Thursday, January 25, 2007

My HRM assignment was handed in today. Hurrah for completing the 1st assignment of the semester in the new year! This assignment took me quite a while to do cuz it was tough finding sufficient journal articles concerning the same industry & country. Not to forget, the slight procrastination further delayed the completion time. I stayed up till 3am & decided to take about 4 hours of sleep before waking up early to type out the last 2 paragraphs. Just 2 paragraphs alone got me typing for an hour or so. Yes, I'm an inefficient worker -_-".

Nothing much happened in campus today. I'm probably unaware of any happenings around me cuz part of my brain is close to a shutdown. Hey, I only got 4 hours of sleep. What do ya expect? And I had classes till 6pm, dammit. Of all subjects, law was the last subject of the day. So you can imagine the tormenting moments of trying to stay alert whilst the lecturer rattles on, occasionally inserting random stuffs like, "What's your purpose in life?". Oh wait, that question was asked before lessons started. I thought, " there any relation to law??".

I would like to point out a discovery based on me & Jen's observation. There's always the same question which never fail to pop out every lesson. "Sir, will this section/topic be coming out in the exam?" - one girl would ask. Today, one guy asked "Sir, is it going to be tested in the exam?". While Jen thought the questions were rather annoying, I thought those 2 people are making themselves look dumb. What's more, they're our seniors -_-". How immature can they get? Oh well, it's none of my business anyway...

Boo-hoo! I didn't win any tickets to Rain's concert T.T. Not so lucky this time *sighs*. My friend will be rocking on in a few hours time. So jealous~ She bought tickets, that's why. Anyways, I wonder why the venue was changed to Putra Stadium instead. It's still in Bukit Jalil but a much smaller one compared to the National Stadium. And the organisers added the pit zone tickets for sale at the last minute. Guess how much is it? RM1002!! Freaking expensive, what the hell?! Who on earth buys that?? Insane... #@%&$!