Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ah...what a good sleep I had~ Though it was only a 3 hours nap, it was much needed to replenish my depleted energy. I broke my sleeping time record by going to bed at 5am this morning cuz I stayed up just to complete my Consumer Behaviour assignment. Yes, I know this is completely unnecessary but I can't help it. I would feel uneasy if I can't settle everything. What's more, the dateline was at 10am today.

Honestly, I could've finish the assignment earlier but it was pretty tough. The lack of resources on Malaysia is definitely not helping either. Malaysian companies or researchers should do more researches in the future, seriously. If not for the benefit of the company, at least do consider the students' needs. If we're qualified to do on our own, we wouldn't have rely on the researchers. *sighs*

Regarding Nurin's murder case, I can't understand why her parents especially the father initially refused to accept the dead body in the bag was indeed her. I mean, it was 99.9% DNA proven. How wrong can it get? I reckon her father was too traumatised & putting false hopes that she's still alive. Hence, he didn't wanna believe that her daughter was officially dead. C'mon, then in the first place why let her walked alone? Isn't it stupid? A normal parent wouldn't let his child roam freely without close supervision. Besides the killer, I think Nurin's parents was at fault too.

Btw, tonight is Mid-Autumn Festival. Happy playing tanglungs or lighting up candles! For I'll be doing the same too. Pics will be upped real soon ^^.