Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ah...what a good sleep I had~ Though it was only a 3 hours nap, it was much needed to replenish my depleted energy. I broke my sleeping time record by going to bed at 5am this morning cuz I stayed up just to complete my Consumer Behaviour assignment. Yes, I know this is completely unnecessary but I can't help it. I would feel uneasy if I can't settle everything. What's more, the dateline was at 10am today.

Honestly, I could've finish the assignment earlier but it was pretty tough. The lack of resources on Malaysia is definitely not helping either. Malaysian companies or researchers should do more researches in the future, seriously. If not for the benefit of the company, at least do consider the students' needs. If we're qualified to do on our own, we wouldn't have rely on the researchers. *sighs*

Regarding Nurin's murder case, I can't understand why her parents especially the father initially refused to accept the dead body in the bag was indeed her. I mean, it was 99.9% DNA proven. How wrong can it get? I reckon her father was too traumatised & putting false hopes that she's still alive. Hence, he didn't wanna believe that her daughter was officially dead. C'mon, then in the first place why let her walked alone? Isn't it stupid? A normal parent wouldn't let his child roam freely without close supervision. Besides the killer, I think Nurin's parents was at fault too.

Btw, tonight is Mid-Autumn Festival. Happy playing tanglungs or lighting up candles! For I'll be doing the same too. Pics will be upped real soon ^^.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It has been a week since I last updated. That's right, I was being lazy. At the same time, I was busy getting information for my assignment which will be due on Sept 21. It's a pretty difficult subject to tackle as it involves lots of psychological terms & yadi yada. It's Consumer Behaviour, of course. One of the hardest module in Marketing. Ack!

Anyways, my dog died last night. Not the sharpei but the half-breed canine (the police force usually rear those dogs to sniff out drugs). It was suffering a lot (probably got infected with some kind of virus) & wouldn't allow the vet to do any treatment. His situation worsen in the evening & finally, my family decided to put him to sleep forever. They thought it would be a waste of money to give the dog any treatments since he got to weak.

Somehow, I still feel a sense of longing for this dog. Not particularly my favourite dog from the list of my previous pets, though. It's just that I got so used to him staring at me each time I opened the back door. I also developed this natural reaction by hiding behind the back door in case he would pounce or growl at me. Then, only I realised that he no longer exist. Do you know the odd feeling of experiencing sudden loss? Most of the time, someone/something close to you would leave without sparing some time for you to start appreciating. Life is fragile, eh?

Monday, September 10, 2007

I was video surfing around YouTube yesterday & came across this really, really interesting ad by Sony. It showcased Sony's BRAVIA LCD TVs main feature, vivid colours. Just some fun facts here. Though this ad was digitally edited to suit the music, every droplet of paint you see was actually real paint.

Basically, Sony Europe spent millions to create the beautiful colour spectrum. That means, the production crew actually set up explosion bombs filled with paint & had a wonderful time splatting the buildings to create this work of art (the advertisement). Abandoned buildings, of course ^^. You should watch it, seriously. The link below directs you to the official site of the ad.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

My aunt just came back from Singapore 2 days ago & decided to drop by my house this morning. Guess what she brought along in her handbag? A brand new Panasonic Lumix FX30!! OMG! It's the digicam that I've been eyeing for quite some time but never had the moolah to buy it. I want, I want, I WANT!!! T.T *runs to the corner & cry*

Apparently, she bought it in Singapore for about RM1000+ with lots of freebies. The most attractive freebie in the package is 2 units of 2GB SD card. Where on earth can you get such offers? She chose a metallic pink body & it looks pretty darn good. Nah, it's not the bright pink you're expecting but a rather soft metallic pink to match the camera's slim design. If I'm getting one, I guess I'll go for the navy blue or black ^^. Gosh, I really need to start working. There're so many things that I wanna buy...

Speaking of digicams, my very first assignment for MKT324 Consumer Behaviour subject is related to digital camera industry. What a coincidence! *sighs* This whole idea of digicams makes me feel heartbroken about my stolen camera. If only I wasn't so careless...*sobs* Who cares if that Olympus has only 3.2mp & produces over-saturated colours? It does take nice & decent outdoor pics during daytime. *cries again* This is awful :(

Monday, September 03, 2007

Tadaa! What do you guys think about my skin? Pretty cute, isn't it? ^^ Took me quite some time to come across this skin to replace my old one. I made quite a number of adjustments just to make sure it appears nicely on my wide screen monitor. Boy, it was tedious since I know nuts about Java script & my HTML knowledge is rather limited. At least I managed to get the look I want. Hehe.

As usual, I suck at designing something on my own so I took someone else's creation but with credits of course. I guess I'll be using this skin for quite some time. Not that I won't go look for more beautiful ones but the moment, I really adore this skin. So, bear with the pink colour ok XD. I bet you all noticed that I revert back to my old cbox. Fyi, it's only temporary cuz my flashbox ain't working properly the other day. It's up & running now so go on & spam it. You have my permission~ XD Just keep it alive, that's all I ask from all of you.

College officially started yesterday but nothing much happened, really. Btw, this is a short semester so I suppose I have to work a little harder than usual to cope with 2 lengthy subjects. *sighs* I never like short semester due to the enormous amount of stress. I love the long breaks though. My first trip to the library for this semester had resulted in me borrowing a novel to read. Yup, I got myself Memoirs of a Geisha to read since I'm rather bored of facing the computer every day. Besides, I'm curious how much the movie differed from the book. Seems like I missed out a lot of details from the book when I watched the movie.

Remember the book Confessions of a Shopaholic that I mentioned about a month ago? Honestly, I never had the chance to finish it due to assignments. So, I'm determined to borrow it again & continue where I stop. Lets just hope that I finish these 2 books in time before my assignments keep flowing in. I heard the first assignment will be uploaded by this week -_-". Argh!