How aunts & uncles can be horrific "creatures"?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's been a long time since I last updated & I'm ashamed to admit that I don't have the drive & passion to blog like I used to. My life has been on a rollercoaster ride since grandpa was discharged from hospital & requires nursing care, not to mention lots of patience from us. Although exhausted each day, I still find some personal quiet time to recap on what has happened throughout the week. At least I may have something memorable to write about & to be kept for future reading. And to distract myself from the sorrows at home. *sighs*

Last week was our company's annual general meeting for public shareholders. Just like in previous years, we held it at the same hotel due to budget constraints. It was a surprising sight (at least to me) seeing the shareholders turning up very early, waiting patiently for the door to the ballroom to be opened. This is in contrast to our Malaysian habit of being fashionably late. Another interesting sight to take note is that the attendees are majority senior citizens.

Some came for the sake of collecting the freebies; most of them came for the food while only a minority are serious shareholders wanting to know more about the company performance & giving opinions on how to improve it. When the chairman announced the meeting adjourned, you wouldn't believe your eyes seeing a group of the shareholders rushing through the door - trying hard to get to the food before everyone else. Fellow aunts brought plastic bags to pack the food home. Out of nowhere, another old lady would push herself through & shove her hands through - armed with forks & spoons - to gather food to her containers; oblivious to the people around her who might not be able to get his/her well-deserved share.

After all the commotion, the buffet area was an eyesore with fruits & food bits scattered all over. It was shocking to witness uncivilised behaviour of what seemed like a group of well-mannered senior folks. I'm ashamed that we have such a wise community who can afford to behave like barbarians. Oh the irony!

Kotex Luxe "No Compromise" Contest

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

I'd have to say that I'm one hell of a lucky girl to win such an expensive prize. Not being a frequent Kotex user, I decided to purchase their newly launched Kotex Luxe sanitary napkin when the contest form caught my eye.

All I did was submit two contest forms with two original receipts respectively & hope for the best or nothing at all. It was during Christmas when this contest as well as the roadshow kickstarted. The results was only to be revealed after 28 Feb 2010. More than a month later, there was still no news & I thought other people might've been more lucky. Little did I expected, I received a call the other day from a Kotex representive informing about my win. What a great surprise!

The winners were supposed to attend the fitting session whereby each of us are required to randomly select two dresses - day & night. If any one of them who failed to attend the fitting will have to accept whichever design selected by the Kotex representative. I was only half an hour late & most of the designs were chosen by the other winners. Hence, I was only left with very few designs to choose from. Bummer!

I crossed my fingers & dipped my hand into the box & pulled out two pieces of papers with the designs on them. I had mixed feelings when I opened the pieces of papers. I got myself...

L-R: Night & day dress

I wasn't sure how to react cuz both dresses were not to my liking. Yes it does look good on the model but I wasn't sure if I could wear them out; particularly the flamboyant & puffy night dress. Even if there's a ball, who would've flaunt like that? Too eye-catchy that people might think that I'm trying too hard.

The day dress was made of those soft, flowy chiffon that never worked well with my thin frame. Upon trying, surprisingly...both dresses look pretty good. While the puffy night dress looked extra funky with the added magenta belt, the day dress looks pretty simple & definitely ready for a night out at a club. Just a little adjustments to the underarm & the back will do the trick to fit my body better.

While the day dress was left at the boutique for alteration, I took the humongous night dress back to the office - struggling to walk straight & squeezing in out of the taxi - trying to avoid the curious stares & enquiries. The dress had indeed grabbed the attention of my co-workers with most of them admiring it closely, teasingly suggesting that I should wear it on my wedding day. -.-" Nevertheless, it was a good day to sum it all cuz half the time I was thrilled that I won two dresses worth RM6,000! ^^