rain stops in KL one-night show. I really wanna go so I'm praying hard that I'll win tickets. It doesn't really matter if I don't win but it would be great if I do, right?

Today was the 2nd time I wore my Dong Bang shirt & everyone thought it was some club's T-shirt. Lol...maybe I looked like a schoolgirl cuz I matched the shirt with a red tartan skirt. Believe or not, that skirt is almost 10 years old. Mum bought one each for my sis & I. Whilst my sis' one was given to my younger cousin, mine was kept in the closet for several years after I stopped wearing it. I'm glad it wasn't given away since it's pretty hard to find it stores nowadays. The skirt is vintage ^^. Now, I've decided to wear it again XD. It still fits me well though not as loose as before. The elastic has worn out but who cares...elastic are so out of fashion.

I'm one step closer to dressing like a Japanese schoolgirl XD. It's just that I'm still missing out on the perfect blouse. A shirt like the one below is awesome...

Actually, this outfit is meant for cosplay but it looks fine as a casual outfit. Don't you think so? Btw, there's a website selling it for USD53 directly importing it from Japan. That's daytime robbery! I already have a tartan skirt so all I need is a blouse similar to hers. In total, my outfit wouldn't cost me a bomb unlike this one. *sighs* Jap goods are never cheap...

Image credits: cosmates.jp

P/S: Omg~ The tickets for TVXQ's 3-day concert in Seoul were sold out! I hope I'll be able to get KL's one. *prays*

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Kyaaa!! After spending endless hours on the Internet, I only managed to find 3 articles of the same industry & country for HRM341 assignment -_-". *sobs* Can somebody help me?? This assignment is due on Jan 23. Gosh...I'm starting to worry if I can finish in time. *scratches head* I hate this assignment~ Grrr!!

Anyways, I resort to watching 궁 (Goong) to ease my tired mind. Talking about being fangirly, the charming/cute guy is the reason behind my addiction to this drama. He's none other than Kim Jung Hoon who's got the killer looks & sweetest smile that will make girls melt XD. He's turning 27 this year, which is quite unbelievable for his boyish features. See for yourselves...

Kim Jung Hoon

I thought he looked like SE7EN & shared almost the same looks with Donghae from Super Junior. So far, he already released a Japanese mini album which is pretty good. Imho, he is by far one of the best Korean artistes who sings with good Japanese pronunciation considering his inability to speak Japanese at the time of debut. I think he should be able to make conversations by now. Why am I so ga-ga over him? Well, his dorky smile is priceless! He's a pro in showing his sheepish smile. He's such a natural~ I guess he's born with it. *swoons*

The best part is he's got a really sweet voice. Good looks + beautiful voice = Perfect! XD

I bet many Malaysians (especially girls) will be swooning over him when the drama is aired on 8TV. Heard that it'll start sometime this month. If the drama is subbed, it would be such a waste...meanwhile, I'll continue downloading the HD version with subs from mirror sites since Bittorrent ain't working at all. I wonder whether TM has decided to ban torrent downloads instead of bandwidth capping. Or it's just a temporary ban to free more bandwidths while waiting for undersea cables to be restored in Taiwan. Hmm...

Pretty boy~ ^^

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Hi everyone! I'm back ^^. As you can see, I haven't been blogging lately cuz I was pretty busy. Erm, I wouldn't say that I'm THAT occupied till there's no time for Internet at all. To be honest, I was plain lazy. And the fact that the workable yet still wonky Internet connection drives me away. All I did throughout the week was watching TV & helping out with some spring-cleaning.

So far, classes were okay. Only 2 classes are at the extreme level of my boredom level spectrum, Marketing & Statistics. Our dear Marketing lecturer enjoys sharing her "interesting" stories on her life at her previous workplace in China, in which to a certain extent annoys me to bits. Seventy percent of her lecture is dedicated to her stories while the remains are purely Marketing. See what I mean? I wouldn't mind if those tales are Marketing related as I would gladly sit through the 2 hours watching her rattling away. Sad to say, she sways way beyond our topic path & makes me wonder whether this is good news.

The master of Statistics however, never fails to put me to sleep. He's got a superb skill in casting sleeping spell, eh? A master, indeed XD. I managed to stay awake, though...for the sake of understanding the complicated decision tree topic he's currently teaching. And I understand pretty well. Not too bad, eh? ^^

Anyways, Rain will be staging a concert on Jan 27 at Bukit Jalil National Stadium. Since the tickets are insanely expensive (not comparable to Il Divo, though), I've decided to try my luck in the SMS contest again XD. You can say that I've been text-ing like mad with my ever-flowing amount of credit balances. I didn't care much about wasting my money on the contest cuz I can't seem to fully utilise my monthly credit. And it's starting to accumulate up to RM100 if I hadn't join the contest. If I don't win, it's okay cuz it's not the Dong Bang anyways...

Speaking of them, their 10th Japanese single Choosey Lover will be released on Mar 7. Gosh~ Their 9th single, Step by Step is not even out yet & the pre-orders for the new one are already available. Omg! And the 2nd album will be out on Mar 14. Woo-hoo! Definitely buying it for my birthday XD. Yeah, call me lame for buying my own birthday present. I might pester my sis to get it. If she's willing, that will be great as I already have plans for her surprise birthday gift. Ya know what? The Dong Bangs are planning for another Asian Tour & KL is the last stop!!! *spazzzzz* Which means I'm gonna pay for her concert ticket & bring her along~ ^^ Hopefully this would motivate her to study harder & do well in SPM. Of course I'm not telling her...so, shhhh!!

Perhaps this little treat will drive you all speechless & keep all your mind away before you can start rambling about the gift...

Will it blend? - iPod

Monday, January 01, 2007

It's the new year!! It's 2007!! Happy New Year! 明けましておめでとうございます! 新年快樂! Selamat Tahun Baru! *throws confetti* I'm using so many different languages for the same greeting XD. The fireworks display looked awesome, right? Well, don't bother asking me about how the celebration was. I was having a countdown celebration at home. NOT! All I did was curled up on the couch & watch STARS WARS Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith. Believe it or not, I didn't watch it in the theatres so I couldn't afford to miss it. What a way to usher new year...

Lets see...what a year it has been. There're good & bad times as usual. And I've changed a lot, I think. Hopefully for the better. I've realised that I've become an avid blogger. In the early days of my blog, I only had very few posts a month. Sometimes I don't even blog at all. Thanks to Jen, I blog whenever I have the chance cuz she most probably passed the blogging bug to me XD. Nevertheless, blogging is part of my life now. No, I won't wince or whine if I don't get to blog a day or two due to wonky Internet. It's not like blogging is a matter of life or death. Blogging just became a routine for me, that's all.

As usual, the start of a new year means making new resolutions. I've compiled a list which I hope to achieve as planned. Not that it'll work entirely but at least I have a reason to work hard. So here it is...

  1. Getting excellent grades throughout the year (hopefully...*prays*)
  2. To get a part-time job which provides both good experience & higher pay
  3. Buying a new mobile phone without using parents' money (quite difficult but hopefully...)
  4. To get a Compaq notebook ---> this more like an item in the wishlist XD
  5. Wishing everyone all well & in good health *prays*
Lets rejoice & hope for the best throughout the year. Peace out!