Monday, September 03, 2007

Tadaa! What do you guys think about my skin? Pretty cute, isn't it? ^^ Took me quite some time to come across this skin to replace my old one. I made quite a number of adjustments just to make sure it appears nicely on my wide screen monitor. Boy, it was tedious since I know nuts about Java script & my HTML knowledge is rather limited. At least I managed to get the look I want. Hehe.

As usual, I suck at designing something on my own so I took someone else's creation but with credits of course. I guess I'll be using this skin for quite some time. Not that I won't go look for more beautiful ones but the moment, I really adore this skin. So, bear with the pink colour ok XD. I bet you all noticed that I revert back to my old cbox. Fyi, it's only temporary cuz my flashbox ain't working properly the other day. It's up & running now so go on & spam it. You have my permission~ XD Just keep it alive, that's all I ask from all of you.

College officially started yesterday but nothing much happened, really. Btw, this is a short semester so I suppose I have to work a little harder than usual to cope with 2 lengthy subjects. *sighs* I never like short semester due to the enormous amount of stress. I love the long breaks though. My first trip to the library for this semester had resulted in me borrowing a novel to read. Yup, I got myself Memoirs of a Geisha to read since I'm rather bored of facing the computer every day. Besides, I'm curious how much the movie differed from the book. Seems like I missed out a lot of details from the book when I watched the movie.

Remember the book Confessions of a Shopaholic that I mentioned about a month ago? Honestly, I never had the chance to finish it due to assignments. So, I'm determined to borrow it again & continue where I stop. Lets just hope that I finish these 2 books in time before my assignments keep flowing in. I heard the first assignment will be uploaded by this week -_-". Argh!