Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It has been a week since I last updated. That's right, I was being lazy. At the same time, I was busy getting information for my assignment which will be due on Sept 21. It's a pretty difficult subject to tackle as it involves lots of psychological terms & yadi yada. It's Consumer Behaviour, of course. One of the hardest module in Marketing. Ack!

Anyways, my dog died last night. Not the sharpei but the half-breed canine (the police force usually rear those dogs to sniff out drugs). It was suffering a lot (probably got infected with some kind of virus) & wouldn't allow the vet to do any treatment. His situation worsen in the evening & finally, my family decided to put him to sleep forever. They thought it would be a waste of money to give the dog any treatments since he got to weak.

Somehow, I still feel a sense of longing for this dog. Not particularly my favourite dog from the list of my previous pets, though. It's just that I got so used to him staring at me each time I opened the back door. I also developed this natural reaction by hiding behind the back door in case he would pounce or growl at me. Then, only I realised that he no longer exist. Do you know the odd feeling of experiencing sudden loss? Most of the time, someone/something close to you would leave without sparing some time for you to start appreciating. Life is fragile, eh?