Saturday, March 31, 2007

I couldn't help bursting into laughter after I read a post in the 동방신기 LJ comm. Apparently, some forumers or perhaps Korean fans who have nothing else better to do; hence decided to polish up their Photoshop skills. I bet you wouldn't expect how the pictures turned out to be. They did a fusion style - combining the Dong Bang boys with FFVII: AC characters. *dies*

Those of you who had no idea what FF is...well, it's time you listen up. It's Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, a fully CGI animated film released about 2-3 years ago. Speaking of the movie, I haven't even sit down & watch the whole show myself though I've seen certain scenes of the movie when my sis was watching it back then. Ack! I'm so slow... -_-" A so-called FF fan, eh?

So ppl, get ready to be mesmerised (or dumbfounded for those who knew FF & Dong Bangs well XD) by the amazing skills of these nothing-else-better-to-do ppl who decide to make our Dong Bang boys into umm, heroes videogame characters. I did a comparison to show how much edited ones differ from the original. Enjoy~

U-know Yunho

Vincent Valentine

Youngwoong Jaejoong

Tifa Lockhart

Micky Yoochun


Xiah Junsu

Cloud Strife

Choikang Changmin

Cloud Strife

P.S: I dunno why Changmin was given long, silky blonde hair. His image reminded me of Quistis Trepe from FFVIII. Yet, he looks beautiful XD

Credits: (동방신기 images)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

When HP came to my college yesterday promote its brand new HP Pavilion TX1000 Entertainment Notebook PC, I was more eager to check out their freebies instead of the notebook. Can't blame, I've just got my baby recently so I don't see a point to browse at notebooks again. Besides, I love my baby to bits~ XD Anyways, the freebie is a plushie toy cum phone strap. It's really adorable that's why I had to get it so badly.

Getting the freebie was really simple. All we had to do was to name the notebook model in which HP was promoting at that moment. Isn't that easy?? Duh! To be honest, the emcee just wanted to hype up the atmostphere by telling every respondent to scream at the mic. And so I got myself one red plushie & started flailing over it XD. But then, a friend of mine requested for 4 plushies. Surprisingly, the emcee agreed on one condition - we (the 4 of us) need to yell the answer at the top of our lungs. Being typical Malaysians (who loves anything free), we agreed. All we did was screamed HP PAVILION TX1000!!!!! I bet everyone in the concourse became momentarily deaf after the loud noise.

Each of us got 4 plushies as promised. It seemed the girl at the freebies booth was bewildered when we went to collect our plushies. Haha~ Of course, I had to show you how cute these little things are. Here they are...

One big, happy family!

The intense stare from the left & right...*shivers*


Even though yesterday's journey to college was a rough one, it didn't matter anymore after having these plushies. After all, they cheered up my so-called awful day. On the other hand, I felt evil for taking too many plushies. Well, I guess nobody can say a thing now since they're already in my hands XD. Call me greedy for all you want...

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Of all days, my grandpa's car decided to break down this afternoon...about 30 mins before I left for uni. The battery died for good -_-". For the first time, I had to take a cab to uni cuz I was in a hurry. What's more, my aunt couldn't leave the office & arrive home on time to fetch me. Grandma got me a cab & off I went.

Unfortunately, the cabbie was as talkative as ever; insisting on taking the NPE route to Subang instead of Federal Highway. But I chose Federal Highway though there was traffic jam. Heck, as if I dunno that he wanna earn more by taking the further route. Who's so dumb to deliberately turn around & travel to one end; then travel back to the other end of the road? So free, meh?? -_-" Look, he was kind enough to share tips on avoiding cheating cabbies. But most of the time, I was praying hard that he'll stop complaining about the jam. Sheesh~

So, I arrived at uni safe & sound at the cost of RM8.90. Yes, it's expensive but considered cheap when compared to cabbies who doesn't charge according to the metre device. It would've cost more if I got on to a taxi without insisting the use of metres. I'm glad that I wasn't ripped off, after all. *phew*

It seemed all the unfortunate events came one after another. I was supposed to bring something for Statistics class later. Indeed, I have totally forgotten about that. To add on to my blurness, I was mumbling in between my pau lunch - trying to figure out the word linear programming in Malay cuz I remembered learning it back in high school (in which I found out within mins that it's called pengaturcaraan linear) - yet still ignorant about THAT item. I was also telling myself that we're gonna draw GRAPHS today! XD

Management class ended an hour early so me & Teema headed off to Starbucks to chill out. Note that there's a stationery shop next to Starbucks. You have no idea how I ignorant was about the need to bring something to class later. It was only after I entered Statistics class & saw Wilson holding pieces of graph paper...*gasps* AHHH!!! GRAPH PAPERS!!! How can I forget them?! Me & Teema rushed to buy them while reminding other classmates on the way. Everyone forgot about them -_-".

It was a waste of money to pay RM1.90 since I already had a graph book. Oh well, I left it at home so nothing can be done. Blame it on my forgetful habits. What an eventful day today! Btw, I couldn't help but kept on laughing with cousin bro about my stupidity while on the way home. Lo & behold, the blurness~ XD

Friday, March 23, 2007

I reckoned the long hols last year really had an effect on my presentation skills. My skills have degraded over the holidays -_-". Hence, I sucked at my group's presentation yesterday. There weren't much presentation this semester since most of the subjects are exam based, hence the lack of practice. But still, I could've done much better T.T

I've got MKT assignment due this Friday & MGT's (cover letter & resume) due on April 2. Dang! I won't be at home for the whole day on April 1 cuz it's Ceng Beng Festival. Can you believe it that our group hasn't started working on the MKT report yet? Even the survey forms are not completely filled in yet...*sighs* the extreme procrastination among the members XD.

My sis went to Genting earlier today for her Editorial Board trip. She'll be back by tomorrow. Hmm, she seemed to be enjoying herself very much. *envy* She bought chocolates from the factory too. Eh? Chocolate factory in Genting?! I shall ask her. On the other hand, Mum will be flying to Shanghai tomorrow night. The flight is at 12am; should I say the flight is on Sunday? Gah~ Whatever...

I'm expecting souvenirs from Mum & sis XD. Yes, I'm evil & greedy. I was thinking of asking Mum to get boots for me. Ack! I bet she can't find my size cuz my feet is much smaller than hers. Perhaps she can get a pair for my sis. *sighs* Why can't my feet grow any bigger??

Monday, March 19, 2007

This year is definitely one of the best birthday in my life *grins*. I have friends giving me presents which are practical & useful; Dad buying a brand new toy for me just in time for my bday XD. The toy is not just a toy,'s for convenience & to assist my work in uni. I treated it as a bday pressie. That's why I didn't having a big bday event since it's so expensive. Anyways, here are the piccies of all my gifts. I love you, guys!! *muaks*

My early birthday present from Enya!

Assorted birthday cakes~ Cuz my teammates couldn't decide what I like

A cute bottle from Jen! XD She thought I seriously need a new one...(honestly, I do XD. but I failed in getting one -_-)

Kit Ming gave me this puzzle to satisfy my daily obsession XD It's a pity the pic wasn't Dong Bang's best shot T.T

*hugs Wira* Thanks for this wonderful CD. It DOES come in handy...

Last but not least...

The most expensive gift~My dream laptop...*grins*

I'm so happy...



Tsk, tsk...I'm like a grown up woman stuck in a teenager's body -_-"

Anyways, more updates on bday celebration later. Tata! ^^

Saturday, March 17, 2007

This is random...but, hey! Looking at this picture does make me believe more & more that the guys will be coming again this year~ *squee* Take note of the red line.



2 more days!!! And I'm "officially" legal XD. Gosh, I'm getting older again -_-". Time passes by so fast, don't y'all think so? In a few months or so, it'll be the end of 2007. Hmm, lets not talk about that. Speaking of my birthday, I'm definitely not planning a big bday bash. Initially, I intended to do so since this year marks the end of my youth & the start of adulthood. Of course, young adult lah. But I didn't bother pondering about how the party should turn out. I spent most of my time on assignments, assignments & assignments (a little fangirling session in between XD). When March came, I realised I was so occupied that I totally neglected my initial plan. Hence, I decided to ditch the idea. After all, the party is gonna cost pretty much & I didn't wanna burden my parents.

Anyways, my so-called birthday gift just came in this afternoon. In case y'all couldn't remember, I pre-ordered 東方神起's Five in the Black album weeks ago. Yeah, it's weird to buy bday gifts for yourselves but that's what I've been doing for the past 2 years just to please myself. Yeah, me a miserable loser for all you want. I haven't been celebrating my bday for ages. So, can't you see I'm desperate for presents?? XD Well, the album which Enya gave me was totally unexpected. It's too nice of her to buy the Heart, Mind and Soul for me. It's so expensive & yet she bought it! To Enya, I said this a lot but I wanna say it again. Thanks a million for the present!

Will be posting up the pics of the new album later since I'm using my lappie now. Yup, I'm using my new "baby" to blog now. Piccies of my "baby" will be up soon as well. I bet y'all will turn green seeing it XD. Nyahahaha, j/k. It's just too beautiful cuz of the glossy surface. The boo-boo part is the surface attracts thumbprints like a magnet. I have to constantly wipe it with a lint cloth & keep my fingers sparkly clean. That's the price to pay for choosing a ultra shiny lappie. *sighs*

I'm off to read up my journals for HRM. The assignment is due on Thursday & I haven't started anything. *smacks on the head* Somebody pls kick me...

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I really need to blog about what happened to me today. Why? Because I think God has bestowed lots of luck upon me XD. Okay,'s not that dramatic. But I was really, really lucky. I mean it! REALLY LUCKY~

To be honest, I was stupid enough for not realising that I lost my thumbdrive until this morning. I knew that it was missing from my pencil case since last night but I didn't bother too much about it. Strange, eh? I thought the thumbdrive was lying on the table somewhere in which I failed to notice with my sleepy eyes that time.

I only came to my senses today that my thumbdrive is seriously no where to be found. While trying to get hold of my still-asleep sis through the phone, I was frantically searching for it & rummaging through my bag. Still, there's no sign of my precious possession. I sat limply on the chair trying to accept the painful truth that my good ol' thumbdrive is gone. Forever.

Next, I felt like kicking myself for being so careless & worse...oblivious about the missing object. Kept blaming myself for not taking good care of the thumbdrive which contains SPSS files, assignments...Wait, a min! SPSS?? Ah yessss, I was accessing the SPSS files in my thumbdrive in class yesterday. *thinking bulb lights up* OMG, IT'S IN THE COMPUTER LAB!!!

Without further delay, I dashed out of the campus ground & off to the computer lab. There it was...still at the same spot where I left it. *phew* It was still attached to the USB port like this.

I'm extremely surprised that nobody took it cuz I left it attached to the port for 1 night. I mean, anyone could've just taken it & claim it as their own. That's why I said luck has been all over me today. Whoever it was who saw my thumbdrive but decided not to steal it truly deserves my respect. I really appreciate his/her great deeds & yes, I'll be very cautious this time. Speaking of which I'll be carrying my newly bought laptop around soon which requires 110% care & attention. Nyahahaha, it's a surprise! I shall speak no more of it until I have my hands on it. Till then~ ^^

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Boo~ Someone beat my fastest time for the word search game. I'm not even in the 2nd place either -_-". That means no Parker pen for me T.T. The two girls who're leading now are pretty good, though. Kudos to the both of them *claps*. Basically, the music festival ended on a silent note. Not too hyped as we all expected. What's more, the AUP Society were celebrating St. Patrick's Day yesterday. More people are involved with it instead. Nevertheless, it was a good try for Music Club to organise such an event. Hopefully things will work out better in the future.

The TVfXQ Malaysian FC gathering which kept me anticipated for the past 2 weeks turned out to be pretty interesting. It's still not the best gathering by far cuz it was kinda disorganised. The venue wasn't sufficient to accomodate hundreds of members. Imagine having a party with 100 people in McDonalds, Section 14. Despite the mess, it was fun to meet so many people who are equally enthusiastic about the Dong Bangs. And I met a new friend there as well ^^.

Enya came for the later part of the gathering after rushing from college. Meanwhile, Fatimah who was so eager to go couldn't make it at the last minute. It could've been more fun if she was there cuz besides Enya, I felt awkward as I dunno any of the members. The rest of the girls seemed to be talking among their own friends, unwilling to get acquainted with newbies like me -_-". And they don't look inviting enough for me to approach them & start introducing myself. They'd probably give me a stare as if something's stuck on my face. It's kinda sad, really...

The least you could expect from a FC gathering is to bump into your ex-schoolmate. *nods* I bumped into saw my ex-schoolmate cum junior from high school. She was my junior in Girl Guides back then. At first, I could barely recognised her cuz she had longer hair than before. I didn't dare to chat up with her cuz she wouldn't recognise me anyways. Besides, we weren't very close back then. *shrugs*

Alrite, enough talking about ppl at the gathering. New members get to receive freebies for joining the club. This is what I collected that day: FC t-shirt, stickers & a mass printed autographed poster. Honestly, the poster is beautiful. Though the autographs doesn't feel special anymore since it's mass printed, it's better than nothing rite XD. I'll most likely post up piccies in the next post. Now if I'm lucky enough to win an autographed poster from Japan for the new album purchase, I can die anytime. Opps, joking but I'll be sooooooo happy ^^. Apparently HMV is running a campaign rite now. I hope I got my Japanese right about the campaign. No posters, nvm. Got postcard also good liao...

According to Saimon-san from 98.8FM, TVXQ has been topping the charts for more than 10 weeks. If confirmed, the news will informed to SM & then reported in Korean news. Just to be sure, I went to the 98.8FM site to check out. They're not at the top of the chart but still staying strong in the top 10. I'm starting to doubt that DJ's statement but we'll see what happens. Someone will probably put the videos to the news if it's true.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Nyahaahha I'm currently the record holder as the fastest player in the word search game. Just in case y'all didn't know, Music Club is currently organising a music festival in college. The word search game is one of the exciting activities planned besides the Dance Dance Revolution game.

And so...I managed to complete the word search puzzle at 2:01. Yes, 2 mins 1 sec!! I beat the previous record holder by 1 min 20+ secs. *laughs hysterically* XD Lets see whether there's anyone who can beat my time. If not, I'll receive a Parker pen as the prize. Not too bad, eh? ^^.

The festival will end on Friday. Based on the feedback from the my friends in the committee, the response for the festival wasn't as good as expected. It's depressing but hopefully things will improve while the event lasts. I'll keep it short for today & get on with my assignments. *sighs* They're pilling up again like mountains...-_-"

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I failed my HRM test... T.T

Give me a moment to regain my composure.

*runs off to the corner to weep*

I should've expected this since I didn't study much for it anyways. My last chance to do well is in Test 2. Sheesh, I lost mood to blog already. That's all for today. I've got lots of assignments to catch up. *drops dead*

Monday, March 05, 2007

Pardon me for the lack of updates. I've been quite busy and lazy at the same time XD. Anyways, I WAS SUPPOSED TO go to Lee Hom's concert last night. But I had no choice but let go the tickets offered by my aunt's company. It's a RM263 ticket!! T.T It's all thanks to the authorities insisting to close down Stadium Merdeka for restoration. What a last minute decision~ -_-" And due to that, the concert was postponed to a day later which falls on Chap Goh Mei. Speaking of coincidence, eh? I shouldn't be too upset anyway since Lee Hom is not my ultimate fandom BUT STILL...*slumps onto the floor in a depressing state*

What's even more depressing & nerve-wrecking is that I couldn't find a perfect laptop suit my requirements. Or should I say my desire. Either the unit is pretty powerful but enclosed with a ugly chassis design. And then a prettily designed one is only great because it looks good. Wait till I tell you about the worst part. Most shops, in fact most manufacturers are starting to phase out their units pre-installed with Windows XP. To me, they're like indirectly forcing customers to buy Vista units -_-". Vista is pretty buggy at the moment & I really don't have the guts to use it. *sighs* I should've bought a lappie earlier...

Well, at least this little souvenir from Japan managed to cheer me up a little. My aunt & cousin sis just came back from Chicago en route to Tokyo for a holiday. Gah! I'm so jealous~ I wanna go to Japan so badly T.T. Anyways, my aunt bought mochi for us to munch. Mochi tastes like marshmallow cuz of it's bouncy texture. There seem to be some sweet feelings inside too. Here's the pic.

Lovely wrapping, don't you think? ^^

Mochi~~ Kyaaaaa!!

P/S: I ordered Five in the Black & just paid for TVfXQ Malaysian FC membership fees. I'm such a big spender, ne? XD